Millet porridge: on milk and water, with spicy tomato dressing and honey, for breakfast or for lunch – has always been and remains a welcome guest on the table.

This demand is facilitated by several factors: ease of preparation, the benefits of millet for the organism as a whole, the cheapness of this type of cereals.

Useful зерна пшена

And the aesthetic moment plays not the last batch in the culinary product..

The color and consistency of the finished millet porridge – everyone paid attention to them: a completely uncomplicated dish on the plate arouses appetite with its optimistic-sunny color, and small grains scattered with beads, I just want to taste it.

About how and how much to cook the most delicious millet on water, milk, a slow cooker and in the oven, as well as many other useful information you will learn later in this article..

The benefits of millet porridge

Millet is the richest of cereals, in some respects it surpasses even the famous breakfast cereals – buckwheat and oatmeal.

It is not even clear why, with such a diverse vitamin-mineral complex, she remained outside the zone of attention of connoisseurs of a wholesome and nourishing breakfast..

Vegetable protein, well absorbed by the body, carbohydrates, fats and a large amount of starch – substances that are most suitable for starting and activating in the body of all the processes that occur in the first half of the day.

Cereal травянистое растениеMetabolism during this period is carried out to the maximum and a useful “wheat” could contribute 100% to it..

Potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, manganese – these small seeds contain almost the entire periodic table, plus folic acid, beta-carotene, vitamins PP and E.

If such a composition does not tell you anything, we will decipher yet, taking, as an example, the problems and diseases that can (and should be!) Be eliminated with the help of ordinary porridge.

The fact that simple, rustic food is amazingly delicious, everyone can be sure in their own kitchen, and experienced and certified cardiologists, nutritionists and hematologists testify that it has an uncommon benefit..

So, is millet porridge really that simple??

As a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, this dish is capable of a number of beneficial actions:

  • supply the body with potassium, necessary for heart disease;
  • activate blood formation function;
  • significantly improve liver function;
  • strengthen the overall condition of the body;
  • remove toxins and toxins (the dish is highly recommended for residents of large cities and industrial zones);
  • regulate blood sugar.

Millet porridge can be used for exacerbation of sinusitis, but not there, and warm to apply in the region of the sinus sinus.

Her with pleasure and without harm to the figure is recommended to eat all slimming – despite the high energy value (320-340 kcal), wheat dishes, like no other, contribute to rapid weight loss by reducing cholesterol, cleansing blood vessels and slowing the formation of adipose tissue.

Its use is also indisputable for those who closely monitor their appearance: strong nails, healthy shiny hair – these are the pleasant consequences of regular use of this simplest dish.

Elena Malysheva with her guests, experts in the studio, will tell in detail about the beneficial properties of this wonder-meal, selection, storage, cooking process:

The choice of millet: correctly and responsibly

Before buying a product, determine the purpose for which you need cereals: viscous porridges are obtained from crushed millet.

This is no longer cereal, but rather, by-products of the processing process, which takes much less time to prepare, and which is ideal for creating such dietary masterpieces as millet cones and cutlets.

The correctness of the choice depends largely on its color: bright yellow guarantees porridge friability, and from pale yellow or beige color you will get a viscous mass.

Buy the product in a transparent package so that through it you can properly see the color of the cereal, the presence of impurities, and be sure to pay attention to the expiration date – stale millet acquires a bitter taste that is completely unnecessary in good porridge.

Several cooking options

The most frequently asked question: how to cook millet?

The ratio of the main ingredients (liquids and cereals) for cooking porridge varies in different variations..

Perfect пшенная кашаFor cooking on water it is necessary to observe the proportions 1: 3 (part of the millet and three parts of the liquid), milk porridge implies slightly different volumes of products: part of the cereal accounts for 4 parts of the liquid.

But the best way to prepare the most delicious millet porridge is a mix of 2 glasses of water, the same amount of milk and a glass of cereals..

Determined the proportions, and how much time you need to cook millet?

