Ketchup, like any other sauce, is able to fully reveal and shade the taste of many meat dishes, pasta, lasagna, meatballs and many others. For lovers of this sauce, homemade ketchup made from tomato paste can be a great alternative..

Unlike the purchased product, it will not have any thickeners, emulsifiers, flavors and flavor additives that are identical to natural, therefore it will bring much more benefit..

Step-by-step recipe
how приготовить кетчуп из томатной пасты в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
tomato paste 500 g
drinking water 800 ml
salt 30 g
white granulated sugar 100 g
apple or wine vinegar 50 ml
mustard 30 g
bay leaves 2-3 pieces.
carnations 3 buds
ground black pepper 3 g
hot ground red pepper 3 g
garlic 15 g
fresh chopped dill 30 g
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 45 Kcal

Preparing ketchup on the basis of tomato paste in your own kitchen is absolutely easy, the main thing is to find the best combination and proportions of spices. You can not blindly follow the recipe, but focus on your own taste and household preferences, reducing or completely eliminating certain spices and adding favorite seasonings..

Separately, it should be said about the amount of water. Since different manufacturers (as well as housewives who cook pasta on their own) the density of the product may differ significantly, and, consequently, water may need more or less..

Instructions for making ketchup from tomato paste at home:

  1. Tomato paste to dissolve drinking water and send on fire stronger than average. Pour salt and sugar, continuously stirring, bring to a boil and completely dissolve sugar crystals and salt; add пасту
  2. Then pour 1/3 of the vinegar, add both types of pepper, clove buds and dried dill. The fire should be reduced to the minimum level and the ketchup should be tormented, stirring occasionally, 40-45 minutes; add перец
  3. 2-3 minutes before the end of the preparation, put chopped garlic and finely chopped dill greens in the sauce, if it was used fresh; paste
  4. After turning off the fire in a saucepan, put mustard, bay leaf and insist under the lid. The duration of infusion is 7-10 minutes. After the remaining vinegar is poured into the pan, mix and decompose in a glass container for further storage. The shelf life of the finished ketchup in the refrigerator is 5-7 days.

Recipe for cooking ketchup from tomato paste in a slow cooker

The process of cooking ketchup from store tomato paste requires the direct participation of the hostess. So that the mass does not burn, it is required to constantly stir. It is possible to reduce the number of active actions of a culinary specialist, if you take advantage of the possibilities of a modern assistant – multicookers.

To prepare homemade ketchup in a slow cooker, the following products are necessary:

  • 170 g of tomato paste;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • 40 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 80 g sugar;
  • 25 g of salt;
  • 15 g dry garlic and onions;
  • 10 ml of white wine vinegar.

Duration of cooking sauce will be approximately 60 minutes.

Caloric content – 153.1 kcal / 100 g.

Cooking sequence:

  1. Before cooking, you need to preheat the multicastry, turning it on in the “Baking” mode;
  2. After that, all the ingredients need to be shifted to the bowl and carefully mixed, so that the mass becomes as homogeneous as possible;
  3. Next, the cover of the gadget must be closed and select the option “Quenching” on the menu panel. The approximate cooking time will be about 40 minutes, but if, after it has passed, the mass remains liquid, the quenching can be continued or some starch can be added for quick thickening..

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Preparation for the winter

Perhaps many fans of this sauce will not understand why canning tomato paste for ketchup for the winter, because at any time of the year you can buy pasta and necessary spices at any grocery store and make this tasty addition to many dishes..

Of course, this is true, but here we will discuss a more complex recipe, which consists of fruits. This sauce can be found in stores called “Krasnodar”, but the benefits in it are the same as in any purchased ketchup..

It is possible to include apples, pears, plums and even peaches in the composition of this preparation for the winter along with the product of processing tomatoes..

It should be noted that there is neither vinegar, nor citric acid in the composition, because there will be enough acid from tomatoes, and the seaming banks will not explode. The proportions in which the main ingredients and spices are used will be as follows:

  • 1000 ml of tomato paste;
  • 400 g apples (or any other fruit);
  • 85 g of white crystalline sugar;
  • 17 g of salt;
  • 2 medium bay leaves;
  • 3 g ground cloves (or to taste);
  • 4 g cinnamon (or to taste);
  • 3 g of red hot pepper ground (or to taste);
  • 3 g black ground pepper (or to taste).

The preparation time of the workpiece will be approximately 2.5-3 hours.

The caloric content of 100 grams of homemade sauce with apples will be equal to 89.2 kilocalories.

Algorithm for cooking ketchup from tomato paste for the winter:

  1. Apples wash, dry, gently thin ribbons to cut off the skin and cut the core with the seeds. If pears are used, do the same with them. But with peaches and plums skin can not be removed, just enough to remove the bones. Cut the fruit into a large cube;
  2. In order not to burn the sauce, it should be boiled in a pan with a double or thick bottom, also a flame divider can be used for the gas stove. Pour tomato paste into a suitable saucepan, add sliced ​​apples, bay leaf and cloves;
  3. A mass of 60 minutes must be boiled over low heat, so that not only the fruits have been prepared, but the taste of the spices has fully revealed;
  4. After that, you need to catch and discard the bay leaves, and smash the mixture to a homogeneous state with a blender. Then add the remaining spices and return to the stove again;
  5. Now the sauce should simmer for 30 minutes. If during this time the mass becomes too much, then you can bring it to the desired consistency with boiled water. Ready ketchup spread on sterile jars and roll tin lids.

Useful tips

The main secret of delicious tomato paste ketchup is to use a high-quality main ingredient. The first reason why housewives prepare this sauce on their own is to eliminate harmful food additives, dyes and preservatives from their diet. Having bought a paste of tomatoes of dubious quality, it will not be possible to achieve the desired.

A quality product contains only tomatoes, water and salt. The ratio of dry substances in the product is from 25 to 40%, so the spoon is worth the correct paste. All these parameters correspond to products manufactured in accordance with GOST 3343-89.

Before starting the preparation of the contents of the jar, it is imperative to remove the sample, so it will be easier to determine later on how much salt should be put into the sauce. Indeed, manufacturers often overdo the product using table salt as a safe preservative..

To diversify the taste of ready-made homemade ketchup, prepared on the basis of tomato paste, you can add fresh greens and pulp of the bell pepper. Only with pepper, you must first remove the skin, scalding it with boiling water, and add herbs to the ready-made sauce.