Spicy and bright Mexican cuisine is very popular with men. This hot meal has a rich taste, it is very nourishing and truly meat. Of course, there are many vegetables in it that make this meat very juicy. Interestingly, for such a kitchen is characterized by the use of pork, beef, poultry, but the Mexicans do not cook lamb.

Mexican juicy meat
how приготовить мясо по-мексикански в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
meat 0.5 kg
Bulgarian peppers 1 PC.
chili peppers 1-3 pieces.
bulbs 1 PC.
red beans 1 bank
jalapeno 1 PC.
spice taste
tortillas 4 things.
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 219 Kcal

How to cook:

  1. Peel the chilli seeds and chop it finely.. Pepper
  2. Pull the seed box out of the bell pepper, chop the pulp into strips quite thinly.
  3. With the onion to remove the husk, chop the fruit into thin half-rings.
  4. Cut meat into slices. To make it easier, you should send the meat in the freezer for 10 minutes. Meat
  5. Heat a spoonful of sunflower oil in a frying pan and put jalapenos here first. Fry it for three minutes, then add the sweet pepper and onion. Sauté until onion transparency.
  6. Fry strips of meat separately until fully cooked..
  7. Transfer the vegetable mixture to the meat, stir, season, cook for another five minutes. Extinguishing мяса с овощами
  8. Add beans and some of its liquid. Mix. To cover with a lid.
  9. Cook no more than ten minutes, the fire should not be big.
  10. Serve portions with cakes.

How to cook with beans

bulbs 1 PC.
corn 50 g
Sahara 2 g
white beans 0.3 kg
pork 0.3 kg
Chile 5 g
sunflower oil 30 ml
sweet peppers 2 pcs.
spice taste
tomatoes in their own juice 170g
garlic 2 teeth
bacon 50 g

It will take to prepare – 45 minutes.

How many calories – 159.

How to cook:

  1. Chop bacon strips into cubes.
  2. Remove the husks from a bow and chop it with feathers.
  3. Bacon fry a bit in the pan with a piece of onion, and then shift into a plate.
  4. Cut the washed and dried meat into long, thin pieces.
  5. It needs to be fried in a little oil with spices..
  6. Then add here the second part of the onion, fry. Variation блюда с фасолью
  7. Two types of peppers finely chop the straw without using the stem with the seed box.
  8. Transfer the peppers to the pork, add chopped garlic and season, cook for fifteen minutes.
  9. After time, put the tomatoes and add some sugar so that they better reveal their taste..
  10. Pour about 150 ml of water here, but it can be replaced with broth. Stir.
  11. Under the lid stew for about seven minutes, not more.
  12. Remove corn and beans from the liquid, add to the total mass, mix.
  13. Heat another three minutes, then serve Mexican-style meat with beans on the table, sprinkle with herbs..

Mexican Mixed Meat

meat 0.4 kg
tomatoes in their own juice 0.4 kg
garlic 2 teeth
bulbs 2 pcs.
Mexican Vegetable Mix 750 g
spice taste

It will take to prepare – 50 minutes.

How many calories – 66.

How to cook:

  1. Wash the minced meat into slices, beat them a little with a hammer, then cut into thin strips.
  2. Heat the pan without oil, put the slices here and fry them until golden, stirring from time to time. The liquid should evaporate..
  3. After that, pour a spoonful of sunflower oil and shift the finely chopped onion here. Fry, stirring, until it becomes soft.
  4. Next, add the Mexican vegetable mixture to the pan. Its content may vary among manufacturers..
  5. Cook until all the liquid has evaporated, then add the tomatoes. Spice up.
  6. Let the mixture boil over low heat. During this time, you need to finely chop the peeled garlic and stir it in the dish..
  7. Turn off, let it stand under the lid for about ten minutes.

Mexican meat in a slow cooker

Meat говядины по-мексикански с фасолью и кукурузой

beef 1 kg
spice taste
canned red beans 0.3 kg
corn 0.3 kg
red bulbs 1 PC.
Chile 1 PC.
Bulgarian peppers 3 pcs.
dry red wine 0.1 l
garlic 3 teeth

Need for cooking – 2 hours.

How many calories – 131.

How to cook:

  1. Rinse the beef, then remove the moisture wipes. Cut the meat into slices across the grain.
  2. Multicooker turn on, set the bowl, select the mode “Frying” (but you can and “Baking”).
  3. Put the meat in a preheated bowl and fry for about twelve minutes. Interfere from time to time.
  4. Peeled red chopped onion with feathers and add to beef, cook for another three minutes.
  5. Add wine and pour 150 ml of water, mix slightly. Select the mode “Quenching” with a timer for an hour, close the lid, leave to prepare.
  6. Pepper chop strips wide, not using the seed box. It is advisable to take pepper in different colors to make the dish look more interesting..
  7. Pull the corn out of the jar. If it is a whole heading, it should be cut into wide rings..
  8. After the signal of the multicooker, you need to remove the lid carefully, transfer the corn and pepper to the meat. Add a little water, if necessary, and simmer for another fifteen minutes..
  9. Remove the beans from the jar and chop the garlic.
  10. Very thin rings chop the chili pepper, while removing its seeds.
  11. After the time, add beans, spices, garlic and chili to the bowl. Cover and cook another seven minutes..
  12. Serve with any side dish.

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Cooking option with pineapple

pork 1 kg
pineapple 1 can (450 g)
bulbs 1 PC.
Chile 1 PC.
sweet peppers 1 PC.
mint 1 bundle
chicken broth 0.2 l
cane sugar 10 g
spice taste

It will take during the preparation – 1 hour 50 minutes.

How many calories – 162.

How to cook:

  1. Washed pork cut into cubes of large size. Fry them in a dry frying pan, so that there is ruddy on all sides. You can pour a little oil.
  2. Pull the meat out. Peel and finely chop the large onion, fry in the same pan.
  3. Pepper cut into small cubes, and chop the chili very finely. Both peppers do not need seeds. Add vegetables to onions and cook for another two minutes..
  4. Return the meat to the pan, prevent.
  5. Pineapple rings or whole fruit cut into cubes of medium size, add to the rest of the products.
  6. Add mint leaves, spices and some sugar. Pour broth and mix.
  7. Cover and turn on a small fire. Simmer no more than two hours..
  8. Serve Mexican meat with pineapple with rice garnish, garnish with mint sprigs.

Useful tips

The number of vegetables in the dish can be increased, it will give additional juiciness and enhance the flavor.

You can take and frozen vegetables, but then the cooking time will increase, but not more than fifteen minutes. If they are finely chopped, only two or three additional minutes will be required..

Mexicans are very fond of chili, so they add it fresh in almost all dishes. You can take and dried flakes. If you do not want a strong spiciness, you can completely eliminate this ingredient, but you can substitute garlic.

Mexican meat – a dish with character. It is colorful, tasty and satisfying. And what a scent!