Red currant – one of the most healing garden berries, which contains a lot of vitamins. It perfectly strengthens the immune system and heals the heart..

Viscous варенье из красной смородины на зиму

Redcurrant jam is a great and tasty way to preserve this berry, and you can prepare the product in different ways..

We present below some simple recipes for sweet red currant jam preparations that can be easily prepared at home without special tools..

Classic recipe effortlessly

Red currant jam is not a very popular dessert for the winter, because, usually, jelly and jam are made from it. And in vain, because the currant jam not only has a beneficial effect on health, but also has an interesting and memorable taste..

This is the most common classic recipe for jam, cooking it is simple and easy..

What you need:

Red currant 1 kg
Sugar 1.2 kilograms
Water 240 milliliters
Vanillin (to taste) 30 grams.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash the fruit and dry thoroughly; My
  2. Put the berries in the pan and sprinkle them with sugar on top. Smooth the top of the sugar so that it covers the fruit; Fall asleep сахаром
  3. Leave the billet for 5 hours, during which time the currant pours juice, then pour the mixture with water; We set aside
  4. Pot with the resulting billet begin to heat over moderate heat. Stir future jams; Cook
  5. When the syrup boils, reduce the flame to minimum. Leave the mass to boil for 40 minutes, periodically stirring it, but at the same time, without removing the foam; Foam
  6. When time is up, check the mix for readiness. Spoon drip the jam on the plate, if it is boiled, the drop will not spread even when the plate is tilted;
  7. Turn off the gas and completely remove the foam. Pour the dessert into pre-cooked cans.. Ready варенье

“5 minute”

Many believe that jam, jam and the like is prepared very difficult and long. But there are some recipes that can be easily prepared in just five minutes and the end result is also very tasty..

Red currant jam “5 minute” – a delicacy that is prepared quickly and easily. You will remember its interesting sour taste..

Components that you need:

Red currant 1 kg
Sugar 250 milliliters
Sugar 1.3 kilograms

From these proportions you will get about 1.3 liters of treats..

Cooking process:

Five minutes

  1. Prepare all necessary components. Rinse the berries, clean them of debris, remove the tails, twigs, remove all unripe and spoiled fruit;
  2. Pour water into a saucepan and add sugar to it. Boil the mixture until it boils;
  3. After that, reduce the heat to the minimum level and wait for the sugar to dissolve;
  4. Pour the peeled currants in a saucepan with sugar and add the fire. Continue cooking the berry syrup, and after boiling, turn down the gas again and keep the jam on the stove for another 5 minutes;
  5. Once a minute, stir the mass and remove the foam;
  6. Rinse and sterilize the jars, pour the jam into them and close them with lids;
  7. Put the jars upside down and wrap them in a blanket. Let the dessert cool completely and then you can put it away for storage..

Harvesting perfectly with ice cream and pancakes.

How to cook ruby ​​jelly

This is a recipe for excellent red currant jam-jelly with a very delicate texture, which is especially pleasant to open in winter. After all, its taste, aroma and even saturated ruby ​​color will quickly cheer up.


Currant Fruits 1 kg
Sugar 1 kg
Water 0.5 cup


Cooking process:

  1. Go through the currants, clean it from the stalks, rinse and dry thoroughly;
  2. Put the dry berries in an enamel container in which the delicacy will be prepared. Add water;
  3. Light the stove and start cooking the mixture until it warms up. Stir the currants so that the process runs evenly;
  4. When the berries are fully warmed, they will become softer, and their color will turn slightly pale. Then fold the mash into a sieve and wipe the berry to separate the currant pulp from the peel and bones;
  5. Ultimately, there should be a thick currant puree;
  6. Turn the mashed potatoes back into the container. Sprinkle sugar on top and start cooking the syrup for about 5-10 minutes, periodically stirring the mixture;
  7. In the prepared jars (clean and sterilized) pour the resulting jam-jelly. Close the lids, wrap the jars tightly;
  8. Leave the product bundled up for 24 hours..
If the fruits are very juicy, then do not add water, they will give the right amount of juice and the product will be more delicious.

Before use, put the dessert in the fridge so that its gelatinous texture becomes more pronounced..

Cooking red currant jam for the winter

This recipe with minimal heat treatment, so that the berry retains most of its useful elements. Jam will strengthen your immunity and remind you of summer days in cold winter.


Red currant 1 kg
Granulated sugar 1.5 kilogram
Compote из красной смородины на зимуFragrant red currant compote – health and freshness in the bank. And no soda is needed!

And then read the recipe and secrets of cooking blackberry compote.

Interesting recipes for cabbage salad for the winter can be found here. Step by step photos, detailed instructions and tips housewives will help you to prepare excellent blanks.

How to make jam:

  1. Rinse the berries gently in cool water. Repeat the process three times;
  2. Remove leaves, twigs and bad berries;
  3. Crush them with a blender or meat grinder, if you want to leave a clean mixture without peel and grains – wipe through a sieve. Try to chop the berries as quickly as possible, as the currant can oxidize, and this will adversely affect the final taste of the product;
  4. Put the cooked mashed potatoes in a saucepan. Do not use uncoated metal cookware;
  5. Pour the berry mixture with sugar and put the container on medium heat. Stir the whole mass with a wooden spoon;
  6. When the mass starts to boil, and the sugar in it dissolves, turn off the heat. Try to cool the billet immediately (for example, put it in the fridge), and then pour it into the cans. Cover them with plastic covers;
  7. Dessert is ready.

In the summer, keep the resulting treat in the cool. If this is not possible, then boil the berries with sugar after boiling for 10 minutes, and increase the amount of granulated sugar by 500 grams, this will preserve the product and it will not be able to spoil even in the heat.

Jelly-like jam of red and black currants for the winter

If you have never mixed red and black currants in the billet, then make it necessary. The combination of these berries simply amazes the taste buds: sweet, with noticeable sourness, taste tinged with tart lemon flavor.

Such a jelly-like jam is necessary for health promotion, because currant perfectly fills the lack of vitamins in the body..

What you need:

Pure water 1,5 glasses
Black currant 2 glasses
Red currant 3 glasses
Fresh Lemon Juice 1 half fruit
Granulated sugar 1.5 cups granulated sugar per 1 cup of black currant juice
Lemon peel 1 half fruit

Cooking method:

Jelly из красных и черных ягод

  1. Wash the berry, clean it from the stalk;
  2. Take a container with a thick bottom, pour into it a clean currant and chop with a blender. During grinding, add water, lemon juice and zest to the mass;
  3. On medium heat, boil the resulting mixture until it boils. Hold the berries boiling for another 10 minutes and turn off the heat;
  4. Fold the cooked currant on gauze, twist it in a knot and place in a colander. Close the colander with a lid, hang it over the bowl and wait 4 hours, this is enough to drain all the juice out of the currant;
  5. In order not to wait until the juice flows out on its own, you can simply squeeze it out with your hands (only it will turn out not transparent, but rather muddy);
  6. Measure the amount of the resulting juice and pour sugar into it. Stir the mixture;
  7. Put the juice with the sand to boil over medium heat;
  8. Remove boiling mass from the stove in 5-7 minutes;
  9. Put the jam on a saucer and put it in the fridge. If a thin film forms on the jelly, then the dessert is ready (otherwise, hold the product on the fire for another 3-4 minutes);
  10. Pour the jam over the jars, close the lids. Delicacy is ready.

Useful tips

Secrets and subtleties of cooking red currant desserts:

  • After rubbing the berries do not throw away the remaining skin and bones. Better cook compote of them, it will turn out very tasty;
  • In red currant a lot of pectin, so that the berry can be subjected to minimal heat treatment. This will keep as many useful substances as possible;
  • If you like very sweet jams, then increase the amount of granulated sugar. This is a very sour berry and it is difficult to kill her sourness;
  • For homemade preparations, the large-fruited berry is most suitable, since its taste is richer and it is prepared faster.