To make the pies tasty, it is very important to choose the right recipe for the base – for the dough. That is why today we offer you several options so that you can choose the best for yourself and after a couple of hours enjoy the soft and lush cakes.!

Tasty pastry dough
how приготовить воздушное тесто для пирожков
Ingredients amount
dry yeast 10 g
salt 2 sliver
water 375 ml
vegetable oil 45 ml
sugar 20 g
flour 0.6 kg
Time for preparing: 155 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 235 Kcal

In this recipe, it will take a long time for the yeast to turn the dough into a light and fluffy mass, from which unforgettable cakes will later be obtained.!

How to cook:

  1. Pour water into a bowl, put it on the stove to heat it..
  2. Pour dry yeast, sugar, salt and mix everything. yeast с водой
  3. Add a third of the flour and mix everything thoroughly.. adding муки
  4. Cover with a towel and put in heat for half an hour..
  5. When time passes, pour the rest of the flour through a sieve..
  6. Knead the dough and at the end enter the butter. batch теста
  7. Mix everything well and roll the dough into a bowl. ready тесто для пирожков
  8. Remove to heat for two hours, then you can use it as intended.
Tip: you can use fresh yeast, but they will need twice as much.

Yeast dough for pastry in the oven

If the pies in butter are too high in calories for you, save yourself this recipe. Everything is designed for cooking in the oven, so you can start right now..

fresh yeast 30 g
milk 250 ml
vegetable oil 140 ml
the eggs 2 pcs.
sugar 70 g
flour 0.8 kg
salt 2 sliver
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 315 kcal

How to cook:

  1. yeast тесто для пирожковAll ingredients must first be taken to room temperature..
  2. Milk to warm until warm.
  3. Add crushed yeast, sugar and eighth of flour.
  4. Do it better with a sieve.
  5. Then mix everything thoroughly and put into the heat for thirty minutes..
  6. Break eggs into another bowl, beat them with a fork or a whisk..
  7. Pour in them a dough, which should already be raised with a hat.
  8. Combine and add flour in parts, pour in oil.
  9. Knead the dough so that it leaves the hands. It will take about ten minutes..
  10. Put in a bowl and put it in heat for thirty minutes..
  11. When time passes, you can sculpt cakes with your favorite stuffing.

Tip: you can use water, kefir, yogurt and any other dairy product instead of milk..

Light dough on sour cream

They say that if the dough is prepared from kefir or sour cream, then it will remain fresh longer. Check? Pick up stuffing to your taste!

butter 130 g
flour 0.5 kg
sugar 150 g
fresh yeast 25 g
sour cream 0.2 l
the eggs 2 pcs.
Time for preparing: 135 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 331 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Remove oil from the refrigerator and cut it into cubes..
  2. Mix with flour (150 grams) and place in a bowl of a blender with a knife..
  3. Within ten seconds to interrupt the mass, should get a homogeneous crumb.
  4. Half of the sour cream is slightly heated to make it warm..
  5. Combine with chopped yeast, a spoon of sugar.
  6. Mix the components thoroughly together..
  7. Clean in a warm place for a quarter of an hour.
  8. At this time, the oil crumb mixed with the remnants of sour cream..
  9. Add the remaining sugar, egg and one yolk.
  10. Pour the sour cream with yeast and bring the mass to a uniform.
  11. Add portions of flour in portions and knead homogeneous dough..
  12. After that, let it grow and then cook the cakes..

Tip: so that sour cream does not stick to the stewpan, it is better to warm it in the microwave.

Fast version on the water

simple тесто на воде

This recipe for yeast dough on water will take you a little more than half an hour. If you take into account the filling, then in an hour you will cope with everything. Is it even faster?

salt 5 g
sugar 30 g
vegetable oil 70 ml
water 30 ml
dry yeast 15 g
flour 50 g
flour 0.5 kg
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 364 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Heat the water and pour into a bowl, add yeast.
  2. Pour sugar, a smaller part of the flour and put it all together..
  3. Remove to heat for a quarter of an hour, but first mix thoroughly..
  4. When time passes, add salt, butter and parts of the flour to enter.
  5. Knead until dough is easy to move by hand..
  6. After that, let it brew for another fifteen minutes..
  7. When time passes, you can begin to sculpt the patties.

Tip: you can use butter instead of vegetable oil.

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Here you will learn how to make the best Viennese dough for Easter..

The recipe for hearty pies

We offer to try the full recipe. Here we prepare not only the dough, but also the divine filling for it in the form of liver, potatoes and sweet onions. It is incredibly tasty.!

For the test:

sugar 5 g
vegetable oil 60 ml
soda 2 sliver
flour 320 g
salt 2 sliver
kefir 250 ml
egg 1 PC.

For filling:

bow 1 head
chicken liver 0.3 kg
spice taste
potato 300 g
vegetable oil 30 ml
Time for preparing: 100 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 189 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Rinse the liver under running water.
  2. Put on a cutting board and cut off all the veins and fat.
  3. delicious пирожки в корзинкеTransfer to a saucepan with water and put on the stove..
  4. Turn on the heat and bring to a boil.
  5. At this stage, remove the foam from the surface and add spices..
  6. Boil the liver for forty minutes.
  7. After that, get the liver with a skimmer and let it cool.
  8. Peel and rinse the potatoes at this time..
  9. Dice and rinse again with starch.
  10. Put in a saucepan and add water.
  11. Bring on the stove to a boil, cook until soft, periodically checking with a knife.
  12. When everything is ready, drain the water and cool the slices of tubers..
  13. Peel the onion and crumble it with a knife.
  14. Pour oil into a frying pan, put onion and simmer until soft, cool.
  15. While all the ingredients for the filling cool down, you need to warm up a little kefir for the filling.
  16. Pour it into a deep container and mix with soda until bubbles appear..
  17. Beat the egg, pour in the oil and mix.
  18. Flour the flour in a bowl through a sieve, mix with salt and sugar.
  19. Gradually pour the kefir mass, kneading a homogeneous dough.
  20. As soon as the dough is smooth, cover it for half an hour.
  21. Onion mixed with potatoes and liver and mince it all.
  22. Add spices and mix everything..
  23. Sprinkle the work surface with flour or grease, put the dough.
  24. Roll it into a layer and cut circles.
  25. Put the stuffing in the center of each and pinch the edges..
  26. Add more oil to the pan, heat.
  27. Put the pies and fry them to ruddy on all sides.
Tip: put ready-made pies on dry napkins so that they absorb excess oil.

Useful tips

To ensure that the dough from the yeast has risen exactly and as soon as possible, first remove the ingredients from the refrigerator. Let them all be the same temperature (room temperature). An exception will be only those cases when one or another component needs to be preheated or cooled..

Not only milk and water can be added to the dough as a liquid component. It can also be sour cream, as in one of our recipes, yogurt, kefir, whey, ryazhenka and more. It will turn out very gently!

We have prepared for you a whole list of recipes for tasty and fluffy dough for pies. All options are prepared quite easily, so that each of you will precisely cope with the task. Successes!