How to cook stewed eggplant with tomatoes

Eggplants with tomatoes are perfectly combined and it’s good that culinary masters have already understood it long ago. These two vegetables are like mushrooms and sour cream. That is, it can be said that this is the perfect combination. Try at least once to determine for yourself how delicious it is..

Traditional recipe
how приготовить тушеные баклажаны с помидорами
Ingredients amount
Luke 2 pcs.
Sahara 5 g
capers 15 g
eggplant 4 things.
oils 30 ml
olives 15 g
wine vinegar 15 ml
garlic 2 pieces
parsley 1 branch
a tomato 5 pieces.
Time for preparing: 65 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 42 Kcal

How to cook stewed eggplants with tomatoes and garlic:

  1. Rinse the eggplants, dry them a little and cut them into cubes;
  2. Put cubes in a colander or strainer, salt and mix and let stand for half an hour;
  3. After that, the cubes will have to be washed and wet again with dry wipes;
  4. Luke remove the skin, wash it and finely chop;
  5. Wash the tomatoes, cut off the caps and remove the core, leaving only the shell;
  6. Cut this pulp into a cube of the same size; tomatoes
  7. Drain capers, rinse and dry them, and then crumble with a kitchen hatchet;
  8. Olives, too, drain the brine, cut them into rings;
  9. Crumbling parsley, rinsing under a tap;
  10. Peel the garlic and leave it whole, removing only the ass;
  11. Pour oil into a saucepan, warm it well;
  12. Pour onion, garlic and stew to it, stirring for no more than two minutes; carrot
  13. After that, remove the garlic and add dried vegetables; eggplants
  14. Stir, add them with tomatoes and spices; add томаты
  15. Stir for about twenty minutes while cooking;
  16. After that add vinegar, parsley, capers, olives and sugar;
  17. Close the lid for another seven minutes;
  18. After that, a snack can be safely served..

Eggplant Ragout with Tomatoes and Peppers

  • 3 tomatoes;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 eggplant;
  • 2 peppers;
  • 40 ml of oil;
  • 1 bow.

Cooking time – 50 minutes.

Caloric content of one portion – 63 kcal / 100 g.

How to cook:

  1. Rinse the eggplants and cut them into cubes, removing the tails;
  2. Luka remove the husk, wash it and crumble it;
  3. Rinse pepper, peel and chop it into strips;
  4. Wash tomatoes and cut into slices;
  5. Peel carrots, rinse and crumble them into pieces with a hatchet;
  6. Pour the oil into the pan and pour the carrots;
  7. After ten minutes, add the onion and simmer until soft;
  8. Next, add blue vegetables and simmer until the liquid evaporates;
  9. Then add the pepper and let it fry slightly;
  10. Next in line are spices and tomatoes; mix;
  11. Bring all the stew to a boil and close the lid;
  12. Stew until most of the liquid has evaporated..

Recipe for eggplants stewed with tomatoes in sour cream

  • 4 tomatoes;
  • 220 ml of sour cream;
  • 3 eggplants;
  • 2 onions;
  • 25 ml of oil.

Cooking time – 65 minutes.

Caloric content of one portion – 54 kcal / 100 g.


  1. Wash eggplants, remove the tails of vegetables and crumble them;
  2. Pour them into a bowl, add salt and leave for twenty minutes;
  3. After that, pour the whole mass into a colander to glass all the liquid;
  4. Onion peel, wash it and cut into half rings;
  5. Heat the oil with a frying pan, add a root vegetable;
  6. Simmer for about five minutes, stirring gently;
  7. Add drained vegetables, mix;
  8. Wash tomatoes, cut into any shape and add to the pan;
  9. Mix and fill by pouring sour cream into a bowl;
  10. Add to it half a glass of water, mix;
  11. Pour the pot to the stew in the pan, combine and close the lid;
  12. Stew for a quarter of an hour, often stirring with a spoon;
  13. At the end of cooking, season to taste, mix and leave under the lid for another ten minutes, removing the dishes from the fire.

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Eggplant with mushrooms and tomatoes in a slow cooker

  • 150 g carrots;
  • 3 eggplants;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 20 g of salt;
  • 1 onion;
  • 3 g black pepper;
  • 400 g of mushrooms;
  • 80 ml of oil;
  • 30 grams of pepper.

Cooking time – 50 min.

Calorie portions – 66 kcal / 100 g.

Extinguishing Method:

  1. Turn on the slow cooker, pour oil into the bowl and warm it;
  2. Peel carrots, rinse and grate;
  3. Peel onion, rinse, cut into half rings;
  4. Put both root vegetables in a bowl, simmer for about five minutes, stirring slowly;
  5. During this time, rinse and clean the eggplant;
  6. Cut them into rings or half rings depending on the size;
  7. Put them on top of the roots in the bowl;
  8. Mushrooms clean with a sharp knife, cut into two / four parts, depending again on the size;
  9. Put the slices of mushrooms on top of vegetables;
  10. Rinse pepper, peel inside and cut into strips;
  11. Wash tomatoes, remove green parts and cut fruits into slices;
  12. Spice up the future stew with spices, mix everything;
  13. Stew for a quarter of an hour, closing the lid.

Useful tips

Eggplants must be salted so that the salt brings bitterness out of them, which in the future may spoil the whole dish. Another reason is salt, which partially remains inside the vegetable, does not allow the oil to soak the cubes so strongly..

It is better not to wash the mushrooms with running water for this dish or for any other. The fact is that mushrooms will get enough water and in the dish will be completely tasteless. Do not forget that this product is already 95% water..

Vegetables for cooking it is desirable to cut the same size, so that they all evenly and equally cooked. The form of vegetables can be any, but the size is about the same..

If you know that some of the vegetables are cooked longer and others are faster, then you can prepare them in advance. For example, if you decide to add potatoes to a stew, then, of course, you will have to boil it a little in advance. Do not miss such moments, otherwise there is a risk to spoil the dish..

Preparing such a light eggplant stew with tomatoes, you can even serve it for dinner or breakfast. In the evening, you can bake fresh ciabatta to it, and for breakfast, add vegetables with an omelette or fried egg. It will be tasty and useful, so do not refuse!