Roast at home in pots is a hearty dish that will be an excellent option for the main dish for the New Year holidays. Since everything is cooked in pots, all vegetables and meat retain their juiciness, they are fragrant. And if you add spices, then the taste of this dish will improve a lot. No need to think of what to do for the holidays, because the roast in the pots will be the most appropriate holiday treat..

Classic recipe
how приготовить жаркое по-домашнему в горшочках
Ingredients amount
meat 800 grams
potato kilogram
Luke 2 pieces
carrots 1 piece
black pepper 12 peas
Lavrushki 4 pieces
garlic cloves 4 pieces
vegetable oil 2 large spoons
salt Little
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 195 Kcal

How to cook roast at home in a pot:

  1. Meat for cooking, you can use any. To begin with, wash it in cool water;
  2. Next, cut the film, streaks and unnecessary bones;
  3. The flesh of the meat is cut into small pieces;
  4. With potato tubers, peel off the skin, wash the potatoes from dirt;
  5. Cut the vegetable into small cubes;
  6. Carrot root rinsed, cleaned of dirt, hides;
  7. Cut the carrot into thin circles, then cut the circles in half;
  8. Onions remove the husk, cut the onion into cubes;
  9. Pour some vegetable oil into the broiler, set it on the fire and heat it;
  10. In the hot oil put the meat, fry on all sides until golden brown;
  11. After that, proceed to the laying of all components in pots. Lay the potato cubes in the first layer;
  12. Next, lay a layer of onion and carrot slices;
  13. Add pepper peas, a couple of laurel leaves;
  14. We spread the pieces of meat, add some salt;
  15. Then pour water on 1/3 of the pot;
  16. We remove all the pots in the oven and leave to bake at 190 degrees;
  17. All should be baked for at least 60 minutes;
  18. 15 minutes before the end of cooking, you need to squeeze the garlic cloves and add to each pot;
  19. After everything is ready, we take out and serve hot.

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Roast pork in homemade pork with mushrooms and potatoes

We will prepare from the following:

  • half a kilo of pork;
  • 400 grams of fresh white mushrooms (champignons);
  • 700 grams of potatoes;
  • onion head;
  • one carrot;
  • garlic cloves – 3 pieces;
  • 180 ml of broth;
  • hard cheese – 150 grams;
  • 1 small spoonful of salt;
  • a mixture of Provencal herbs at its discretion;
  • a pinch of paprika;
  • ½ tsp black pepper powder.

You need to cook about 1.5 hours, calorie – 210 kcal.

Consider the detailed cooking:

  1. Meat should be used from the neck or shoulder blade. In this place it is softer and juicy;
  2. We wash the flesh under cool water, remove the film, streaks;
  3. Cut the flesh into small pieces;
  4. Pour the oil into the pan, warm up and lay out the pieces of meat; fry мясо
  5. Fry the meat until golden brown, but not to full readiness;
  6. Next, wash the mushrooms, remove the top layer, scrape the dirt;
  7. Cut champignons into thin slices;
  8. Fried pork pieces need to put in a cup, and fall asleep in a frying pan pieces of mushrooms;
  9. Fry for a while to evaporate all the liquid that will come out of the mushrooms;
  10. Next, add a little vegetable oil and fry until golden brown; fry грибы
  11. Potatoes cleaned, washed from dirt;
  12. Cut the tubers into cubes; slice картофель
  13. Put the mushrooms in a separate cup, put the potatoes in a pan, add vegetable oil;
  14. Fry the potatoes until golden;
  15. After that, wash the carrot, clean the skin. Cut into straws;
  16. Peel the onion from the husk and chop into cubes;
  17. Fry carrots and onions for a few minutes; fry морковь
  18. In the pots all the ingredients lay out layers, each layer is add some salt, the final layer should be meat;
  19. Next, in each pot you need to pour 50 ml of broth, add spices, paprika, black pepper;
  20. If desired, the top can be sprinkled with grated cheese; to rub сыр
  21. We remove the pots in the oven and leave to cook at 180 degrees;
  22. Roast is cooked for 1 hour;
  23. We take out the pots and serve on the table directly hot. roast готово

Dish with beef, cheese and prunes

The following ingredients are required for cooking:

  • Beef – 800 grams;
  • potato tubers – 10 pieces;
  • 14-16 dried pitted berries prunes;
  • onions – 4 heads;
  • cheese piece to 150 grams;
  • large tomatoes – 3 pieces;
  • 50 ml of soy sauce;
  • Chinese sweet and sour sauce – 2 tablespoons;
  • tomato sauce – 50 grams;
  • seasoning for meat – 30 grams;
  • fresh greens – 7-8 branches of dill and parsley;
  • vegetable oil.

