Salted seafood is ideally combined with vegetables. This combination smells like summer, because it is very often used in warm Mediterranean countries. You can supplement the products with different ingredients: hearty, sweet, sharp and juicy. It is divinely delicious.!

How to cook a salad with shrimp, cucumber and egg
how готовить салаты с креветками и огурцом
Ingredients amount
eggs 2 pcs.
cheese 70 g
fresh cucumbers 1 PC.
pickled cucumbers 1 PC.
shrimp 0.2 kg
dill or green onion 20 g
garlic 2 teeth
spice taste
sour cream 60 ml
mayonnaise 60 ml
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 137 Kcal


  1. Cook hard boiled eggs. After that, clean them from the shell and finely chop. Eggs
  2. Cooked and peeled seafood add to eggs. Shrimp
  3. Grate cheese to other products.. Cheese
  4. Finely chopped pickled cucumber. Just need to chop and fresh fruit. Salty огурец
  5. Mix sour cream with mayonnaise. Add here crushed garlic without husk.
  6. Chop greens and shift it to the dressing. Green лук
  7. Mix all ingredients with dressing and season them.
  8. Put on a plate with a cooking ring..

Cooking Recipe with Shrimps, Avocado and Cucumber

garlic 2 teeth
spice taste
avocado 1 PC.
cucumbers 1 PC.
shrimp 0.5 kg
olive oil 60 ml
greenery 10 g

How much to cook – 30 minutes.

Calorie – 185 kcal.


  1. Washed cucumber cut into strips, cutting off the ends.
  2. Add vegetable to cooked small shrimps in a salad bowl.
  3. Finely chop the garlic and greens. From herbs it is worth taking a little thyme. Add olive oil and spices, mix.
  4. Remove the skin from the avocado, pull out the bone, cut the flesh into thin half-slices.
  5. Mix all the components together, and then immediately submit to the table.

Crab salad with shrimps, fresh cucumber and tomato

shrimp 0.1 kg
cucumbers and tomatoes 1 and 2 pcs.
lemon juice 20 ml
garlic 1 prong
spice taste
honey 5 ml
lettuce leaves 1 bundle
olive oil 30 ml
parsley 10 g

How much to cook – 25 minutes.

Calories – 123 kcal.


Snack с крабовыми палочками и креветками

  1. Pour boiled water over frozen shrimps, drain water.
  2. Wash tomatoes and chop into slices without using the stem.
  3. Finely chop the greens with garlic and pour in the oil so that it can become fragrant. Pour lemon juice and liquid honey here..
  4. Peel the cucumber and chop it into semi-circles.
  5. Transfer the prawns to the dressing and leave them for ten minutes, season.
  6. Cut lettuce leaves into large pieces, after washing them out, mix with tomatoes.
  7. Add cucumbers and shrimps to the tomatoes along with the dressing, mix. Serve immediately.

Appetizer of squids, shrimps, eggs and cucumbers

squids 2 pcs.
mayonnaise 80 ml
cucumbers 3 pcs.
eggs 4 things.
shrimp 170g
spice taste
cheese 0.1 kg

How much to cook – 50 minutes.

Calorie – 156 kcal.


  1. Thaw frozen seafood. Squids need to be cleaned immediately..
  2. Boil in turn seafood, remove films and shells. Cool it down. Squid cut into strips.
  3. Cucumbers need to be washed and chopped in the same way..
  4. Cook eggs until hard yolk, then cut into small cubes.
  5. Coarsely grated cheese.
  6. Mix all the ingredients with spices and mayonnaise, put in a salad bowl, put in the refrigerator.
  7. After half an hour you can apply. Decorate at will.

How to cook with an orange

Salad с креветками, огурцом, зеленью и апельсиновым соком

oranges 1 PC.
shrimp large 14 pieces.
lettuce leaves 1 bundle
olive oil 60 ml
garlic 1 prong
lime 1 PC.
spice taste
cucumbers 1 PC.
basilica 5 g

How much to cook – 20 minutes.

Calories – 122 kcal.


  1. Thawed raw large seafood. To do this, it is better to put them in a colander and place them over a bowl so that the water runs off and not absorbed back..
  2. Grate lime zest and squeeze out two spoons of juice from the pulp.
  3. Finely chop the garlic without husk.
  4. To shrimp add all the listed ingredients, spices and quite a bit of butter. Give marinate.
  5. Cut the cucumber into thin strips. This is easiest to do with a peeler..
  6. Peel the washed orange. Squeeze juice out of half fruit.
  7. Wash lettuce leaves and tear them with hands, place them in a salad bowl with cucumber.
  8. Add orange juice, oil residue, spices, zest, mix.
  9. In a hot frying pan fry the shrimp, it will take about four minutes, not more.
  10. Finely chop basil.
  11. Put shrimps on vegetables, sprinkle with basil on top, serve..

