How to cook salad “Cap Monomakh”

Salad “Cap Monomakh” is prepared by almost all the hostess. He likes many thanks to taste and originality of design. The refinement of the decoration is limited only by the imagination of the cook. “Monomakh’s Cap” deserves to be the centerpiece of any holiday table.

Salad spread layers of many components. The ingredients are perfectly combined with each other. At the same time, the recipe is very simple to prepare and does not require additional culinary skills. And the products are inexpensive and accessible to all. Salad “Monomakh’s Hat” turns out very tasty and beautiful.

Consider several variations of recipes.

Classic recipe
how приготовить салат «Шапка Мономаха»
Ingredients amount
lean meat (pork) 500 g
medium potatoes 4 things
carrots 3 pcs.
beets 2 pcs.
chicken eggs 4-5 pieces.
walnuts (peeled) 1 cup
red sweet pepper 1 PC.
green peas 200 g
mayonnaise taste
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 290 Kcal

Each housewife prepares a salad according to his taste preferences. However, the main components are used in almost every dish..

Separately boil until ready the necessary ingredients: meat, potatoes, carrots and beets. Be sure to pre-wash them thoroughly. Next, peel the vegetables and eggs from the shell.

For each product we take a separate plate. We rub potatoes, beets, carrots, cheese and eggs on a large grater.

to rub овощи

Half of the protein, cut by the teeth in the middle, is left for further decoration of the salad. Meat cut along the fibers into thin strips. Walnuts cleaned from the connecting film. Lightly fry the nuts in a pan and chop with a blender. You can chop them very finely with a knife.

We take a flat dish. It is recommended to make layers of lettuce thin and repeat them twice. Each layer is smeared with mayonnaise. Ideally, homemade mayonnaise is best..

meat порезать

We spread the layers in the following sequence: potatoes, strips of meat, beets, carrots, walnuts, eggs and cheese. Repeat this sequence. Ingredients immediately attach the appearance of the dome to get the kind of royal cap. Convenient to do it with wet hands.

lubricate слои майонезом

After that, the resulting form is slightly coated with mayonnaise. The top of the cap is decorated with the prepared half of the protein. To imitate the edge, sprinkle walnuts on the base of the salad. Imitating the precious stones, take the diced sweet red pepper and peas. We spread them patterns.

For a richer taste, you should put the salad in the refrigerator for several hours..

Salad “Cap Monomakh” with pomegranate

Salad can be given a more delicate and light taste. For cooking, replace some ingredients for chicken breast, yogurt and pomegranate for decoration..

Ingredients Required:

  • 500 gr. chicken fillet;
  • 4 things. medium sized potato;
  • 2 pcs. carrots;
  • 2 pcs. beets;
  • 4 things. chicken eggs;
  • 1 glass of walnuts (peeled);
  • one grenade;
  • 200 gr. green peas;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • yogurt and mayonnaise sauce.

Cooking time 80 min.

Calories 260 kcal per 100 grams.

Boil separately the following products: fillets, potatoes, carrots, beets and eggs. Give time to cool. Peel and peel. The meat is cut into small cubes. On a large grater, three potatoes, carrots, beets. In small – eggs. Separately, several proteins. Finely chop nuts or chop with a blender.

Squeeze garlic through the press. Cooking sauce. Mix the garlic, yogurt and mayonnaise. Add a little salt to taste. Put some grated proteins, cheese and nuts. Then we use them to decorate the salad.

Put the salad in layers in the following order on a flat plate: one part of potatoes, beets, carrots, walnuts, meat, cheese and eggs. Repeat the sequence of layers again..

Each layer is greased with a small amount of sauce. Wet hands to shape the caps. The top of which is sprinkled with grated protein and half of the figured onion cut out. The edge of the issue of a mixture of cheese and nuts. We decorate the salad with various patterns of green peas and pomegranate seeds.

Insist the salad for at least three to four hours in the fridge and serve on the table.

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“Cap Monomakh” with prunes without meat

The original taste of the salad will give prunes. Dried fruits have a pronounced taste and can be an excellent alternative to meat..

Ingredients Required:

  • 3 pcs. medium potatoes;
  • 2 pcs. carrots;
  • one beet;
  • 3-4 pieces chicken eggs;
  • 100 gr. prunes without pits;
  • 1 cup peeled walnuts;
  • one grenade;
  • one green apple;
  • 1 cup canned corn;
  • mayonnaise.

Cooking time is 80 minutes.

Calories 250 kcal per 100 grams.

salad с черносливомBefore you start cooking a salad, it is worth soak prunes for one to two hours. After drying it with paper napkins and cut into thin strips. Apples cut into thin slices. Boiled vegetables three grated on a coarse grater. Hard-boiled chicken eggs – grated with fine mesh. Walnuts chop blender or chop finely with a knife.

All ingredients will lay out layer by layer on a flat dish in this sequence: potatoes, beets, apples, carrots, eggs, walnuts and prunes. Do not forget to smear each layer with mayonnaise. Wet hats.

Fantasy will tell you how to decorate a delicious salad “Monomakh Hat”. You can sprinkle with grated protein or cheese. A pomegranate grain and canned corn are perfect in the role of precious stones.

Culinary Tricks

Knowing the culinary features of the salad “Cap Monomakh”, you can get a dish, the taste of which every gourmet will appreciate.

Spreading salad in layers will be more convenient if the previously prepared ingredients are mixed with the sauce (mayonnaise). So the dish is faster soaked.

For a deeper taste, boiled chicken fillet and walnuts are recommended to fry slightly..

For the convenience of cutting meat, it is worth cooling it down a bit in the fridge. And to make it easier to clean hard-boiled eggs, cool them under cold water.

Beetroot salad can not be decorated. There may be stains and divorces.

For registration of jewelry on the cap, you can use pomegranate seeds, sea buckthorn berries and cranberries, peas, corn, sweet red pepper cubes.