How to cook samsa from puff pastry

Puff pastry samsa is a dish of oriental culture. It is a kind of patty with meat and onions inside. There are many options for different toppings, but the main recipe includes lamb, spices and a large number of onions.


To prepare the contents of the samsa, the meat must be chopped, not ground. Often, not only meat, but also various vegetables, such as potatoes, pumpkins or lentils, are used to make this dish..

A very big role in the preparation of this dish is Oriental spices. Black Pepper and Zira are added most often..

The most common samsa in Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean.

For the preparation of these pies in eastern countries use a special oven, which is called tyndyr. But in today’s ovens the dish can turn out not worse..

Puff pastry recipes for samsa: no yeast and yeast

To make dough for samsa without using yeast, the following products will be needed:

  • 1 kg of wheat flour;
  • 2 cups some heated milk;
  • 1 small spoonful of salt;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 50 grams of margarine or butter.

To begin with, the flour is sifted and mixed gently with salt. In a separate container, you need to warm up the milk a little bit and drive eggs into it. Everything is thoroughly mixed until a smooth, uniform mass is formed..

dough для самсыMargarine or butter should be melted and allowed to cool, then add to milk with eggs. Everything is thoroughly mixed again.

And finally, the mixture is mixed with flour and kneaded dough, which should turn out to be extremely elastic..

The dough is covered with a napkin and just left for some time to rest..

List of ingredients for making dough on yeast:

  • 1 kg of wheat flour;
  • 2 cups of water, slightly heated;
  • 30 grams of yeast, preferably raw;
  • 1.5 teaspoons of salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar or granulated sugar.

samsa печенаяTo prepare, take half a glass of lukewarm water and pour it into a certain container. Salt and granulated sugar are added to the water, mixed until completely dissolved, and then the yeast is added, which must also be mixed until dissolved. The container with the contents covered with a napkin and left in a warm secluded place for some time.

After the yeast wakes up, you need to add the rest of the water and mix.

Flour must be sieved, then add in small quantities gradually into the water with yeast..

After the base is kneaded, it should be put in a warm enough place for the yeast to begin to work actively and perform the fermentation process. During this process, you need to press down the dough a number of times. It may take three to four hours..

Both types of dough are fairly easy to prepare; the main thing is to understand the general technology. But making dough using yeast will take much longer..

Recipe for samsa from ready-made traditional puff pastry with meat

List of required products:

  • Puff pastry;
  • 1 kg of fat mutton;
  • 10 medium sized bulbs;
  • Ground black pepper and salt to the preference of the chef;
  • 1 teaspoon of Zira;
  • Margarine or butter (non-spread) butter;
  • For lubrication it is necessary to prepare vegetable oil..

Filling is prepared first. To do this, the meat is chopped into small pieces. Often used and stuffing. In the absence of lamb, you can use beef.

In the event that animal fat is not enough, you can add vegetable oil to the meat. Onions need to be cut in the form of half-rings, which must also be divided by half. Chopped onion is added to the meat along with spices and spices..

prepare начинку

The entire amount of dough should be divided into several slices. Each of these parts is rolled into layers with a small thickness. The surface of the layers is lubricated with margarine or peasant oil, previously melted. Then the dough is rolled into a roll for the entire length and cooled for 12 minutes. This is done to ensure that margarine or butter does not spread during further work..

Cut the cooled dough across into small pieces. The size of the future product depends on the thickness of the pieces. Each of these parts must be put in an upright position and press down with your hand. Then you need to use a rolling pin and roll out a round base, the thickness of which should be no more than five millimeters..

cut it порции

The filling is laid out in the middle of each round base. For these purposes, you can use the usual tablespoon.

meat выложить

After that, the ends of the base are tightened and tightly plucked. The shape of the product can be given and triangular, and rectangular, and any other.

pinch концы

Spread the prepared products need on a baking sheet, which must be pre-lubricated with oil. The samsa surface should be smeared with an egg yolk, and sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds over it.

lay out на противень

The oven must be preheated to a temperature of 200 ° C. Baking time should be about half an hour. It all depends on the properties of the oven itself..

samsa готова

For cooking samsa with meat, it is desirable to use mutton. But often used and other meat. It is very important that the filling turned out juicy, so a large amount of onions is used. To increase juiciness, a certain amount of vegetable oil is often added to the filling..

