After the fruitful summer, each hostess makes stocks for the winter, including apples. We all love delicious transparent apple jam slices, so reminiscent of the heat.

Transparent варенье из зеленых яблок дольками

Jam is useful in winter and for a variety of pastries: you can add it to pies and patties, decorate it with a roll or cook apple juice. Not everyone can cook the jam is transparent.

Someone cannot achieve ideally smooth and beautiful slices into jam – they fall apart and turn into mush. How to cook not only delicious, but also beautiful transparent apple jam?

Classic recipe


  1. Apples (Antonovka) – 1 kg;
  2. Sugar – 600 gr.
What is the secret of smooth transparent slices in jam? It’s pretty simple. Before cooking, you need to select the hardest and juicy apples that do not melt in your mouth and have to be thoroughly chewed..

If the apple is not hard enough, the slices will not turn out beautiful and even, they will lose their shape. If it is not juicy enough, the fruit in the jam will be dry and tasteless..

The recipe for preparing classic transparent apple jam with slices looks like this:

  • First stage. Carefully wash the fruit, cut them into quarters and remove the core with the seeds; Cooking плоды
  • Now cut clean quarters into slices no thicker than 5 mm; We cut
  • We take the right amount of sugar and a suitable saucepan. First, put one layer of Antonovka in the pan, then pour it with one layer of sugar. Fall asleep sugar and fruit in layers until the ingredients run out. The last (top) layer must be sugar; Sugar
  • Close the pot and leave it for 8 hours. It is better not to overdo it, otherwise the top layer of the fruit may spoil; Closing крышкой
  • Second phase. After 8 hours, put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil. Next, turn down the fire (so as not to gurgle much) and check for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, turn off the jam. It is better not to interfere with it – fruits can be washed. Close the pot and leave for 8 hours; Cook варенье
  • Third stage. Repeat the same. You need to put a treat on the fire, bring to a boil, cook for 5 minutes and leave again for 8 hours; Roll up
  • Fourth stage. We are doing already familiar work. And, after another 8 hours, cook the apples last 5 minutes. We put them in cans, wait until it cools, and remove them until the cold winter. The apple jam turned out sweet and sour, the slices are transparent and very beautiful.

“Amber” apple jam slices


  1. Apples (dense) – 1 kg;
  2. Sugar – 700 g;
  3. Water – 100 ml.

How to cook transparent apple jam with “Amber” slices:

  • First stage. Cook sugar syrup. Pour water into a pot or other container and add sugar. Bring everything to a boil. Care must be taken to ensure that sugar does not burn. Periodically stir our syrup and cook until frothy on a small fire, then add fire to a stronger one and wait until the foam is completely boiled away;
  • Second phase. We process fruit. They should be thoroughly washed, cut into quarters, cleaned from the core with seeds and cut into even slices of 7-10 mm. If you like very thin slices, you can cut them into a thickness of 4-5 mm. But the main thing is not to overdo it – too thin slices will not hold their shape again and will just be washed during cooking; We put вариться
  • Third stage. Fill the ready-made apples with hot syrup and set them on fire. Bring the syrup to a boil and keep it on fire for another 5 minutes. Then set aside until cool. We repeat the third stage two more times – bring the fruit to a boil, boil for 5 minutes, let cool. After the last boil, hot jam of apple slices is laid out in sterile jars and closed with sterile caps. Turn the jars upside down, wrap and wait until they cool completely. Now you can remove them for storage.

Transparent jam from apple slices “White filling”


  1. Apples – 2 kg;
  2. Sugar – 800 gr.

How to make apple jam slices “White filling” in steps:

  • First stage. Prepare the apple fruit – wash thoroughly, cut into four parts, remove the core with the seeds and cut into even slices;
  • Second phase. Put them in a pan or cast-iron cauldron (in it the apples do not burn, but quickly turn black). Put the fruit in three layers, between each layer of fruit – a layer of sugar. The top layer is completely covered with sugar so that the apples are not visible. We leave them for a while so that they give as much juice as possible;
  • Third stage. Put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil. After 10 minutes of boiling, turn off and cool. After complete cooling, repeat three more times. Last time boil 5 minutes. While boiling apples stir with a wooden spoon. Now you can fill the jars with transparent jam, close them and let them cool down when turned upside down. From this number of apple slices, two cans of 0.7 l are obtained..
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Procurement Tips

What if the lobules fall apart?

If you chose good apples with dense pulp, but the preparations had to be postponed – the fruits can become a little softer and you can’t get even beautiful slices anymore. To avoid this, just put them in the fridge..

Already sliced ​​fruit? It doesn’t matter either. Soak the slices in clean water for at least 4 hours and then the apples will not lose their shape. In no case do not leave the apples in the open air for a long time – they will darken and lose their shape..

What to do if the apples turn black?

If your apple slices began to turn black quickly while cooking clear jams, you just need to sprinkle them with lemon juice or if you don’t have a lemon on hand – apple cider vinegar.

Also, apples can begin to turn black if they are cooked in cast iron cookware. To avoid this, you must again sprinkle them with lemon juice..

How and where to store transparent apple jam slices?

To keep the apple jam longer, you need to store it in a dry, dark and cool place with a temperature of no more than 12-13 degrees. If you do not plan to keep the jam for a long time, you can close it with an ordinary soft lid and put it in the refrigerator.

If you follow all the rules of cooking and storage, you will surely please yourself and your family with transparent apple jam! Well, the described recipes will help you to get an excellent result without much hassle..