Salad с морепродуктами и яйцамиIf you are not indifferent to seafood, then you should definitely try the recipes of the most delicious salads with shrimps and squid.

Read here how to make delicious salad with shrimps and avocados..

Getting ready for the holiday? Prepare canapés with shrimps according to these recipes. The appetizer looks spectacular and delights any guest.!

Option snacks with Peking cabbage

mayonnaise 50 ml
cheese 0.1 kg
Chinese cabbage 0.3 kg
cucumbers 0.2 kg
spice taste
shrimp 0.2 kg

How much to cook – 15 minutes.

Caloric content – 115 kcal.


  1. Thawed shrimp must be cooked. To do this, boil water in a small saucepan, salt. For taste, you can add a slice of lemon and dill. You need to salt twice as much as usual for this amount of liquid..
  2. Cutting капустыPlace seafood in boiling water and cook for no more than four minutes from the moment of boiling. Drain into a colander, let cool for a few minutes, and then peel off the shell. This is convenient to do with the help of special forceps or nail scissors..
  3. Wash the cabbage. Need to take a vegetable, where green leaves more. Shred them squares.
  4. Small slices cut the washed cucumber.
  5. Coarsely grate the cheese or cut into strips.
  6. Mix the ingredients in a salad bowl with spices and low-fat mayonnaise. Serve immediately, but you can give a few minutes to insist.

Festive recipe

quail eggs 6 pieces.
mayonnaise 90 ml
cherry 12 pieces.
olives 7 pieces.
shrimp 0.5 kg
greenery 45 g
lemon 0.5 pcs.
Parmesan cheese 0.1 kg
spice taste
cucumbers 2 pcs.

How much to cook – 40 minutes.

Calorie – 129 kcal.


  1. Cook quail eggs until cooked. After boiling it will take no more than five minutes. Cool and remove the shell. If the eggs are wet, it will move away more easily. Cut them across.
  2. Boil about two liters of water in a skillet, put half the greens here (it is better to take dill) and a small slice of lemon. Then shift the shrimps and cook them for four minutes, then pull them out of the water and cool them, then remove the shells and remove the heads. Be sure to remove the intestine by making a small incision on the bottom of the abdomen
  3. Cherry cut in half, after washing them.
  4. Ringlets cut the pitted olives.
  5. Chop a peeled cucumber into larger strips.
  6. Wash the second part of greens and lettuce leaves and then remove moisture and tear them into small pieces with your hands..
  7. Finely grate Parmesan.
  8. Put lettuce leaves on a dish, cucumbers on top, sprinkle them with parmesan.
  9. Put the cherry in random order.
  10. Then put parsley and some cheese again..
  11. Next up are some more lettuce leaves and all the eggs..
  12. Sprinkle with parmesan, then spread out in a single layer of shrimp.
  13. Mayonnaise pour into the middle of the salad, no need to interfere.
  14. Sprinkle with lemon juice, distribute olives rings..
  15. At the end lay out the remaining cucumbers and parmesan. Serve immediately.

Salad with mango, shrimps and cucumber

Exotic закуска

cucumbers 1 PC.
shrimp large 0.1 kg
mango 1 PC.
sweet chili sauce 10 ml
lime juice 25 ml
cilantro 10 g

How much to cook – 10 minutes.

Calories – 60 kcal.


  1. Clear seafood from shells and heads. If they are raw, pre cook.
  2. Cut the mango into slices by peeling off the skin and pulling out the bone.
  3. Peeler cucumber cut into strips.
  4. Put the food in a salad bowl.
  5. Chili sauce mixed with lime juice and pour over the ingredients.
  6. Top to decorate with cilantro leaves.
  7. Cool before serving.

Cooking tricks

As a dressing for these salads, you can use custom fresh sauces. For example, tzatziki. It is prepared on the basis of classic yogurt and cucumber. This combination is ideal for vegetables and seafood..

You can also use just yogurt with various spices and herbs. For example, citrus notes will give fresh rosemary, and color will give turmeric or sweet paprika..

As for mayonnaise, it can be done at home in ten minutes. The best choice would be a sauce made exclusively on yolks with the addition of Dijon mustard. Fresh cilantro or lemon grass is perfect for this kind of dressing..

Also, any spicy-sweet sauce will do for shrimps. Such ready-made sauces can be found in the departments for sushi. You can use soy sauce in combination with sesame oil, this is often practiced in the East, both in restaurants and on the street..

Salad, full of flavor, vitamins and fresh aroma, can be a wonderful breakfast or dinner. It is impossible to refuse such a yummy!