The heat treatment process takes 25-30 minutes, of which: 5-7 – boiling on an intense fire immediately after dipping into the pan; another 10-15 – cooking over medium heat with continuous stirring, and 5-10 – languishing under the lid after cooking on an open fire.

Grandma’s porridge on the water with butter and honey
how правильно варить пшенную кашу
Ingredients amount
millet 1 cup
water 3 glasses
butter 50 g
sugar 2-3 art. spoons
honey 1 tbsp. spoon
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 130 Kcal

Cooked in ceramic pots or a cast-iron cauldron, the quality of the dish is crumbly aromatic porridge.

You can cook in the oven and in the slow cooker.

How to cook this millet in the water, read below:

  1. Add oil to the water (hot), dissolve the sugar and pour it into the pots, leaving 2-3 cm to the edge of the dish (necessary stock for the mass, which will increase in volume). Water с маслом и сахаром
  2. Then pour the washed millet, cover with lids and put for 1.5 hours in preheated 2000 oven (in the slow cooker, set the mode “porridge”, time – hour). Washing Pots в духовке
  3. After expiration of the time allotted for cooking, it is advisable to leave the prepared dish in a warm place, so that later it will acquire a pronounced crispness and flavor.. Ready блюдо

Honey is added before serving..

We present you an interesting recipe for cooking this cereal in combination with a pumpkin:

Modern multicultural

In the process of cooking in a slow cooker, the dishes are languishing from the very first minutes, which saves time and has a positive effect on the quality of porridge.

Ingredients per serving:

Millet каша с маслом и изюмом

  • millet – ½ multi-cup;
  • water – ½ multi-cup;
  • milk – 2 multi-bottles;
  • salt – to taste;
  • sugar to taste (optional);
  • butter – 25 g.

So, how to cook millet in a slow cooker: fill the cereal in a bowl, the edges of which are oiled (so that the milk does not “run away”), add water, milk, oil, salt, sugar.

Set the mode “milk porridge”, and time – 50 minutes.

Milk millet porridge classic

And now we learn how to cook delicious millet in milk.

Ingredients: Pshenka с различными фруктами

  • millet – 1 cup;
  • milk – 2 glasses;
  • butter – 50 g;
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • salt – half tsp.

Instructions on how to cook millet porridge: fry the dried and dried grains in a dry frying pan a little, then boil them until half cooked (10-15 minutes) in a large amount of water with added oil.

After that, the water must be drained, and the mixture is put into boiling milk, salt, add sugar and more oil..

Bringing the dish to full readiness, leave it for a few minutes, then “walk”.

Try adding apples to the recipe and you will get the following result:

Nuances of refueling and filing

Having decided on how to cook the millet correctly, you prepared it, and now you need to submit it correctly so that the impressions are the best for those who are at the table.

Millet is remarkable for its versatility: sweet cereals can be made from it, it also goes well with meat products, you can dilute a thick mass with milk, and a set of fruits and vegetables that are added to the “millet” are simply endless.

Innings блюда с миксом овощей

Morning and children’s options for serving – with fruits and steamed dried fruits: raisins, prunes, dried apricots, banana, baked apple can be mixed with sweet porridge separately, but you can all together, it will get even tastier.

In the evening, millet porridge is good with chicken, steamed turkey (for those on a diet), and with meatballs or meatballs, plus tomato dressing (for those who do not need to lose weight).

The most common dressing – fried bacon with onions – is a classic.

Such millet porridge was eaten from time immemorial for recuperation and just pleasure..

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Tips from experienced chefs

  • to save millet from bitterness, fill it with boiling water for a few minutes;
  • To make the porridge bright and crumbly, wash the grits in several waters – until the water in the bowl is clear;
  • in the process of cooking the mixture must be constantly stirring, preventing burning;
  • if you cook porridge for the baby, then it (already cooked) must be ground in a blender.

No matter how simple the meal is millet porridge – it remains one of the most powerful energy bombs of all time of nations and it is worth it to cook and eat it at least once a week.

Now let’s move away from the stereotypical preparation of millet only in the form of porridge and cook soup: