Homemade baking is everyone’s favorite treat. And how not to love her, because it turns out fragrant, soft and very tasty. It does not matter whether it is sweet or salty. Baking is available in almost all kitchens of different nationalities..

Tatar pies with meat and potatoes will be an excellent treat for the family table. They will appeal to absolutely everyone – both children and adults. And the cooking process is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to have a good recipe on hand..

What are the Tatar pies called

Tatar pies have several names, it all depends on the baking form. Round pies are called “vak-bilish”. “Vak” means small, and “bilish” means pie. This baking will be just, by the way, for tea, any juice, coffee. They can be served with soups and various main dishes..

Triangular cakes are called “echpachmak” or “occhpochmak”. In appearance they resemble samsa, but they are prepared only with potatoes and meat. They look like triangles with a small hole in the center. This option will also be convenient for a morning or lunch snack..

Classic recipe
how приготовить татарские пирожки с мясом и картошкой
Ingredients amount
flour 0.5 kg
kefir 180 ml
margarine 100 g
eggs 1 PC.
baking soda 1 g
salt pair of pinches
minced lamb meat 450 g
Luke 2 heads
potato 1 PC.
butter 50 g
black pepper in the form of a hammer for smell
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 175 Kcal

How to properly prepare Tatar meat and potato pies:

  1. First you need to prepare the filling. Bulbs peeled and cut into 4 parts. Cut the onion into small pieces;
  2. It is necessary to cut onions only with small straws or half rings, no cubes and squares;
  3. Clean the potatoes from the skin, wash well with cool water;
  4. Cut the potato tuber into two parts, then cut each part into thin slices, and cut the slices into strips. After that, we cut the straw into small cubes; slice картофель
  5. Put the minced lamb meat in a bowl, add potatoes, onion slices;
  6. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and knead well;
  7. After that, we set aside the filling and begin to prepare the dough;
  8. Pour flour into a cup, add salt and mix;
  9. Add the softened butter or margarine to the dry mixture and grind everything to a crumb condition;
  10. Split the egg, spread it in a bowl and beat with a fork. You can use several eggs if they are small; to drive яйцо
  11. Pour half into a mixture of flour, salt and butter;
  12. The remaining half of the egg is left to grease the pies;
  13. Then pour kefir and knead the dough; stir up
  14. The ideal dough should have a soft and elastic structure, while kneading it should not stick to your hands; dough
  15. We make sausage from dough and divide it into medium pieces of round size;
  16. Roll out the cake from each piece and spread the filling in the center; lay out начинку
  17. We form pies in the form of whites. We collect the dough from the edges to the center, in the center there should be a hole; to make пирожок
  18. On the surface of the form we line the parchment paper and lubricate it with vegetable oil;
  19. We spread on the surface forms whites and lubricate their surface with a beaten egg; lubricate
  20. We heat the oven to 190-200 degrees and remove the form with the pies;
  21. After about 15 minutes, we take out the form and spread the butter into a piece of butter in the center of each belyash and pour 1 tsp of water into it;
  22. Then again we remove it again in the oven and leave for about half an hour to wade;
  23. After a set time, the baking dish can be pulled out, cooled slightly and removed on a plate..

Tatar triangles on kefir with potatoes and meat

Prepare products for the filling from the following list:

  • 600 grams of beef pulp;
  • onions – 3 medium heads;
  • 3 potato tubers;
  • salt – a couple of pinches;
  • black pepper in a ground form;
  • vegetable oil.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • butter – 200 gram pack;
  • flour – 900 grams;
  • 2 glasses of ryazhenka.

Preparation takes 90 minutes.

Calorie -185 kcal.

How to cook pies:

  1. Pour the flour into the cup and add the softened butter to it. Pound until crumbs;
  2. Pour ryazhenka and begin to knead the dough;
  3. The base should have a soft and supple structure;
  4. Cover the base with cling film and place in the fridge on the lower shelf for 30 minutes;
  5. Beef washed and cut into small pieces;
  6. We peel off potatoes and wash potatoes;
  7. Cut the potatoes into small squares;
  8. Peel the onion, cut into small cubes;
  9. Put meat, onion, potatoes in a container, sprinkle with salt, pepper and mix well with your hands;
  10. We take the dough out of the refrigerator, divide it into medium pieces and roll them in the form of flat cakes;
  11. We spread in the center of each cake stuffing;
  12. Grab the edges of the cakes on both sides and connect them in the center;
  13. Next, close up the bottom and form a triangle. Also do the rest of the triangles;
  14. On the surface of the baking sheet you need to lay a sheet of parchment paper and lay out triangles on its surface;
  15. Lubricate the pies with vegetable oil or egg yolk;
  16. We warm the oven to 190 degrees and remove the form with triangles into it;
  17. It is necessary to bake about 40 minutes, then remove the pastries from the oven;
  18. We lay out the triangles on a plate and served on the table.

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Fried triangular patties in a pan

fried треугольники

Necessary products for making dough:

  • flour – half a kilogram;
  • butter – 100 grams;
  • kefir – a glass;
  • two chicken eggs;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • baking soda – 5 grams;
  • cooking oil for frying.

Ingredients for the filling:

  • beef – 200 grams;
  • 2 potato tubers;
  • one onion;
  • salt – a couple of pinches;
  • seasoning to your taste.

It takes 90 minutes to prepare.

Calorie content – 210 kcal.

How to fry the pies with potatoes and meat:

  1. Flour is well sifted and poured into a container;
  2. A piece of butter is cut into small pieces and laid out to the flour. Pound the flour with butter until crumbs;
  3. In kefir pour baking soda and stir, pour all the flour and butter;
  4. Break the eggs into the base and knead the dough;
  5. The dough should come out soft and elastic, it should not stick to your hands;
  6. Cover the dough with a napkin and set aside for 40 minutes;
  7. Next, proceed to the preparation of the filling. We wash the piece of meat, it is better to boil it before cooking. Cut into small squares;
  8. With the potatoes remove the peel. Cut the tubers into strips, then chop the strips into small cubes;
  9. Peel and shred the onions in the same way as the potatoes;
  10. Put meat, vegetables, salt in a cup, season with spices and mix well;
  11. Spread the dough on the desktop, divide into small pieces;
  12. Roll out each piece in the form of cakes, in the center lay out the filling and make a pie in the shape of a triangle;
  13. Pour oil into a frying pan, about half of the container and put it to warm up on fire;
  14. In hot oil we spread the pies and leave to roast on low heat;
  15. Fry one side for about 10 minutes, then shift to the other and also fry;
  16. Put the finished pies on a plate and serve.

Useful tips

  • for real Tatar pies, lamb is suitable, it can be replaced by beef;
  • onions can be used more, it gives juiciness and aroma;
  • for 500 grams of meat you need to add 200-300 grams of potatoes.

If you want to diversify your table or surprise your guests, then Tatar meat and potato patties will be an excellent option. Of course, their preparation will require a little time and effort, but it is worth it.