Fish cakes – a fairly versatile dish. It’s easy to cook, so you can easily repeat our recipes. And step by step recommendations will become a real guide in this matter. So cook the necessary ingredients and go on, frying the chum patties.

Basic recipe
how приготовить сочные рыбные котлеты из кеты
Ingredients amount
frozen chum fillet 1 kg
yesterday’s white bread 250 g
milk or water 300 g
salt 20 g
ground black pepper 1 g
high-grade flour 50 g
ground crumbs and eggs ½ cup + 1 pc.
refined oil 60 ml
Time for preparing: 45 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 245 Kcal

Fish cakes will be of high quality, juicy and tasty, if you strictly observe the established ratio of all products used. They are prepared on the same principle as the meat.

How to cook juicy chicken cutlets:

  1. Slice the fillet into small pieces and skip through a meat grinder, and select a sparse grid;
  2. Combine minced fish with a piece of wheat bread (without crusts), previously aged in cold milk. Soak stale bread in 30 min. before mixing it with minced meat. It is not necessary to squeeze it, because it is in this form that it gives the cutlets juiciness and lightness;
  3. In the resulting mass, add salt, pepper, mix and skip a second time, but through the frequent grinder of the meat grinder;
  4. For breading, you will need a bowl of flour, a bowl of ground breadcrumbs, iceon (beaten egg with water). Cutlets first roll in wheat flour, dip in a freezone, then roll in ground breadcrumbs. Repeat with each cutlet 2 times, then the crust on the finished products will crunch, and the flesh inside will be juicy;
  5. Heat refined butter in a skillet, fry the cutlets on both sides, enough for 5 minutes each;
  6. Place the fried patties on a plate lined with paper towels to remove excess fat from them. Serve with lettuce and vegetables.

Gentle Dietary Steam Cutlets Made From Chum Mince

Keta has very tender meat without small muscle bones. This fish is often used to prepare dietary meals..

Necessary set of products:

  • 0.5 kg chum fillet;
  • 3 slices of dried white bread;
  • 25 grams of starch;
  • 1 small onion;
  • 50 ml of cold milk;
  • ground crackers or wheat flour;
  • season with spices.

Active cooking time: 40 min. Calorie content: 240 kcal.

How to make chops from minced chum steamed:

  1. Slices of fillet, soaked in milk and pressed a piece of bread together with onion is skipped twice in a meat grinder. Then add salt, a little starch, if desired a pinch of black pepper;
  2. Wet hands should be formed from the mass of cutlets, then roll them in ground breadcrumbs or flour, as you like;
  3. Lightly browns the chops in hot oil, then send to a double boiler..

Baked fish chops in the oven

Chicken cutlets are extremely tasty and healthy. We guarantee they will surely suit you. In addition, burgers are cooked easily, quickly and look absolutely not corny.

You will need products:

  • frozen chum fillet – 2 pieces;
  • “Russian” cheese – 100 grams;
  • chicken egg of 1 category – 2 pieces;
  • sour cream – 40 g;
  • high-grade flour – 50 g;
  • crushed crackers – 100 g;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • oil for lubrication;
  • to taste parsley with dill.

The total elapsed time will be: 40 min. Portion value: 230 kcal.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking fish cutlets from chum with cheese in the oven:

  1. Season with salt, pepper the chum fillets. Add chopped garlic clove, chopped greens (parsley + dill) to sour cream. Knead sour cream with greens thoroughly. Then apply a thin layer of the prepared mixture to the fish; to make фарш
  2. Grate the cheese using a fine grater, put a thin cheese layer on the fillet, roll it up with a roll, fix it with a toothpick or skewers. For breading in separate containers, prepare: an egg beaten with water, ground crackers and wheat flour;
  3. First, the cutlets are breaded in a flour mixture, then dipped into the egg mixture, then into ground crackers. Repeat this manipulation 2 times, then the crust on your chops will be crisp, and the fish inside will remain juicy; minced meat
  4. Cover the form with parchment, sprinkle with oil. Put the patties. Send them to the preheated oven. The temperature should not exceed 190, the cooking time is 25 minutes; cutlets
  5. Serve with vegetable salad. cutlets

Fish cutlets from canned chum with semolina

Canned fish cutlets are cooked with various cereals. In our recipe – semolina. It combines all the ingredients used in a single mass. It is important that it be swollen. And in order to make an ideal meat cutlet, it is better not to just lay an egg, but to introduce the yolk and protein separately..

You will need ingredients:

  • 2 medium onions;
  • 250 – 300 g canned chum;
  • for decorating parsley leaves + leaf lettuce;
  • 100 g of high-grade flour;
  • semolina – ½ cup;
  • egg.

You need time for cooking: 30 min. Value per 100 g of serving: 256 kcal.


  1. Put the canned fish in a bowl, mash well with a fork;
  2. To carefully grind fish add semolina, knead well. To croup swollen, leave for 15 minutes;
  3. Finely chop the onion, add it to the minced meat cutlet. Then add to the mass separately the yolk, and then the whipped protein;
  4. Blind from the resulting “minced” cutlets are not too large. Usually, large ones fall apart, and too small ones turn out to be dry, so take note of this;
  5. Roll the patties in a small amount of flour, fry as usual in a frying pan with hot oil until golden brown.

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Chicken fillet chops – very tasty

Gentle, moderately fatty fillet of chum – just what you need for meatballs. To him we add onions, soaked yesterday’s bread, put it all in a meat grinder. And by the way, if the stuffing remains, put it in the freezer, it can be stored there for a long time..

You will need ingredients:

  • 0 5 kg of fish pulp;
  • 100 grams of stale bread (only wheat);
  • 50 g onions;
  • 60 ml of cold water;
  • 50 g of ground crackers;
  • 60 ml of refined oil;
  • 35 g butter.

Active cooking time will be: 35 min. Portion value will be: 235 kcal.


  1. Cut the prepared fillet, pass through a rare grinder of the meat grinder;
  2. Combine the fish mass with wheat bread soaked in cold water, finely chopped onions, mix, scroll again;
  3. Add salt, freshly ground pepper, knead everything well;
  4. From the resulting mass, form the patties, roll them in ground breadcrumbs;
  5. Formed cutlets put in a frying pan preheated with butter, browse on both sides;
  6. Put the cutlets on a baking sheet, put in the oven and bring to readiness;
  7. Put finished products on a dish, drizzle with butter;
  8. Roasted potatoes, 3-4 kinds of baked or stewed vegetables are suitable as a side dish..

Tricks of experienced chefs

What should be considered when cooking cutlets from chum:

  1. Soaked bread, butter, fish oil or pork fat soaked in milk significantly improve the taste of products, give them juiciness;
  2. Bread should be only wheat and necessarily stale. The use of rye bread worsens the taste of meatballs;
  3. Finely chopped internal fish oil or lard experienced cooks add before the second passing meat through a meat grinder;
  4. Butter is added to the finished cutlet mix in a softened form;
  5. To reduce the viscosity of the fish mass, add the cooled pulp of boiled fish;
  6. In the process of cooking the cutlet mass is recommended to cool. And so that the products do not fall apart in the pan, sculpt them with hands dipped in cool water.

Fish cutlets from chum salmon are prepared not only from fresh fillets, but also from canned product. The tender flesh of this fish in any form gets on well with all the ingredients. In the company of her take onions, cheese, semolina, starch and some yesterday’s bread. We assure you, such meatballs do not happen much!