Laminaria (kelp) occupies an important place in the nutrition of eastern nations. Korean, Japanese, Far Eastern cuisine and can not imagine itself without this product. Perhaps the secret of longevity lies in it? While scientists are solving this issue, it is better to cook a delicious soup and please yourself and your family..

Recipe for kelp and egg soup
how вкусно приготовить суп из морской капусты
Ingredients amount
chicken fillet 2 pcs.
carrots 1 PC.
sea ​​kale 220 g
potato 5 pieces.
Luke 1 PC.
eggs 4 things.
sour cream taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 90 Kcal

Cooking soup:

  1. Wash the fillets in water, season, cook for about twenty minutes;
  2. When the broth has already baked enough, pull out the meat, and in it put the peeled potatoes. It must be cut into small pieces;
  3. Grind the peeled onion and shift it to the pan, where there is a little oil. Turn on the fire;
  4. Carrots should be grated, after clearing the skin, and then added to the onions in the pan and browned for seven minutes; fry
  5. Next, add both products to the potatoes and cook all together until the potatoes are almost ready; slice картофель
  6. At this point you should add sea kale. If it is done too soon, the potatoes will not be able to cook properly because of the acid;
  7. Boil the egg to a state of solid yolk, cool it at least to a warm state, clean and add beautiful cubes directly to the soup; slice яйцо
  8. Boil for five minutes, settle the taste with spices. Add sliced ​​meat. Serve with sour cream and greens.

Korean Seaweed Soup

  • 30 ml of sesame oil;
  • 180 g of beef;
  • 30 ml of soy sauce;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • 160 g of sea kale.

Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Calories: 144.

How to cook soup:

  1. Wash the meat, remove all excess veins, cut into small pieces. Pour in butter and sauce, mix, leave to marinate for half an hour;
  2. Kelp pull out of the liquid, if it is, let it drain, after which you can even squeeze out your hands. Cut into comfortable pieces so that it is more pleasant to eat;
  3. When the beef has been marinated, it should be put together with the dressing in a frying pan, where it is only slightly fried on medium heat. A very tender crust should appear;
  4. Transfer the meat, finely chopped peeled garlic, and sea kale to the pan;
  5. Pour about two liters of water and put it on the stove;
  6. Boil at least twenty-five minutes, add spices;
  7. Serve with sesame on top and rice in a separate bowl. This soup is served to birthday women and mothers in labor as a constant symbol of the beginning of a new life..

Soup “Far East”

  • 6 potatoes;
  • 1400 ml of broth;
  • 1 can of sea kale (Far East salad);
  • 1 carrot;
  • butter.

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

Calories: 42.

Cooking process:

  1. Cut the carrots, then grate them large. It is better to use a grater for Korean carrots. And, you can just cut the root of the knife with a knife into a straw, rather thin. Put in a pot, where the soup will cook;
  2. Add a spoonful of two oils and turn on the fire. Fry carrots to make it softer;
  3. During this time, you need to peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes, add to the soft carrots and pour all the broth;
  4. Boil the potatoes and then add a jar of Far Eastern salad. It is sold in the same place as ordinary cabbage: on the fish section and “everything for sushi”. It consists of onions, so it is not added separately. The can is about 200 g;
  5. The pickle in which the salad was lying can also be added, but in very small portions, constantly tasting the soup. If you overdo it, the vinegar will be too much;
  6. Let boil and turn off after a minute. Serve immediately.

Sakhalin soup

soup с ламинарией

  • 380 g pork;
  • 3 potatoes;
  • 60 g sour cream;
  • 2 onions;
  • 140 g of seaweed;
  • 1 carrot.

Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Calories: 130.

Cooking soup:

  1. Pork should be taken with a bone. Rinse the meat, separating it from the bone, and then cut it into small pieces. Lightly fry in a hot skillet so that the pork gets a different color and literally slightly fried;
  2. Cabbage cut into more convenient pieces and put it to the meat;
  3. Remove the husks from the onions, chop them finely and add them to the pan;
  4. Put the cleaned grated carrots to the remaining ingredients, mix everything and sauté for another five minutes. You can add quite a bit of spice;
  5. On the bone, you must boil the broth, then throw it away;
  6. Put the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes into the broth, cook for fifteen minutes, and then put the contents of the pan and stir;
  7. Add various spices and make meat and potatoes fully cooked. When serving in each plate put sour cream.

