Even those people whose gastronomic preferences are expressed by the phrase “the best cake is a cutlet” are delighted with some vegetarian dishes. Do not believe it? We’ll see what the hardened meat eater will say, having tasted spicy soy meat in Korean, the recipe of which is detailed below, or a light salad of cucumber and soy texture in spicy spices.

Korean soy meat recipe
how приготовить соевое мясо по-корейски
Ingredients amount
soy texturate (goulash, beef stroganoff) without flavoring filler 100 g
boiling water 1 l
sweet carrot (preferably grade Karotel) 140g
sugar 40 g
vinegar (rice, for sushi) 60 ml
salt (cooking or sea) 5 g
olive oil 40 ml
garlic 20 g
freshly ground black pepper and coriander (kernels) 5 g each
Time for preparing: 150 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 65 Kcal

All the assurances of market vendors in the inability to prepare their own “real” Korean marinades – this is nothing more than the usual marketing ploy. In fact, there are no specific ingredients in the recipe, the technology of preparation is elementary simple.

  1. Dry soy goulash (beef stroganoff) pour 1 liter of boiling water for 20 minutes. Water is drained, the meat is washed, squeezed. Then boil 6 minutes in lightly salted water.. soy гуляш
  2. The texturized text which has increased in volume is reclined on a colander, squeezed out. soy текстурат
  3. Carrots clean, wash. Cut into long, thin straws. carrot
  4. Garlic is cleaned, finely cut with a knife. You can put raw vegetables in the marinade (the snack turns out to be more fragrant) or fry for 7 seconds in hot oil and mix with carrot hot – the taste of the dish will be softer. garlic
  5. Salt, spices, sugar are mixed in a bowl. Pour vinegar. After, if you use unroasted garlic, pour the oil. Stirred. spice
  6. The resulting dressing watered vegetables. Mix well. Press down with a spoon, cover (as tightly as possible to the surface) with a food film. Keep in the refrigerator for 2 hours. pickled морковь
  7. Soy meat is combined with the carrots and garlic which have started the juice. Stirred upwards. Press down with a spoon, cover with food film. Korean салат

In this form, the product is brought to readiness in the refrigerator. After a day, a delicious snack can be tasted..

How to cook a salad of soy meat and fresh cucumbers in Korean

The dish is light, low-calorie, rich in vitamins. A great alternative to meat salads during fasting. A dish that fits perfectly into the diet of adherents of healthy food or a strict menu of fighters with excess weight.

For 3 servings of salad will be required:

  • soy beef stroganoff (dry text) – 60 g;
  • boiling water;
  • fresh ground cucumber – 3 small fruit;
  • head (small) onions;
  • greenery;
  • lean oil without odor – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • soy sauce – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • Korean Spice Mix for Vegetables – 1 tsp.

Cooking time – 1 hour.

Caloric content of 100 g dishes – 75 kcal.


salad с огурцами

  1. Soy meat steamed with boiling water and kept in a closed container for 30 minutes.
  2. Water is drained, the meat is washed, excess liquid is squeezed out..
  3. Wash cucumbers, cut into long bars slightly thicker than Korean carrot straws. Sprinkle with dry seasoning and leave to marinate for 5 minutes..
  4. Greens chop finely. Connect with cucumbers.
  5. Soy meat is added to vegetables. Pour over the sauce. Stir gently.
  6. Onions are cleaned, washed, cut into thin semi-circles. Passeed to light ruddy in hot vegetable oil.
  7. Toasted onions, along with butter, without cooling, add to the rest of the ingredients of the dish. Stirred.

Eat a salad immediately, without waiting for the cucumbers to release a lot of juice and become soft.

The subtleties of cooking

To give soy goulash as much as possible with real meat, dry product is soaked or boiled in low-fat beef broth. For a variety of flavors, soy meat can be pre-marinated in pepper tomato juice, milk, white wine.

Carrots in the classic recipe quite successfully replace the celery root or parsley, parsnip. In light salads with vegetable analogue of meat from bean flour, fresh cucumbers, bell pepper, Peking, white cabbage are perfectly combined.

If by chance soybean meat in Korean turns out to be peroxidized or salty, the marinade is drained by changing it to clean boiled water. After an hour and a half, the annoying mistake will be corrected, the taste of the dish will improve..

How to cook soy meat in Korean, see the video below:

The correct proportions of spices, consistent processing and sufficient time for marinating – a guarantee of great taste appetizers and soy meat salads with vegetables. It is nourishing and really tasty, despite the complete absence of animal protein in “meat” dishes..