If you start to remember the most mysterious recipes of world cuisine, then one of the first to come to mind is meat in Burgundy. His amazing taste gave him the opportunity to be considered the decoration of the festive table. At the same time, beef cooked in this way is a very satisfying dish, which even does not necessarily require a side dish, but does not deny it.

how правильно приготовить мясо по-бургундски

Burgundy Meat: Cooking Traditions

As soon as it comes time to start cooking beef in Burgundy, many housewives panic. This happens due to the fact that the recipe of this dish is rather mysterious and ideally given by no means to everyone..

However, nothing will matter, as soon as you try this excellent national dish of France, because here small pieces of beef, roasted and stewed with mushrooms and vegetables, are perfectly combined with each other. If you look at this description, it may seem that the end result can be completely boring and dry, however, Julia Child in her book called it his best delicacy of France..

Appeared on peasant tables, over the centuries, this dish has undergone so many changes that eventually caught on even in the best French restaurants in the world.

However, something has remained completely unchanged – this is the correct roasting of meat and wine sauce, which is originally prepared from the best Burgundy wine. However, to find such a wine in other countries is quite difficult and even expensive, so for the most part cooks pick up some kind of local alcoholic beverage for beef, however, it is desirable that this be a good quality red wine. Although only unsulfite Burgundy wine will give me that aromatic bouquet that takes you home..

The recipe below uses two methods of cooking meat: heat treatment in the form of frying and long stewing makes it so tender that you can choose even the toughest pieces and still get the softest possible result.

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Step by step recipe
how правильно приготовить мясо по-бургундски
Ingredients amount
beef or veal 500 g
dry red wine 500 ml
bow ½ head
bacon 50 g
garlic 2 teeth
parsley few branches
drain butter 50 g
thyme 1 stalk
olive. butter 1.5 tablespoons.
flour 2 cha. l.
carrot 2 pcs.
black pepper peas 4 things.
shallot 6 pieces.
Champignon 250 g
salt and pepper taste
var. butter 1.5 tablespoons.
Time for preparing: 210 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 187 Kcal

Beef bourguignon is a classic of French cuisine, despite the fact that it is an excellent dish, it practically does not have an original recipe, so you can choose a burgundy meat recipe very variable.

  1. Cut a piece of beef in fairly large cubes. After that, peeled onion is cut into half rings. Garlic should be crushed with a knife, for this you need its flat side. Take a deep bowl and place the meat, garlic, onion and spices in it: thyme, parsley, peppercorns and laurel. All should be fully poured with red wine and left to marinate in the fridge for about 1 day, so that the meat is completely saturated with flavors. After that, the meat should be removed from the bowl and dried;
  2. Bacon is cut into very small pieces and fried until golden brown. Frying should be done in olive oil, then remove the bacon, and in the remaining fat in the pan fry the pieces of beef until the crust turns brown. Then add the flour and cook the meat for about a minute; fry бекон
  3. Put the meat in a very deep stewpot, the marinade filtered through gauze is also sent there. Also in the pot goes bacon. Leave the meat to stew for about an hour and a half; fry мясо
  4. At the end of this time, heat the pan and pour a mixture of two oils to the bottom: cream and olive. Fry carrots cut into large lobules and pour in meat. The next stage of extinguishing will take about 20 minutes; stew овощи
  5. Shallots are fried in small bulbs. Not sliced, they are also sent to the skillet for twenty minutes; fry лук
  6. The last step – is roasting sliced ​​mushrooms. Use the same frying pan for all roasting, as the flavors will blend. After the mixture is mixed, add salt and pepper broth. The meat should be stewed for about 25 minutes, after which it can be served..

Rules for serving beef in Burgundy

Meat in Burgundy is mysteriously also due to the fact that it is very difficult to see at a glance whether it is the first or main course. Even for specialists, this is a very difficult issue, and it is very difficult to solve on its solution. Currently converge on something average.

Perhaps that is why it is served in fairly deep plates, and the meat is poured with the help of a ladle. But at the same time it is quite possible to submit a side dish in the form of rice or mashed potatoes. Sprinkle the meat with fresh chopped greens that will give the dish freshness..

Useful tips

  1. One of the main rules of this dish is the presence of a fairly thick sauce, so it will be necessary to slightly thicken it. For this, corn flour is perfectly suitable, which is diluted with water to a slurry state;
  2. Meat in Burgundy is stewed for a very long time just to make it very soft. However, you can use honey, which will greatly shorten the cooking time..

Enjoy your meal!