Campania – the most beautiful region of southern Italy, is famous not only for the magnificent nature and beauty of the Gulf of Naples, the panorama of Vesuvius, the antiquities of the city of Pompeii. But also the bright, generous cuisine that gave the world very popular dishes: pizza, amazing coffee, the famous tomatoes of the varieties Corbarino and San Morzano, delicate young mozzarella cheese.

Caprese Salad
how приготовить салат из моцареллы с помидорами
Ingredients amount
mozzarella cheese 200 g
virgin olive oil 70 g
green basil or oregano (5 twigs) 100 g
ripe tomatoes 300 g
sea ​​salt 25 g
balsamic vinegar 10 g
Time for preparing: 15 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 165 Kcal
The chilled Italian caprese salad is simply indispensable on a hot summer afternoon, it looks spectacular on the table, symbolizing the colors of the national flag of the native country.

First, wash and dry the greens. Cut the tomatoes into rings, add some salt. Mozzarella should be cut into thin disks, approximately 5 mm thick.

slice моцарелу

Put tomatoes, cheese and greens on a serving plate, alternating between tomato rings, mozzarella discs and green basil leaves.

lay out салат

Mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil, obtained sauce sprinkle salad.

to make соус

Caprese is served to the table chilled..


The popular variety of crispy leafy lettuce Romano has a pronounced nutty flavor, which is not lost in combination with other leafy, or cabbages. Roman salad – one of the ancient varieties of garden salad, an excellent basis for a classic summer snack.

Let’s start with the products (for 2 servings):

  • 120 g of romano lettuce;
  • 30 g of vegetable oil (mustard, olive, corn);
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes;
  • 220 g of mozzarella cheese;
  • 40 g. Of red wine vinegar;
  • 220 g of crab meat.

Cooking time – 15 minutes, calorie dishes – 210 kcal.

salad с романоRinse and towel dry lettuce leaves. We cut crab meat with thin but rather large plates.

Crab sticks look less impressive in a salad, but if you bought sticks, cut them obliquely, they will look very appetizing. Mozzarella cut into thin crescents. Lettuce leaves can be simply torn off.

Add mozzarella and crabs. In a ceramic bowl, mix the oil with wine vinegar and spices, season with salad dressing..

Sun dried tomatoes with cheese and basil

Dried tomatoes – very tasty Italian preparation which is added to cold appetizers, pizza, soups. The tradition of drying ripe tomatoes in the sun, has existed since the times of ancient Rome.

Nero’s favorite is leek, and is now popular in Italy. Due to its healing properties, high content of calcium, magnesium, iron, essential oils and vitamins. It is interesting that most of the ascorbic acid is contained in the white part. But basil is a real pantry of vitamins and pheromones..

In this recipe it is interesting to combine tender leek (pearl onions), tart basil, spicy tomatoes and delicate cheese. You will need the following products (for 2 servings):

  • 150g of green or red basil;
  • 220 g of mozzarella – mini in brine;
  • 220 g dried tomatoes in oil;
  • 4 quail eggs;
  • 1 hot pepper light;
  • 1 large bell pepper;
  • 1 leek stem;
  • 70 g of extra virgin olive oil;
  • 25 g of sea salt.

Cooking time – 20 minutes, calorie dishes – 225 kcal.

First put the quail eggs to cook, they will be ready 5 minutes after boiling. We clean, wash vegetables and greens, remove excess moisture with a towel. As soon as the eggs are ready, pour out the hot water, pour the eggs in cold water, leave to cool.

Bulgarian pepper cut into 4 parts, finely shred thin long shavings. Very finely cut the hot pepper light (without seeds), leek the white part of the onion with shredded thin rings. Remove dried tomatoes from the oil, remove excess fat with a napkin, cut into slices.

We clean the quail eggs from the shell and cut into halves. Tear off the leaves of basil, remove the hard twigs (if desired, they can be added to the broth). Dice mozzarella and tomatoes in small slices. Put all ingredients in layers in one dish..

In a ceramic bowl mix the olive oil, hot pepper and salt. Mix well and season the salad..

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Salad with canned pineapples and chicken according to our recipe here.

How to cook pkhali from cabbage, read our article.

Mozzarella Salad with Tomatoes and Olives

An elegant juicy salad of sunny yellow tomatoes with olives and young cheese will decorate the autumn table. Its secret is an interesting sweet sauce that emphasizes the sharpness of salted olives. Prepare the following foods (for 2 servings):

  • 100 g of green olives (pitted);
  • 100 g black olives (pitted);
  • 100 g of thyme or thyme;
  • 25 g black pepper;
  • 20 g of sea salt;
  • 320 g of mozzarella cheese (or bokkonchini);
  • 200 g yellow tomatoes (2 pcs.);
  • 70 g of olive oil;
  • 70 g Dijon mustard;
  • 25 g. Honey;
  • 70 g of pine nuts.

Cooking time – 15 minutes, calorie dishes – 224 kcal.

Wash tomatoes and herbs of thyme, dry with a towel. Cut the olives in half, get a nice “barrel”. In a separate bowl, mix olive oil, Dijon mustard, ground black pepper, honey, sea salt. Add chopped olives and mix well the sauce..

Throw thyme leaves with your hands from hard branches. Separately, chop ripe yellow tomatoes and young cheese in large cubes. Season the salad with the sauce. Sprinkle the salad with cedar nuts generously and garnish with spicy thyme leaves..

Useful tips

A few culinary secrets will make your snacks very appetizing:

  • buy a bunch of salad before eating should be soaked for 10 minutes in cold water with a few balls of ice;
  • sauces are best mixed with a wooden spoon or spatula, their flavor will open up brighter;
  • lettuce leaves are better to tear with your hands, or cut with a ceramic knife; metal contact destroys vitamins.

Enjoy your meal!