Cooked in a frying pan or in a cauldron pork with beans, no matter white, red or chilli, can completely replace lunch or dinner. Properly cooked food will not be dry or liquid – you need to monitor the intensity of heating of the pan and the duration of cooking. Below is a selection of 3 different recipes for pork with the addition of this type of legumes..

Step-by-step recipe in the pan
how приготовить свинину с обычной или стручковой фасолью
Ingredients amount
Bulgarian green pepper 1 PC.
pork 0.4 kg
spices and greens taste
red carrot 1 PC.
vegetable oil for frying
concentrate: tomato paste 75g
water 0.2 l
garlic 2 teeth
bow 1 head
canned red beans 300 g
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 147 Kcal

Beans can be bought canned in tomato sauce. In this case, the rate of laying of tomato paste should be reduced by 25%..

How to cook pork with beans:

  1. Cut the minced meat into small pieces, approximately as it is cut into beef stroganoff;
  2. The carrot is rubbed, the onion is chopped, the garlic is very finely chopped with a knife. Bulgarian pepper is cut into strips, the size of the pieces should be approximately the same as pork;
  3. Fry the meat a little, put it on a plate;
  4. In a clean pan fry a little garlic, then onions and carrots. Peppers are added to them, cook together for 5 minutes, and after this time the meat is added;
  5. Cover the contents of the pan with water, cover and simmer for another 10 minutes;
  6. After this time, add tomato paste to the frying pan, stew for 15 minutes, add beans and spices and cook for another 5 minutes.

Serve hot!.

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Duck baked in the sleeve with apples – according to this recipe, the meat is tender and very juicy.

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White Bean Recipe with Pork and Tomato

For this dish it is better to choose the softest and juicy tomatoes, as they need to be grated to get tomato puree. The juicier the tomatoes are, the tastier the dish will be..

meat 1000 g
butter ½ pack
spices, salt taste
white beans 2 banks
fresh ripe soft tomatoes 0.5 kg
Chile ketchup 70 g
bow 3 heads
butter for frying

Culinary process will last for 1 hour.

Calorie portions is about 220 calories..

Braised pork with white beans in tomato sauce is prepared as follows:

  1. Meat cut into small square slices;
  2. Heat oil in a small cauldron, fry pork;
  3. When a crust appears on the pieces of meat, pour the chopped onion into the cauldron and stew it for 5 minutes;
  4. Then add 100 ml of boiling water and simmer until the meat is cooked;
  5. Grate tomatoes, add to pork. Put also ketchup, legumes and salt;
  6. Mix the contents of the pot. Cook for another 7 minutes, then turn off the heat..

Serve this dish hot, sprinkle it with finely chopped fresh parsley or mint leaves..

Meat with green beans

If frozen pods are used, they may not be thawed before adding to the pan..

pork 0.5 kg
frozen beans 400 g
butter 50 g
garlic 1 tooth
sifted flour 20 g
seasonings and spices

Preparing the dish for 45 minutes.

Calorie servings 247 calories.

The recipe of cooking pork with green beans step by step:

  1. Pork cut into square pieces, fry for 7 minutes; meat обжарить
  2. Put the pods in the pan, mix, leave to cook for another 5 minutes; add фасоль
  3. Pour some water into the pan, add spices, simmer until ready;
  4. Finely chop the garlic, add to the pan with flour, mix, bring to a boil, and turn off the heat. stew

When frying pork, you can add a little onion if desired..

Culinary Tricks

After washing the meat, before cutting and roasting it, it is necessary to remove excess water from the surface of the piece. To do this, blot the surface of the meat with a paper towel or napkin..

Firstly, it will save the person who prepares meals from splashing of heated fat while putting the meat in the frying pan, and secondly, it’s good to fry the meat with water, because it starts stewing immediately and there is no beautiful brown crust on it.

Putting the meat in the pan or in the cauldron is possible only after heating the oil. In addition to the fact that hot fat contributes to the rapid formation of a golden crust and can significantly shorten the time of roasting meat, it does not take the juice out of it, which is released when it is lying in a frying pan with cold or warm fat.

If it is possible to use not frozen green beans, but fresh, this opportunity should definitely be used. Fresh bean pods need to be cut with a knife into pieces up to 3 cm long, and the time needed to cook fresh beans is reduced by a few minutes, as it is cooked faster than frozen.

If instead of canned beans in the dish is used dry, it must be boiled beforehand, rinse and allow to drain all the liquid.

In addition, it should be remembered that since boiling beans makes it very large in size, it will take much less to cook a dish with dry beans than with canned beans..

So, you need to replace two cans of canned legumes with just one cup of dry ones, which after boiling will increase four times in size.