It’s amazing how quickly and firmly sushi entered our lives. Now it is impossible to imagine any large city without a sushi bar. Such popularity of the product has led to the fact that more and more people are trying to make rolls and sushi on their own..

And everyone who has cooked sushi at home at least once, always tries to cook Philadelphia rolls – it’s so simple and tasty. Let’s understand the subtleties of the recipe.

rolls филадельфия на пальме

A bit of history

The recipe for these rolls is not a classic Japanese – it is an American look at a tasty dish. There are still disputes whether these rolls were named after the city in which they were first cooked, or after the cheese that was added inside. Anyway, this option won the hearts of Americans, and then the inhabitants of the whole world..

By the way, initially, only rice, fish and cheese were included in these rolls. Later, the sushi experts began to experiment, and so a more familiar combination emerged, with cucumber and avocado..

How to cook rolls “Fildelfiya” at home

To make these rolls yourself, you will need:

    rice для ролов

  • Rice;
  • Nori;
  • Red fish – trout or salmon;
  • Cream cheese – “Philadelphia”, “Almette or” Buko “;
  • Lemon;
  • Mat;
  • Food film.

Stage 1 – cook rice correctly

In preparing a Japanese dish, the most important thing is to choose and cook rice correctly. If this main ingredient is prepared incorrectly, then the rolls will not keep their shape, and the taste may be far from the classic.

So, we will need:

  • 200 gr. rice;
  • 250 ml of water;
  • 100 ml of seasoning with rice vinegar;
  • Seaweed kombu.

Before cooking, rinse the rice thoroughly until the water is clear. Washed rice must be dried for at least half an hour.

Then you can start cooking. Boil the round grain rice in a thick-walled pan. It should be quite large – rice, filled with water, should occupy no more than a third of its volume..

In order for the resulting product to be fragrant, you can add a piece of seaweed kombu to the pan. But it must be removed before the water boils..

rolls сушиFirst, the middle fire is selected on the stove – it will help the water to boil faster. Further, the cooking process continues with the minimum power of fire. For 10-15 minutes a small boil will help the rice to completely absorb water. Once this process has occurred, you can turn off the gas and let stand for fifteen minutes. All this time, do not lift the lid of the pan.

Now you can proceed to the last, indispensable stage of cooking rice for rolls. Namely – adding warm dressing based on rice vinegar. You can buy it in a specialized department, and you can cook it yourself..

For seasoning you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. spoons of rice vinegar;
  • 1 tbsp. spoon of brown sugar;
  • 1 tsp salt.

In order to mix all the ingredients, it is necessary to heat them over medium heat and stir constantly..

We shift the rice from the saucepan into a separate vessel and carefully pour vinegar on top (50-80 ml is enough). It is necessary to use only a wooden spatula for stirring, movements should be “chopping” – the grits should not turn into mush.

Stage 2 – Cooking Ingredients

Since rolls are made with warm rice, during cooking it is necessary to prepare all the necessary ingredients:

  1. Cut a nori leaf in half;
  2. Wrap the bamboo mat in cling film;
  3. Cut the selected fish into thin plastics;
  4. Cut into strips cucumber and avocado, peeled.

Stage 3 – roll formation

Place a cut sheet of nori on the mat wrapped in cling film. It should lie on the half that is closer to the person, its smooth side should be below.

put нори

Rice is laid out on a nori leaf with an offset — it should not be on the edge of rice closest to a person, and it should not extend much beyond the far side of the algae leaf..

rice выложить

To prevent the croup from sticking to hands, they should be wetted in cold water with lemon juice..

rice расправить

Now you need to turn the sheet – for this you can cover the ori with rice with the second half of the bamboo mat and, while gently holding it, turn it over to the other side – the rice will be at the bottom.

turn over ролл

Now you can lay out the cheese in small portions horizontally in the middle of the sheet. The edges of the sheet nori he should not touch. You also need to put the stuffing – thin slices of cucumber and avocado.

cheese выложить

Now the most difficult stage is to twist the workpiece so that it turns into a neat roller, where the sheets of nori are connected with each other, and the rice does not fall apart. Perhaps this is not the first time. But everything comes with culinary experience.!

roll свернуть

Raising the edge of the mat, form a roll – very carefully. Then roll with a roll mat so that it turns perfectly round..

rolls свернуть

The last step is to put sliced ​​fish strips on top of the roll and repeat scrolling. The fish should fit rice as much as possible – then the result will be not only tasty, but also beautiful.

a fish порезать и завернуть

The last step – cutting the roll into eight pieces.

wrap ролл

To do this as accurately as possible, you should wrap the finished roll in plastic wrap and cut it with a very sharp knife..

cut на половинки

It is advisable to sharpen it specifically for cutting “Philadelphia”.

rolls сложить вдвое

Another secret of cutting – each time cutting the roll, it is necessary to clean the blade of the knife from the remnants of food and moisten it with cold water or rice vinegar.

rolls готовы

Rolls “Philadelphia” are ready! You can use them with wasabi or ginger.

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Recipe secrets

  1. It is not at all necessary to buy rice in special sushi packaging at the store; any round grain can suit;
  2. For cooking rice, you can use the slow cooker in the “rice / groats” mode;
  3. In order to cook rice dressing, you need to use dishes from non-oxidizing material. Ideally – refractory clay;
  4. In Japan, rice, seasoned with vinegar, fan a fan – it is believed that this gives it a soft pearl shine;
  5. In order to make the rolls very tasty, you need to properly approach the approach of nori – the most delicious algae are designated by the word “gold” or the letter “A”.

Enjoy your meal!