Samsa with Chicken Puff Pastry

Very often for cooking samsa use chicken meat. Often the dough is purchased ready-made. The most important thing is that it was of sufficient quality..

To prepare the filling, you can use any part of the chicken. It all depends on the preferences of each person..

List of required products:

    samsa из курицы
  • 0.5 kg yeast-free puff pastry;
  • 2 whole chicken fillets;
  • 2 large bulbs;
  • Condiments to taste;
  • Half a teaspoon of salt;
  • 1 egg for lubrication on top of the dough;
  • Some flour for rolling out the finished dough;
  • Sesame.

Onions need to be cleaned and cut into half rings. The fillet is also cut into small cubes. Next, the meat is mixed with onions, salt and spices are added. After all this, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed..

Prepared puff pastry with a rolling pin should be rolled out to a thickness reaching 2 mm. To simplify this process, the layers can be divided into parts. Already rolled dough should be divided into a number of pieces of square shape. Their size depends only on personal wishes. In the middle of each billet there is a filling in the amount of one tablespoon. Can a little more.

Next, the dough is folded diagonally and its edges are carefully plucked. The result should be a kind of triangular pie. For beauty, the edges can be trimmed with a figure knife..

The finished product must be placed on a baking sheet, which can be pre-oiled or covered with parchment paper. The surface of the samsa is smeared with an egg, pre-whipped. If possible, and if desired, you can sprinkle it with sesame seeds..

Baking time is about 20 minutes at 200 ° C.

For the preparation of samsa, you can safely use chicken meat. To eliminate the inherent dryness, a large amount of onions is added..

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How to make samsa puff pastry with cheese

Samsa with cheese is a very simple dish to prepare. Especially if you use ready-made puff pastry for this..

For the preparation will need the following ingredients:

  • 500 grams of ready-made, all the same puff pastry;
  • 350 grams of pickled cheese. These include: feta cheese, mozzarella, suluguni.
  • One whipped yolk.

The finished dough is carefully rolled into one large layer. It is desirable that its shape remains rectangular. When rolling, you need to continuously pour flour so that the dough does not stick to your hands, rolling pin and surface.

samsa с сыромMelted butter should be lubricated the entire surface of the rolled bed. You can gradually fold the layer in half and each time roll out a little and lubricate with oil until a similar envelope is formed, which is then wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

For the filling, the cheese is rubbed on a grater of a large size and slightly salted..

After cooling, the dough is cut into small pieces and rolled to form a small cake. At its center lies the filling, to which you can also add chopped greens..

Next is the formation of samsa, the edges of which need to be very tightly pinned. Otherwise, the cheese may all be outside when baking..

Baking tray should be carefully greased with oil and put samsa preparations there. Products on top are smeared with beaten egg yolk. Sprinkle with poppy seeds or sesame seeds over the yolk..

Baking time should be no more than 2 minutes.

Cheese Samsa is made quite simply and takes a small amount of time. But despite this, the dish turns out very tasty and attractive in appearance..

Samsa puff yeast dough with minced meat

Ingredients for yeast samsa:

  • Yeast puff pastry;
  • 500 grams of minced meat;
  • 2 raw potatoes;
  • 100 grams of various fresh greens;
  • 2 large onions;
  • Spices to taste.

samsa с зеленьюRoll out the dough into a square and coat with a layer of soft margarine. Then bend the layer in the form of an envelope and leave for 10 minutes. Roll the envelope back into a square of the previous size and smear with margarine, and also wrap it in an envelope. This procedure is worth repeating a number of times. Then the dough should rest.

Now you need to prepare the filling. Onions, herbs and potatoes should be finely chopped. For these purposes, you can use a food processor, which will grind all these products. Mix the mixture with minced meat and add salt and all spices to taste..

If the filling is not wet enough, you can add some water..

Rested dough is rolled to a thickness of 2 mm. It is necessary to cut it with a very sharp knife into small squares, from which samsa is later formed.

All blanks are stacked on a baking sheet and lubricated with a beaten egg. You need to put the pan in the already heated oven..

Tricks culinary

When baking samsa using yeast dough, you should never open the oven for the first ten minutes, as the dough may settle.

No need to make dough too thin.

Dough must be removed in advance from the freezer and put into the fridge. So defrosting will take place more naturally and there will be no special changes with the dough..

Samsa is a very tasty and easy-to-cook dish. The main thing in the process to follow the recommendations of experienced chefs.