Since childhood we all know and love custard cakes, nothing compares to their uniquely delicate taste. But few people know that making a choux pastry with their own hands is a snap and much cheaper than buying it..

dough для вареников

Moreover, few people realize that you can make a lot of very tasty dishes from choux pastry, for example, excellent dumplings.

Simple Choux Dough for Dumplings

Choux pastry is called so thanks to the special cooking and kneading. During the preparation of the dough, cold water is usually used for the dumplings. But to cook the choux pastry, use hot water or even boiling hot water. The dough seems to be brewed..

After the flour is poured with hot water, the dough is thoroughly kneaded. Housewives who use choux pastry to make dumplings note its advantages:

  1. Extraordinary softness;
  2. Plasticity, perfectly molded and acquires the desired shape;
  3. Does not fall apart;
  4. Does not stick to hands and to the table, which saves flour.

The components that make up the choux pastry are the same as for the usual. It is prepared in almost the same way as usual, there are just some nuances. But the one who tried to cook dumplings from choux pastry usually does not want to give it up..

For simple choux pastry you need the following ingredients:

  • 150 milliliters of water;
  • 250 grams of flour;
  • 2 table. spoons of sunflower oil;
  • Two eggs;
  • About 1 gram of salt.

We start cooking by sifting flour into a deep bowl. In the middle of the flour slides make the deepening and pour in the vegetable oil. Gently stir the flour with butter. Boil water with a pinch of salt and add to the existing groove in the flour.

choux тесто

Well knead with a spoon, give a little cool and add eggs. Knead again with a spoon and then with your hands. Usually the mixing takes no more than a quarter of an hour. Then the container with the dough is wrapped and allowed to steam for about thirty minutes..

dough вымешать

After that, the dough will become even more plastic and soft. Now you can start sculpting.

need to лепить вареники

vareniki готовы

How to make a choux pastry for dumplings without eggs

Eggs make dough harder, and not everyone can afford to use them. If desired, you can make an excellent choux pastry for dumplings without eggs. To do this, take:

  • Flour – three glasses;
  • Salt – one teaspoon;
  • Vegetable oil (usual) – two tablespoons;
  • One cup of boiled chilled water.

On the flour sifted through a sieve we rub salt. Then pour the pre-boiled, slightly cooled water. All thoroughly mixed. Leave for about thirty minutes. Now add the butter and knead the dough. We wrap it with cling film and put it in the fridge for half an hour..

Universal recipe for choux pastry for dumplings and ravioli

There are many ways to make choux pastry, but this recipe is called universal because you can cook literally everything from it – not only very tasty dumplings and dumplings, but also beautiful crispy pasties.

Products needed to prepare a universal base:

  • Flour – three glasses;
  • Water – 250 milliliters;
  • Eggs – two pieces;
  • Vegetable (regular) or ghee – 4 table. spoons;
  • Salt – one pinch.

vareniki с вишнямиBreak eggs into a separate container, beat them, add salt, then beat again. Beat up optional before the foam, just the salt has to dissolve..

Pour in the oil. Ghee must first be melted to a liquid state to make it easier to work with..

Flour flour parts, mix thoroughly, so that the mixture was not lumps. Flour must be of the highest grade: it will make the dough more malleable, will give greater plasticity.

Separately, we boil water, add it to our mixture in a thin stream, stirring constantly (you can do it with a mixer). Let cool slightly, then knead the mass until smooth. The finished dough can be wrapped in cellophane or cling film and sent to the refrigerator for half an hour, or you can immediately start sculpt vareniki out of it..

Choux pastry dumplings with potatoes

Such dumplings will suit fasting or vegetarians if they do not add eggs. For this purpose, we take the following products:

  • Flour – about 2 glasses;
  • 6-7 tablespoons of table vegetable oil (normal);
  • One glass of water;
  • One or two chicken eggs;
  • One pinch of salt.


  • 500 grams of potatoes;
  • 300 grams of onions;
  • A few spoons grows. oils (to fry onions).

vareniki с черникойSift flour into a deep bowl. It is necessary to do this so that the flour is saturated with oxygen and the dough is more “alive”. Add salt to flour to taste, so that the dumplings do not turn out too fresh. Boil water and pour it into the flour. Stir well.

