Lemoncello is an alcoholic lemon drink that came to us from far away Italy. It tastes very unusual, but at the same time incredibly tasty. Although for some it may seem like an exotic, you still need to carefully familiarize yourself with the ways of making this aromatic alcoholic beverage..

Classic recipe for alcohol
how приготовить лимончелло в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
ethyl alcohol 95% 1 liter
sugar sand half a kilo
lemon 10 pieces
mineral water one and a half liter
Time for preparing: 4320 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 33 Kcal

Cooking process:

  1. Before you start making this wonderful drink, you need to thoroughly wash the lemons and wipe dry;
  2. After that, the lemons must be cut off the crust. When cutting, try to remove only the yellow part, because the white will give a strong bitterness;
  3. After that, cut the yellow part out into a three-liter jar, pour all the alcohol;
  4. Close the nylon cover, leave to infuse for 5-6 days. During this period, alcohol will pull out all the precious flavors from the zest;
  5. When the drink is almost ready, you need to put 1.5 liters of water on the fire; you should warm it up;
  6. Then sugar is poured into the hot water, everything is boiled until the sugar grains are completely dissolved;
  7. As soon as the syrup is ready, it must be removed from the heat and allowed to cool;
  8. Meanwhile, the lemon tincture should be drained through gauze;
  9. Then the tincture is mixed with syrup;
  10. The drink is cleaned on the day in the fridge;
  11. After that, limoncello can be consumed, it should be poured into very chilled glasses.

Limoncello on moonshine at home

alcoholic напиток


  • a kilo of lemons;
  • moonshine – 500 ml;
  • 600 ml of water;
  • 500 grams of granulated sugar.

Preparation will take 10-11 days, caloric value per 100 ml – 42 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Wash the lemons well with cool water;
  2. In order for the fruit to be easy to peel, they should be poured with hot water;
  3. After this, with a sharp knife we ​​cut off the yellow skin from them. We try to remove only the yellow part, the white layer will give bitterness; to clear лимоны
  4. We put the yellow trim in a glass jar, pour all the brew;
  5. All tightly close the lid, leave to infuse at room temperature for 4-6 days;
  6. Every 6-8 hours you need to shake the jar;
  7. After you get infused moonshine, you need to prepare a syrup;
  8. To do this, pour water into a saucepan, add sugar and place it on a fire;
  9. We warm and boil until the sugar completely dissolves;
  10. As soon as the syrup is ready, remove it from the heat and leave to stand until it is completely cooled;
  11. After this, pour the cooled syrup into a jar of lemon and moonshine;
  12. All filtered through gauze material; strain
  13. Bottled drink and refrigerated;
  14. Insist for about 5 days and after that you can use. domashnij-limonchello-na-vodke

How to make a drink on vodka

What ingredients are required to make a drink:

  • vodka – 700 ml;
  • ripe lemons – 6-7 pieces;
  • purified water – 150 ml;
  • cup of sugar.

Preparation will take 30 days, calories – 42 kcal.

Start cooking:

  1. Wash the lemons, then wipe them until dry;
  2. Then we peel the yellow skin off the lemons;
  3. Pour the water into a saucepan, add sugar to it and set it on fire;
  4. Boil the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved;
  5. After the syrup has cooled, lay out the cut zest;
  6. Lemons are best cut into medium slices and also put into syrup;
  7. We put the whole mixture of syrup and citruses into the blender tank and everything is ground well;
  8. Next, pour in vodka and mix everything again in a blender;
  9. Pour the entire mixture into the jar, tightly close the lid;
  10. The drink should be cleaned in a cool place and left to stand there for 30 days;
  11. After that, all you need to filter through the gauze material;
  12. The finished liqueur is bottled and put in the fridge..

How to cook cream limoncello

What elements will be needed:

  • high quality vodka – 700 ml;
  • lemons – 6-7 pieces;
  • granulated sugar – 1000 grams;
  • 500 ml of milk;
  • cream – 500 ml;
  • vanillin – pinch.

The cooking process will be 35 days, the caloric content per 100 ml is 65 kcal..

Cooking process:

  1. highly вкусноWash the lemons with cool water, wipe with a towel;
  2. We clean the zest from citrus;
  3. We spread the zest in a jar, pour vodka, tightly close. Leave to stand for 21 days;
  4. As soon as the infusion period expires, proceed to the preparation of the syrup;
  5. Pour the milk into the pan, add the cream and mix;
  6. We visit the milk mixture on the fire, warm up to a boil;
  7. After that, fall asleep sugar and remove from heat;
  8. Mix everything until the sugar completely dissolves, leave to cool;
  9. The tincture must be filtered through cheesecloth;
  10. Next, mix the tincture with the cooled milk mix;
  11. Bottled liquor;
  12. We clean in the refrigerator for 2 weeks;
  13. Ready liquor is softer and should be chilled..

Traditions of use

You can drink limoncello both in pure form and as part of various cocktails. But nevertheless it is worth knowing certain features of the use of drink limoncello:


  1. Before pouring, it is recommended to place the liquor in the freezer for 1 hour, and large glasses are sent to the same place, in which champagne is usually served;
  2. Limoncello should be served exclusively cold, and the glasses into which it is poured should have frost;
  3. In the liquor must ice float, so it should be frozen until the appearance of ice crystals;
  4. Drink this drink should be only after a meal. It is believed that liquor improves the digestion process, prepares the stomach to eat, and also improves the appetite;
  5. Liquor can not eat. The maximum that is allowed is to have a drink with a piece of lemon or berry;
  6. It should be drunk in small sips, you can also hold it a little in the mouth to taste the taste to the end;
  7. After drinking a drink, you can serve fruits, salads and sweets on the table..

Champagne Cocktail

What components will be required:

  • mint – ¼ cup;
  • ¼ part of limoncello, homemade;
  • granulated sugar – 70 grams;
  • one lemon;
  • 1 glass of champagne or sparkling wine.

Cooking will take 15 minutes, calorie per 100 grams – 45 kcal.

Start preparing a cocktail:

  1. Limoncello can be bought already prepared, but the best is to prepare this liquor yourself;
  2. Limoncello for vodka, alcohol, moonshine will be suitable for a cocktail;
  3. Pour the limoncello into the bowl of the blender, lay out ¼ of a glass of mint leaves, pour in the granulated sugar;
  4. From the lemon you need to cut off the yellow skin and also put it in the blender capacity;
  5. All components must be mixed in a blender;
  6. After that, everything should be filtered, carefully pressed;
  7. The edges of the glasses must be moistened with lemon juice, for this, the lemon must be cut into pieces and held with pulp along the edges;
  8. Next, the edge with the juice you need to sugar;
  9. The finished liquid must be poured into two glasses equally;
  10. Then the glasses are filled with cold champagne;
  11. Ready cocktail you can drink.

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Cocktail “Candy Shot”

What you need:

  • limoncello – 15 ml;
  • 15 ml of coffee liqueur;
  • 15 ml of mango juice;
  • slice of lemon;
  • a glass of ice cubes.

Cooking will be 10 minutes, calorie per 100 ml – 48 kcal.

How to do:

  1. In a shaker you need to pour mango juice, coffee liqueur;
  2. Fall asleep ice cubes and thoroughly whisk;
  3. All components are thoroughly whipped;
  4. After that, using a strainer poured into a pile;
  5. Decorate with a slice of lemon.

Cocktail skittles

For a cocktail you will need:

  • 2 large spoons of limoncello;
  • lemon – 200 grams;
  • 15 ml of honey syrup;
  • 100 grams of lemon;
  • 3 strawberries;
  • 200 grams of ice in the form of cubes.

The cooking process will be approximately 15 minutes, calorie – 52 kcal.

Cooking Rules:

  1. In lemon, it is necessary to cut off the top and gently remove the pulp;
  2. Next, in a glass for mixing lay out the strawberry;
  3. With the help of Madler, we push strawberries to the state of mashed potatoes;
  4. Fill honey syrup with limoncello to strawberries;
  5. Cut the second lemon into 4 parts, squeeze the juice from one part to all components;
  6. Fall asleep ice cubes, mix everything well;
  7. Next, through the strainer and strainer poured into the shape of a lemon;
  8. Decorate with lemon tops and strawberries on a skewer.

Cocktail “Martha”

Components for a drink:

  • blackcurrant liqueur – 20 ml;
  • 25 ml of limoncello;
  • 20 ml of gin;
  • pinch of black pepper in the form of a hammer.

Cooking will take 10 minutes, calorie – 42 kcal.

Start cooking:

  1. Pour limoncello into a chilled glass, pour a pinch of black pepper and stir everything;
  2. Pour currant liqueur and gin into a separate cooled glass. All components are stirred;
  3. Next, using a cocktail spoon, pour currant liqueur with gin into a glass with limoncello and pepper on top;
  4. Ready cocktail can be drunk, but it should be served only cold.

Useful tips

  • for limoncello, only yellow skin should be used, so it should be carefully cut off. If all the zest is used for preparation along with a white layer, then the result will be a bitter drink;
  • vodka should be used extra class, the only way you can make a real liqueur;
  • the drink should be served frozen, ice should float in it.

Limoncello is a sunny drink that has a pleasant taste. It is not necessary to buy liquor, you can make it yourself. Moreover, the preparation is not so difficult, everything can be done easily at home. In addition, be sure to drink it properly, the only way to feel the true taste of this liquor..