What breakfast is traditionally considered the most useful? Do nutritionists to this question has long been prepared the answer – of course oatmeal.

Many since childhood known flakes porridge made from flakes, boiled in milk with sugar and butter. Hearty and healthy food is the perfect start to the day..

porridge из овсяных хлопьев

However, there are those who do not share the general enthusiasm, and considers hercules tasteless. Let’s understand the nuances of cooking and the subtleties of the choice of flakes.

Perhaps your opinion about what to eat breakfast will change, and oatmeal will be a frequent guest of the morning table..

Hercules – what is this mess, a little history

Oats have been cultivated and eaten for quite some time. This is an unpretentious culture that can grow in the most adverse conditions..

Whole grain porridge is boiled for a long time, not less than an hour, with the obligatory pre-soaking and subsequent setting. Initially, this dish was rather thick broth in broth..

In the middle of the XIX century, thanks to the general development of technology, a method of pre-processing of oats appeared. It was mechanically cleaned and flattened..

Grains processed in this way turned into flakes, they were prepared faster and better absorbed by the body. From that time began the triumphal march of porridge.

The history of the origin of the very name “Hercules” is interesting. This is the name of a semi-finished product produced in the USSR in the USSR – steamed, very thin oatmeal.

They prepared very quickly, literally in 10 minutes, and on the box was a strong healthy child..

Such porridge was positioned as an ideal substitute for manke for baby food. It has been argued that it gives strength and contributes to the rapid growth of a healthy baby..

Adults also tasted this wonderful breakfast. Thanks to the speed of cooking, it has become very popular for the whole family..

Over time, the brand “Hercules” ceased to be the name of the brand and became the name of all oatmeal or multigrain flakes. Only the statement about the benefits and excellent taste of this porridge remains true..

The secret to making delicious porridge on milk
how вкусно приготовить геркулесовую кашу на молоке: рецепты по шагам
Ingredients amount
Oat flakes instant “Hercules” 3 tbsp. l.
Whole cow milk 100 ml
Purified boiled water 100 ml
Salt pinch
Creamy Butter 5 g
Honey, brown sugar, condensed milk or syrup optional
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 85 Kcal

Doctors have long known the benefits of cereal flakes. Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and fiber..

This product is slowly broken down in the small intestine, so that the feeling of satiety remains for a long time. Hercules is considered a dietary dish, despite its considerable calorie content and high carbohydrate content..

For breakfast, it is better to cook oatmeal with milk, so you get healthy calcium, and the dish itself will be much tastier. Brown sugar or honey can be added as a sweetener..

The British – the great connoisseurs of such a breakfast – pour the finished porridge with sweet condensed milk or syrup. Cinnamon and vanilla, in combination with fresh fruit, will add additional flavors.

For cooking, select the very fine grinding oat-flakes, this guarantees a quick cooking time. If whole cow’s milk seems too fat, dilute it with boiled water. It will not affect the taste..

And be sure to add butter – a little natural fat in the morning will not damage the figure..


products для каши

Take a small thick-bottomed pot or a ladle to boil the milk, dilute the milk with water and boil it. Make sure that the milk does not “run away”; this will lead not only to an unpleasant smell, but also to a significant decrease in the liquid;

boil молоко

Pour cereal into boiling milk, salt, you can add a teaspoon of sugar, cook stirring for 7-10 minutes;

Make sure that the foam from milk and oatmeal does not rise above the saucepan; to avoid this, you just need to swipe the spoon over the surface;

fall asleep хлопья

When the rolled oats are completely swollen, remove the pan from the stove, put a piece of butter, cover and let stand for a couple of minutes;

Serve in a deep plate, garnished with fresh fruit or berries, sweeten to your taste..

Herculean каша

Recipe for oatmeal porridge with dried fruit in a slow cooker – quickly and simply

Multicooker in the modern kitchen is no longer exotic. But, unfortunately, not many people use the full potential of this useful unit at full capacity..

And after all, breakfast with its help is being prepared practically on its own, all you have to do is fill in the cereal, pour in liquid and turn on the delayed start..

However, when cooking Hercules in a slow cooker, there are some nuances that must be observed so that the food is not only tasty, but also safe:

  • Boil the milk and water in advance, because in this unit they only heat up, but are not disinfected. Alternatively, you can use UHT products and bottled water;
  • The cooking proportions in the crock-pot are somewhat different from those in the pan. The croup spends more time in contact with liquid and swells more strongly; if viscous porridge is needed, then take milk 4 times more than oatmeal;
  • Circle the rim of the bowl with a piece of butter, this will stop the “runaway milk”;
  • Milk porridge strongly absorbs odors – before cooking, carefully wash not only the bowl, but also the lid of the multicooker.

For cooking you will need:

  • Flakes “Hercules” – 1 multi-glass;
  • Whole boiled cow milk – 4 multi-cups;
  • Raisins and dried apricots – 50 g;
  • Brown or white sugar – 15-20 g;
  • Salt – 0.5 tsp.

Start cooking:

porridge с сухофруктами

  1. Boil the milk;
  2. Raisins with dried apricots should be washed and soaked with boiling water, then dried apricots should be cut into strips;
  3. Pour into a bowl of the multicooker the flakes, sugar and salt, mix;
  4. Add dried fruit to cereal;
  5. Fill with milk, turn on the mode “porridge” or “pilaf”;
  6. Serve with a slice of butter..

Hercules on milk and water with bananas and nuts

Specialists in sports nutrition recommend starting the day with healthy and nourishing oatmeal. This recipe doesn’t need to be cooked..

It turns out the most useful, nourishing and tasty porridge. You can pre-mix the flakes with nuts, then the time for preparing breakfast will take very little..


  • Hercules – 4 tbsp. l .;
  • Nut mix (cashew, walnuts, almonds) – 30 g;
  • Banana – 1 medium ripeness;
  • Boiling water and milk – about 100 ml;
  • Sea salt.

Cooking healthy breakfast:

  1. In a deep bowl, pour the oatmeal, salt, and add the nuts;
  2. Boil the milk and mix it with boiling water, then pour the flakes so that the liquid completely covers the cereal, cover with a lid and towel, leave for 15-20 minutes;
  3. Peel the banana and slice, put it on the swollen flakes;
  4. You can add this dish with a spoon of flaxseed oil and sesame seeds.

Complement your healthy breakfast with a cup of green tea with honey and cereal bun..

millet каша с маслом
Millet porridge on the water – a recipe for healthy and dietary dishes, which must be included in your diet. Learn how to cook corn porridge with milk – the best recipes from around the world. How to cook delicious rice porridge with milk in a slow cooker, read our article.

Cooking tips for oatmeal porridge

Do not confuse cereal with whole oat grain. Hercules is preparing pretty quickly, it does not need any rinse or soak.

Carefully monitor the shelf life and storage conditions of this useful product. If bugs or mold have gotten in the rump – throw it away, do not risk your health.

Very tasty porridge made in meat broth. If you add pieces of meat to it, you get a full meal..