More than two hundred years ago in Russia, the traditional second dish was considered to be roast. He was served daily in the homes of the nobility, and the English king Charles II even gave the royal beef noble title after the first time.

Classic recipe
how приготовить жаркое из говядины
Ingredients amount
beef pulp 0.7 kg
vegetable oil 40 g
onion 450 g
greens (parsley) 50 g
garlic 1 clove
carrot 150 g
butter 40 g
tomatoes 300 g
pepper 20 g
salt 20 g
broth (beef) 200 ml
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 185 Kcal
This dish is juicy, hearty, amazingly suitable for a festive table, as well as for a daily dinner with family. When picking meat for roast, you should take the tenderloin or thigh tenderloin.

With a tomato, remove the skin and scroll in a meat grinder along with 150 g of onion, garlic and greens. Put the tomatoes in a saucepan and boil for ten minutes so that the liquid is slightly evaporated.

Wash the meat, wipe with a paper towel, eliminating excess moisture, and cut into three centimeters. The remaining vegetables – onions, carrots – cut into half rings and put fried ten minutes in vegetable oil in a frying pan.

Chopped beef, fry separately in butter until golden brown and pour into the pan in the vegetable mass. Next add the tomato mixture, salt, pepper and stew until all the liquid has evaporated..

For roast it is better to use ceramic or cast iron deep dishes – the dish will warm up evenly. Pour the meat mass into the selected dish and pour the broth so that it covers the surface of the meat. Stew on the stove for about half an hour, add salt if necessary and put to extinguish another ten minutes until evaporation of literally all liquid..

With fresh salad, sour cream or spicy sauce roast will be just wonderful to combine. You can use any side dish of potatoes or buckwheat, rice, wheat cereal.

Homemade Roast

Dishes cooked in ceramic pots delight with their juiciness and softness. Using beef for frying in combination with potatoes, calorie content is reduced, but the beneficial properties of vitamin and minerals of these products for the body only increase. For cooking will need:

  • beef pulp (with a scapula, thigh) – 1 kg;
  • melted fat – 30 g;
  • onion – 300 g;
  • tomato – 200 g;
  • potatoes – 1.2 kg;
  • water – 1l;
  • hot sauce – 1, / 3 tsp;
  • spices – 20 g (to taste);
  • salt – 20 g;

Cooking takes eighty minutes, and the caloric content of 100 g of homemade roast will be 130 kcal.

Beef should be taken fresh, not frozen. The dish will then be more juicy and retain all its taste. Wash the meat, let it dry and cut into cubes of two centimeters..

beef порезать

In a heated frying pan in the fat, fry the pieces of beef until you get a golden crust and salt, sprinkle with your favorite spices and put hot sauce.

meat обжарить

With a tomato poured with boiling water, peel the skin, cut into small squares, onions – half rings, carrots – with a thick straw. Pour the vegetables to the meat, mix and simmer the whole mass for ten minutes.

add овощи

Peel the potatoes and then cut them into squares of the same size as the meat..

to clean картофель

Put the potatoes evenly on the bottom of the prepared pots and add a little salt, and pour the meat with vegetables on top.

add мясо

Cover with water so that it slightly covers the surface with meat..

Cover the pots with foil or lids, set in an oven for forty minutes at a temperature of 150 °. After a specified time, check for readiness, add water if necessary, reduce the temperature and put out another ten minutes..

roast готово

Homemade roast is nourishing, has a spicy flavor and is served with greens, fresh vegetable salad.

Beef with potatoes in a slow cooker

The roast is made from well-roasted meat, cooked over high heat to preserve the juiciness and beneficial properties of this product. Using additional vegetables in the dish, the aroma of beef is preserved and emphasized, although in a slow cooker it will not be very fried.

For cooking roast with potatoes will need:

  • beef (pulp or thigh pulp) – 0.5 kg;
  • vegetable oil – 20g;
  • sweet pepper – 150g;
  • carrot – 80 g;
  • onion – 80 g;
  • potatoes – 0.8 kg;
  • tomatoes – 200 g;
  • spices – 10 g;
  • salt – 20 g.

roast с овощамиTo create a roast in a slow cooker, it will take an hour and a half, where the calorie content per 100 g of the dish will be 140 kcal.

Wash the beef, cut into pieces of three centimeters and put on the bottom of the ladle multicooker. Enable baking function for thirty minutes.

