Rice groats are known and loved on all continents. It is impossible to find a kitchen in which rice in one form or another would not be presented..

In the countries of the Far East this dish is so popular that, for example, in China, as a greeting, they ask: “Did you eat rice today?”.

Crumbly рис с зеленью

In Europe, rice groats appeared relatively recently, during the late Middle Ages and great geographical discoveries. When people began to actively explore the space. Very quickly gaining popularity, rice became the national dish of almost all European countries..

Rice groats do not contain gluten – the most allergenic vegetable protein. That is why it is included in the children’s menu as the first porridge..

In addition, rice is actively used for the preparation of mucous and cream soups with various therapeutic diets..

Types of rice cereal

There are a lot of varieties of rice. In total, botanists produce 20 cultivated varieties and several hundred species..

According to the grain appearance, rice is produced:

  • Long grain – narrow and long, up to 2 cm, when cooked, these grains practically do not stick together – they are ideal for a crumbly side dish;
  • Medium – semicircular, not long groats of medium gluten content, for example, a variety of “risotto”, ideal for the dish of the same name, this also includes the famous “devzira” rice for cooking pilov;
  • Kruglozerny – rice is round and short, contains a lot of gluten, from such cereals you get perfect puddings, casseroles, pureed and slimy soups.

Kinds риса

By the method of processing can be distinguished rice:

  • Ground. Grinding is the most common way of processing rice grains; grains are white, almost devoid of plant fiber and vitamins, but this rice is very nutritious and quickly cooked;
  • Unpolished or brown. The grains undergo minimal processing, keeping the maximum of vitamins and fiber, but they cook longer for much longer and the ready-made side dish is too “coarse” in taste;
  • Steamed. The most optimal variant of rice is that the grains are treated with steam before grinding, due to which a rather large part of the nutrients from the shell goes inside.

Ways to Cook Crumbly Rice

Depending on the desired result, the most optimal way of cooking rice cereal is chosen. You can cook:

  • In water;
  • Steamed;
  • In a mixed way (Chinese).
Any kind of rice absorbs water quite strongly; it must be taken into account when cooking it, but the thicker the grain, the stronger its hygroscopicity. Before cooking, it is recommended to rinse the grits thoroughly, rubbing them with your hands, and finally rinse them under running water..

In order to get a crumbly porridge in a saucepan, rice is washed, thrown back on a sieve and doused with boiling water. Then fall asleep in boiling salted water in a one-to-one ratio and reduce heating to a minimum.

During cooking, the grain is not mixed, and pierced in several places for better pairing. If all the water has already evaporated, and the cereal is not ready yet – carefully add a little boiling water. If desired, the finished rice can be washed, but only with boiled water..

Steamed rice groats are the easiest to cook. It turns out consistently crumbly side dish. Grains should be washed and poured into the bowl of a double boiler, salt and pour water one by one. Steamed until ready for about half an hour.

The Chinese cook rice in very large quantities. Several kilograms are cooked at once – it is the basis for many other dishes..

The cereal is boiled in a large container with a ratio of one to five water. Bringing him to half-ready, they throw back on a large sieve, and then steam into it..

Some Chinese cooks recommend putting a damp cotton cloth on the bottom of the sieve. This is a rather laborious process, but with this method, the grains are fully cooked and do not stick together..

We present you a video that shows the Asian method of cooking rice:

How to cook crumbly rice on a side dish in a saucepan

Round grain – from such a grain is the most difficult to cook crumbly porridge. It contains a lot of gluten and absorbs very liquid.

This sort should be washed only under running water, otherwise it will swell and stick together before cooking. And be sure to rinse the ready-made side dish..

Long grain polished rice is great for making crumbly side dishes..

Especially distinguished varieties of “jasmine” and “Thai.” They have a delicate delicate taste and a pleasant creamy texture, while the finished grains do not stick together in an unpleasant room..

Brown (brown) or unpolished rice is preferred by people who care about their health and adherents of proper nutrition. It cooks much longer than polished, it must be soaked beforehand.

Cook бурый рисBut such a side dish will definitely be crumbly and useful..

Steamed rice is cooked a little faster than unpolished. Almost any dish can be cooked from it: both semi-liquid risotto and crumbly Chinese rice. It is also ideal for pilaf if you could not find devziru.

Regardless of which rice variety you choose, certain rules should be followed to obtain a crumbly side dish:

  • Keep track of the shelf life of cereals. This is especially true for unpolished rice – it is stored for only a short time. Grains that are stored for a long time become brittle and stick together during cooking;
  • For a crumbly side dish, keep the water / grits ratio to 1/1;
  • Rinse the rice before laying, so you will wash away the grain dust, which also contributes to sticking of the finished dish;
  • Choose the right dishes for cooking. A steel pan with a thick, multi-layered bottom is ideal. In them, the heat is distributed evenly and the croup does not stick to the bottom;
  • Observe the optimum temperature regime – first, cook on a strong heat, then reduce to a minimum, and be sure to give porridge, without heating.

Cooking Rice Steps:

  1. Choose the “right” variety of rice – long grain, can be unpolished or steamed; Choose правильный сорт крупы
  2. Wash the grits; My
  3. Fall asleep in boiling salted water, keeping the ratio – one part of rice to one part of water; Fall asleep в воду
  4. Give boil again, reduce the heat to a minimum, close the lid; Closing крышкой
  5. When almost all the water is absorbed, try for readiness, and if necessary add a little boiling water;
  6. We almost pierce the finished rice in several places with a wooden stick (for example, for sushi);
  7. After half an hour, remove from the stove and cover with a towel; Wrapped up кастрюлю
  8. After another 10 minutes, the finished rice can be washed with boiled water, or you can simply mix. Ready блюдо

In the next video story, you will learn how to cook rice so that it is crumbly, spending only 60 seconds!

The most frequent mistakes, due to which the croup stick together

  • Unsuitable variety of grain – from round grain is quite difficult to cook crumbly side dish;
  • Too much heat – in this case, it is very likely that your side dish will burn and not boil down evenly;
  • Unsuitable cooking utensils;
  • Too much water – rice, regardless of the variety, absorbs the liquid very much, and as a result – boils soft and sticky.
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