Almost half of the traditional dishes of Uzbek cuisine are flour products. Sweets and pastries are not served at the end of the main meal, but several times: before meals, during and after. The most popular pastry is samsa..

Uzbek pastries at home
how приготовить самсу в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
for the test:
coarse salt 7 g
flour 800 g
warm water glass
for the preparation of the filling:
meat (beef) 450 g
bulb 2 pcs.
fat cat 100 g
Zira, pepper, salt taste
Optional products:
egg 1 PC.
sesame for sprinkling
melted butter taste
vegetable oil for roasting
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 213 Kcal

Samsu can be compared with the usual puff pastry pies. Ideally, it is cooked only from lamb, and baked in a traditional oven – tandoor. But you can indulge yourself with delicious Uzbek samsa on your own..

Phased preparation:

  1. Dissolve salt in liquid, pour it into a bowl with flour, knead it, and then roll it into a ball of dough. Remove for a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator;
  2. Dice meat and onions; slice мясо и лук
  3. Mix the ingredients of the filling, salt, pour in the taste of cumin and pepper;
  4. If there is no fat tail in the fridge, you can replace it with two spoons of ghee. Add to stuffing fry;
  5. Divide the cooled dough into 8 pieces; to split тесто
  6. Each of them is thinly rolled, fluffed with melted slightly hot oil and rolled into a roll;
  7. The next piece of dough is also rolled out, greased, putting the previous roll into it again roll;
  8. The process is repeated with each part of the test;
  9. The resulting roll cover, clean for 90 minutes in the refrigerator;
  10. After the specified time interval, remove the puff pastry and divide it into 16 pieces;
  11. Roll each part so that the edges are thin and the center is dense;
  12. Arrange the filling and form triangles from the dough, carefully pinching the edges; lay out начинку
  13. The baking sheet can be greased with cooking oil or covered with parchment;
  14. Put the products, coat the surface with an egg, sprinkle with sesame and bake for half an hour to 40 minutes. samsa готова

Hot products can be wrapped in a kitchen towel so that they cool down a bit and become softer, or you can immediately serve it..

Puffed samsa with pork (step by step)

No less delicious samsa can be made from pork. The process will be much easier, since the dough for this recipe is used ready.

Required ingredients to the recipe:

  • highly понравилосьwhite and black sesame – 0.3 gr. each species;
  • water – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • mix of spices for meat – 20 gr .;
  • puff yeast dough – 0.5 kg.;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • egg;
  • bulbs – 2 pcs .;
  • pork pulp – 600 gr.

Spent baking and food preparation: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Caloric content of products: 146.5 kcal.

Phased cooking process:

  1. Chop onions with meat through a meat grinder, mix, add spices, salt;
  2. Pour in water and knead the filling;
  3. Roll the dough into a thick roll and cut into pieces of the same size;
  4. Roll each piece into a cake and put the meat stuffing;
  5. Give the products a triangular shape;
  6. Spread samsa on a baking sheet, brush with egg, sprinkle with two kinds of sesame;
  7. Bake 25 minutes at 180 ° C.

Samsa from yeast dough with chicken and potatoes

National baking countries in Central Asia can be cooked even from chicken. To worry that the filling will not be dry, and why learn from this recipe.

To prepare poultry samsa you will need:

  • sour milk or kefir – 500 ml;
  • yeast – 1 pack weighing 11 grams;
  • flour (the highest grade) – 1 kg. +200 gr. additionally;
  • salt – 10 g;
  • oil – 1/3 cup;
  • sirloin – 500 gr .;
  • sugar – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • potato tubers – 3 pcs .;
  • butter to taste;
  • bulbs – 3 pcs .;
  • ground black pepper, salt;
  • water (cold) – 3 tbsp. l.
  • single egg yolk

Baking and preparation time: 95 minutes.

Calorie samsa: 196.23 kcal.

Phased preparation:

  1. Salt, yeast, sugar, dissolve in 100 ml of warm liquid;
  2. Pour in milk product (kefir) and mix;
  3. Gradually add flour to knead the dough. At the end, pour in the oil;
  4. Remove the dough in a warm place;
  5. After an hour, knead and proceed to the preparation of the filling;
  6. Chop the fillet in small pieces;
  7. Peeled tubers cut into cubes;
  8. Chop the onion;
  9. All ingredients for the filling mix in a separate bowl, season with pepper and salt;
  10. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts;
  11. Thinly roll the first layer and grease with melted butter;
  12. On top of expanding another rolled layer and re-lubricate;
  13. Also do with the last part of the test;
  14. Roll into a thick roll and cut into pieces with a thickness of 2 cm;
  15. Roll out each piece to put the filling, to form a triangle;
  16. Arrange the product on the pan;
  17. Beat the yolk with water and lubricate the resulting mass with samsa;
  18. Bake at 180 ° for at least 50 minutes.

Hot-cooked finished products, smeared with vegetable oil and served on the table.

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Useful tips cooks

  • The dough for samsa needs to be rolled not just thinly, but practically to transparency;
  • after rolling the layer should be left for 7 minutes to dry, then lubricate with margarine or butter and do not touch for another quarter of an hour;
  • in order for the gluten to swell, the dough must last at least 20 minutes;
  • if there were no eggs in the refrigerator, then to get a golden crust it is enough to sprinkle the products with cold water 20 minutes after baking.

Enjoy your meal!