The result is some flour flour. But this should not be frightened, because this is only the initial stage of the whole process of cooking dumplings. Let stand for about five minutes and add eggs. Stir again thoroughly..

Pour the vegetable oil, stir and diligently knead. Now it should be a real soft and very gentle choux pastry. We wrap and leave for twenty to thirty minutes.

We clean the potatoes, wash them, pour them with cold water and set them to cook. Salt and boil until cooked. In a pan in sunflower oil, prepare chopped onions until golden brown.

When the potatoes are boiled, strain it. We shake and add half of the fried onion (with the rest we cover the already prepared dumplings).

Now get down to the dough. Roll it out with a rolling pin. The seam should not be thicker than 4 millimeters. Squeeze out a glass or a cup of circles for the dumplings. Put the potato filling on the circle and make dumplings.

Pre-pour water into the pan and before the end of the molding set on fire. Dip dumplings into boiling salted water and cook for about five minutes..

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Dumplings with curd cheese

The recipe for cooking dumplings with cottage cheese is no less simple than for dumplings with potato filling. Although you can use the previous recipe. Here is a good option for scalded curd dumplings. Take:

  • The protein of three eggs;
  • 200 grams of milk;
  • 50 grams of butter (peasant) butter;
  • 2 table. spoons of sugar;
  • Salt – one pinch;
  • 4 cups flour (it happens that the dough takes more).

Put sugar, butter, milk and salt in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. After the mixture boils, quickly pour a glass of flour into it and mix thoroughly. Leave this mixture for five minutes to cool. After cooling, carefully add proteins one by one. While our dough is sticky and soft, lumpy. Add flour to it: how much it will take (approximately three more glasses). Knead and knead the dough. It is very soft, gentle, well molded, dumplings do not boil soft.

For dumplings, you must also prepare a special curd mass. To do this, we take cottage cheese in the amount of five hundred grams, add the three egg yolks left without proteins, two spoons of sugar, vanillin.

In this recipe, everything is designed so that the filling and dough are consumed completely, no unspent food remains. Before making the dough, it is advisable to wrap in cling film and refrigerate for half an hour. It will make it even softer and more tender..

But you can immediately begin to sculpt. Then we sprinkle the table with flour, roll out the dough and make circles. In circles put our stuffing from the curd and sculpt the dumplings. Then we put it in boiling water, which must be salted beforehand. Cook until done.

Custard Dumplings with Cherry

The following ingredients are required for the recipe:

  • 50 grams of butter (peasant) butter;
  • One egg;
  • Three hundred milliliters of milk;
  • Three cups of flour;
  • Salt – half a spoon;
  • 2 table. spoons of sugar;
  • 400 grams of frozen cherries (stuffing);
  • For serving one table. spoon of sour cream;
  • To taste – sugar (filling);
  • To serve butter – also in accordance with their taste preferences.

Put the butter in the pan, add milk, salt and sugar. Bring to a boil, then turn off, gradually add flour (one cup), stirring constantly. Stir until mixture is smooth..

We shift everything to another container and after cooling, add the egg. Knead everything well, gradually adding flour. Flour may need more or less. Should be guided by the consistency of the test.

After kneaded, it should be wrapped in cling film and left for about thirty minutes. Then roll out thinly and squeeze out the circles with a cup or glass. In each circle put two or three cherries and a spoonful of sugar. After that we form vareniki.

Before cooking, dumplings should be put in the freezer, then they will not flow and disintegrate. We boil water, put dumplings there and cook until ready. In the finished dish add sour cream and butter, you can decorate with cherries.

Useful Culinary Recommendations

Instead of flour, you can put potato starch on the table, then the dough will not stick to your hands, table, rolling pin.

Before making the dough, it is advisable to send it to the fridge for a while, this will give it a special elasticity..

To dumplings cooked, do not always need the same time. You can find out if it’s time to pull them out by whether they surfaced. Dumplings are ready when they are all “floating” on top of the water.