The cooking process takes 1.5 hours, calorie – 190 kcal.

How to make roast at home in pots with beef, cheese and prunes:

  1. served гарячемMeat must be well washed, cleaned of films and veins;
  2. Cut the pulp, cut into small pieces;
  3. Fry the pieces of meat in butter until golden brown, but not to full readiness;
  4. Be sure to season the beef with salt and spices;
  5. Peel the onion and cut into cubes, fry until golden brown;
  6. Dried prunes are washed, pour over boiling water and cut into several pieces;
  7. We wash the tomatoes, make a small cut on the surface in the form of a cross and put them in hot water for a couple of minutes;
  8. Next, peel the skin off the tomatoes;
  9. Pulp tomato wipe through a sieve or grind in a blender to a state of mashed potatoes;
  10. We clean the skin off the potato tubers, wash them from dirt;
  11. Cut potatoes into cubes;
  12. The first thing in the pots lay out a layer of meat;
  13. In a separate bowl, mix soy sauce with tomato and Chinese sauces. All components are stirred;
  14. Putting on the meat mixture of sauces;
  15. The next layer is fried onion;
  16. Put slices of prunes over the onion;
  17. All fall asleep with potato pieces;
  18. At the end, pour in all the mashed tomatoes;
  19. Pour hot water into a large mug, add salt, spices and mix;
  20. Spice the mixture all pour the ingredients to the level of tomato puree;
  21. Cheese wipe and spread on top;
  22. Place in the oven and bake at 190 degrees;
  23. Cooking should be within 40-50 minutes;
  24. 10 minutes before the end of sprinkle all chopped greens.

Roast with chicken

Preparation will be from the following:

  • 600 grams of chicken meat;
  • potato tubers – 10 pieces;
  • 2 carrots;
  • onions – 2 pieces;
  • 1.5 glasses of water;
  • vegetable oil;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • ½ tsp black pepper powder;
  • seasoning universal to your taste.

Cooking time will be 1 hour, calorie – 150 kcal.

Cooking process:

  1. Potato tubers should be peeled, washed and cut into cubes;
  2. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and warm it up;
  3. Putting potatoes and fry until half cooked, about 5-7 minutes;
  4. In the meantime, wash the carrot, peel it;
  5. Cut carrots into thin strips;
  6. Potatoes are removed from the pan in a cup, we shift the roasted carrots. It also fry until half ready;
  7. Onions clean and cut into cubes;
  8. We remove carrots and fall asleep onions. Fry the onions to translucency and lay out in a separate plate;
  9. Rinse the chicken meat, clean the skin;
  10. Pulp is cut into small slices;
  11. Put the meat in hot oil and fry until half cooked;
  12. Sprinkle the ingredients, add some salt;
  13. In the pots lay out a layer of potatoes;
  14. Next, carrots and onions;
  15. At the end lay out the chicken pieces;
  16. All pour broth or hot water;
  17. We remove the pots in the oven and leave the dish to be baked at 180 degrees;
  18. Cooking all for 40 minutes;
  19. After that, take out and serve..

Useful tips

  • 15 minutes before the end of cooking, roast the top can be sprinkled with grated cheese, after baking a beautiful ruddy crust is formed;
  • garlic can be added both during cooking and after;
  • To give beauty and flavor everything can be sprinkled with chopped greens.

Roasting at home in a pot will be a great dinner or lunch. This dish turns out quite nourishing, because it has all the most delicious things – meat, potatoes, vegetables and spices. This treat will be enjoyed by all and will be your signature dish for all holidays..