At this time, you can do the cleaning of vegetables from the skin and their cutting: onion – half rings, sweet pepper and carrots – diced half a centimeter. Pour the vegetable mass to the meat and vegetable oil. Stir fry meat with vegetables regularly for ten minutes in the frying mode. Tomatoes also cut into squares and report to the slow cooker for five minutes in the same mode.

Cut the peeled potatoes in the same cubes as the meat, put to the meat and vegetable mass. Add salt, selected spices, pour hot water and re-set the “baking” mode, but for forty minutes.

At the end of this time, you can serve the roast, which is soft and juicier in the slow cooker than on the stove..

How to cook beef with potatoes with other vegetables

roast с овощами

Meat can be cooked with vegetables, which will emphasize the taste and increase the beneficial properties of the dish. Beef can lose its succulence when roasting, but fresh tomatoes, onions, eggplants will help her return. To cook roast from this meat will need:

  • beef pulp – 0.6 kg;
  • potatoes – 0.5 kg;
  • tomatoes – 300 g;
  • onion – 100 g;
  • medium eggplant – 200 g;
  • carrot – 100 g;
  • white wine – 130 ml;
  • broth (beef) – 200 g;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • vegetable oil – 30 g;
  • spices to taste – 20 g;
  • salt – 20 g.

Cooking takes one hour, and the nutritional value of 100 g dishes equals 150 kcal..

First rinse the beef pulp, let it drain. Meat should be cut into pieces of three centimeters and send to the pan with vegetable oil. You should fry over high heat until a crust appears, and then pour in the wine and wait for its final evaporation..

Carrots, peel the onions, chop into thin strips, pour in to the meat. Fry until golden brown and put the meat with vegetables on the bottom of the saucepan for stewing. Pour broth, salt, add selected spices.

Potatoes after cleaning, cut into medium slices, pour into the pan. Eggplant cut into slices half a centimeter thick. Add to potatoes. Stew for half an hour and check for readiness and salt.

Tomatoes should be cut into squares. Chop the garlic into a frying pan and fry slightly. To him put tomatoes and stew for five minutes. Five minutes before the end of stewing meat and vegetables in a saucepan add tomato paste.

Serve the roast to the table, garnish with greens, as well as adding canned cucumbers, sauerkraut.

plain рецептSpinach Pie – A Dietary Meal To Treat Yourself.

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Dietary meal

The name of the dish is roasted from the word “heat”, which means that the meat should be well roasted, and only then stew before the end of cooking. Although beef is considered a dietary meat, other ingredients that make up the dish greatly increase its calorie content. To create diet roast will require:

  • beef (pulp from the scapula) – 0.5 kg;
  • mushrooms (champignons) – 200 g;
  • potatoes – 300 g;
  • onion – 200 g;
  • tomatoes – 200 g;
  • carrot – 150 g;
  • greens to taste – 50 g;
  • spices (pepper, salt) – 20 g each;
  • olive oil – 20 g;
  • water – 2 tablespoons.

Due to the use of more vegetables, cooking time is seventy minutes, but the caloric content of one hundred grams of food is reduced to 100 kcal..

The cooking process begins with the preparation of meat. It should be washed under water, cleaned from the film on the surface and cut into pieces of three centimeters. Put the beef in the pan fry in olive oil for five minutes.

During this time, peel the vegetables – onions, carrots – cut into thin rings and cubes. Pour to the meat and continue frying for another five minutes..

Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water and peel them. Pour meat with vegetables into a saucepan add diced tomatoes and water.

Peel potatoes and mushrooms, cut into slices and add to the meat with vegetables. Salt, pour spices and simmer on the stove for half an hour. Check for salt, potato readiness. Top up with water and put out another ten minutes if necessary..

Serve diet roasts with greens, fresh cucumber and cabbage salad.

Culinary Tips

The right choice of meat for roast will help to improve the aroma and preserve the taste of cooked dishes. To choose the right beef for frying, stewing, baking, you should know that:

  1. It is better to buy the meat of one and a half year old animal – it is more juicy and differs in bright red color, and also contains less films on the surface;
  2. The beef must be elastic and, when pressed on the meat with a finger, quickly restore its original shape;
  3. Meat with white color of fatty layers is fresher, but with yellow it is better not to take – this is more rigid meat of old animals;
  4. To speed up the cooking process, marinate the meat in milk, vegetable sauce or vinegar dressing;
  5. For rich broth, it is better to choose bones, for frying and stewing, tenderloin steak, podderderka.

Any vegetables added to meat give juiciness to the dish roast, reducing its caloric content after roasting the beef pulp. The cooking process is not complicated, not time-consuming, but requires attention to create a truly culinary masterpiece..