Dried kelp soup

  • 90 g of processed cheese;
  • 70 g of dried sea kale;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 pack of crab sticks;
  • 8 quail eggs.

Cooking time: 1 hour.

Calories: 151.

Cooking stages:

  1. Put a bunch of dry kelp in a bowl. It is usually sold in Korean stores. Next, fill it with water and leave to swell for half an hour. It will greatly increase in volume, so a big bowl is needed;
  2. Then with hands, squeeze a lot of algae, rinse it, squeeze it again and put it on a cutting board. Cut into small pieces, you can even finely chop;
  3. Cook hard boiled eggs. To do this, they will need only four minutes in boiling water, then, as usual, cool and clean. To cut in half;
  4. Transfer the algae to the pan, where it should boil for about ten minutes;
  5. Peel carrots and grate quite large, put in soup;
  6. In oil, fry finely chopped onion, add it to the rest of the products;
  7. Crab sticks pull out of the package and cut into small slices, also add to the pan;
  8. Cheese can be cut into cubes, and you can – cubes, and it is better to grate at all, add to the pan;
  9. Boil until cheese is completely dissolved. For this, the soup must be stirred constantly;
  10. Before serving, put the halved boiled eggs right on the plate. You can rub them.

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Recipe dishes in a slow cooker

  • 120 grams of rice;
  • 1 can of canned sea kale;
  • 1 onion;
  • 3 potatoes;
  • 40 g carrots;
  • 2 leaves of laurel.

Cooking time: 50 minutes.

Calories: 107.

Cooking soup:

  1. Wash rice and put in a bowl of the slow cooker. Fill it with water and boil the cereal for ten minutes in the “Frying” mode. Rice can be both round and long – it is still quite strongly boiled soft. Therefore, some housewives use millet or pearl barley instead of rice;
  2. At this time, it is necessary to peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, add to the bowl, cook for another ten minutes;
  3. Grate carrots, after clearing it, and with the leaf of laurel also put in the soup, you can add other spices;
  4. Cut the onion into half rings and add to other products, and change the mode to “Steaming” with a timer for half an hour;
  5. Five minutes before the device’s signal, you need to add laminaria, close the lid and continue cooking the remaining time. After the signal, you can immediately apply, pulling out sheets of laurel.

Soup with fish and sea kale

  • 1 potato;
  • 1 can of canned fish;
  • 45 grams of rice;
  • 1 can of sea kale;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 liters of water.

Cooking time: 35 minutes.

Calories: 20.

How to cook:

  1. Pour water into a saucepan and let it boil. At this time, the rice should be washed and the potatoes cleaned and cut into convenient pieces. When the boil began, both products were simultaneously put in a saucepan;
  2. Shred onion and lightly fry in oil, you can add black pepper. Then you need to put it in the pan;
  3. Next, add the fish, do not use oil. It can be either pink or tuna, and sardines – who loves what. The fish should be in its own juice, and not in a tomato dressing or something else. It is very important;
  4. Add sea kale and boil for a few more minutes. Remove from heat and serve. And if you have time, you can boil the broth in fresh fish, then pull it out, cook everything according to the recipe, and at the very end, already at the time of serving, add tidy pieces of pitted fish to the plate. You can even cook on the remains of salmon or other fish, the so-called “set for fish soup”.

Cooks tips

Although there are 33 kinds of seaweed in the world, only three are eaten. The most valuable and expensive species is Japanese. It is used to prepare a variety of dishes, since this kelp (also called kelp) is very soft and has high taste qualities. Other types are used in industry, for example, in pharmacology..

Cheap sea kale is often tough. These are cheaper types of algae, they are unpleasant to eat, although there is no less benefit in them. If it is good to boil them, the rigidity will go away, but you should not add such a product to the salad. When buying, be sure to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the composition: there should be absolutely no chemical additives.

You can cook such soup not only in water or broth. You can cook vegetable broth, which contains many vitamins, and also use water, where shrimps or other seafood were cooked. Even a glass of this liquid, added to ordinary water, will improve the taste of the future soup..

Many consider the soup with sea kale to be the Korean equivalent of soup. This is especially similar not only in color, but also by the addition of eggs. It is difficult for children to get used to such food right away, although they simply adore it in Korea. However, if you remember how much nutrient sea cabbage carries, for example, vitamin B12, all doubts disappear: you need to cook and try!