Jellied chicken is considered the backbone of the ceremonial menu. This wonderful dish has excellent taste and unusual appearance, so it is often prepared for holidays. To cook it you do not need to have culinary skills, you just need to follow the tips and it’s absolutely simple to cook the jellied.

Recipe step by step
how приготовить заливное из курицы
Ingredients amount
hen 1.2 kg
bow 1 piece
carrot 1 piece
sour cream 5 tablespoons
canned corn 3 tablespoons
garlic 1 clove
black pepper (peas) 8 grams
gelatin 20 grams
salt half a teaspoon
ground black pepper 1/5 tsp
salad 1 bundle
Time for preparing: 300 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 101 Kcal

Consider the step by step recipe of cooking.

First step:

Wash the chicken, divide it into 4 parts, put into the bowl of the slow cooker. Add peeled carrots and onions.

Second step:

Pour 1.2 liters of water, sprinkle with salt, add pepper peas. Put on the “Broth” mode for an hour and a half. Clean foam from time to time.

The third step:

Change the mode to “Soup” and set the time to 2 hours..

cook бульон

Fourth step:

As soon as the slow cooker makes a sound at the end of cooking, get the chicken and vegetables. Chicken meat cleaned from pits, remove the skin. Chop the chicken. Remove carrot from broth and cut into cubes..

Fifth step:

Broth strain. Drain 1 cup of broth, cool. Add gelatin and do not touch for 40 minutes. Next, dissolve the gelatin in a pair or in the microwave. Cool slightly. In sour cream pour 4 tbsp. l loose gelatin, stir, salt.

to make бульон

Sixth step:

Add the remaining gelatin to the broth and a clove of garlic rubbed through the garlic press. If necessary, then add salt and pepper..

Seventh Step:

In the form pour a little sour cream with gelatin. Refrigerate until freezing..

to make украшение

Eighth step:   

When cooked harden, add pieces of chicken, corn and diced carrots.

add мясо

The ninth step:

Fill the form with broth so that there is still enough space for smetanny layer. Put in the fridge.

Tenth step:

As soon as the filler hardens, remove the mold from the refrigerator. By this time, sour cream fill will harden, so it will need to be steamed, stirring all the time. Next, fill the top layer of the filler sour cream mixture.

add морковь

Eleventh step:

Put in the fridge until absolutely freezing..

The twelfth step:

Decorate the dish with lettuce leaves. You can, if desired, add mustard, horseradish or horseradish sauce and mayonnaise.

Jellied with gelatin and green peas


  • chicken breast – 1 piece;
  • carrots – 1 piece;
  • olives – 4-5 pieces;
  • green peas in a jar – 150 grams;
  • gelatin – 10-15 grams;
  • dill, parsley, salt, black pepper – to taste.

The cooking time of jellied chicken with gelatin and peas will be about 5 hours. Calories per 100 grams – 45 kcal.

First you need to boil the broth. To do this, clean the carrot and put it in the pan. Then add chicken fillet to the same place and pour boiled water over it. Put on the stove and cook broth.

When the broth is cooked, remove the chicken and carrot from it. In a mug of water, dilute the gelatin, after it swells, add it to the broth, pre-filtered through a dense strainer. No need to boil!

Next, cut the carrot into cubes. Slice the olives and put them together with the carrots on the bottom of the form. Pour a little broth and wait until it cools. Next, add canned peas and re-fill with a thin layer of broth..

Chicken fillet cut into strips. When the jelly turns out of the broth, form chicken meat, put chopped greens on top of it and pour the whole broth.

Put the forms in the fridge and leave no less than 3 hours.

salad с грибамиSalad with fried champignons – its unusual taste makes any salad more satisfying..

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Chicken aspic with red peppers

Ingredients Required:

  • egg – 10 pieces;
  • smoked chicken – 200 grams;
  • chicken broth – 2 cups;
  • gelatin – 20 grams;
  • green peas (in a jar) – 3 tablespoons;
  • corn (in a jar) – 3 tablespoons;
  • red bell pepper – 1 piece;
  • dill, parsley, salt – to taste.

Time for its preparation will need no more than 4 hours. Calorie dishes – 96 kcal.

Cooking method:

  1. aspicSoak gelatin in cooled chicken broth and leave it until it swells;
  2. Set the gelatin on the stove and heat, stirring regularly, until it dissolves. Do not boil;
  3. From the blunt edge of the egg you need to carefully make small holes to pour the yolk with protein. For the preparation of aspic they are not required, but they may be used in the preparation of other dishes;
  4. Wash the shell well and dry it, then put it in an egg holder;
  5. Smoked chicken and pepper cut into small cubes;
  6. With peas and corn drain the water;
  7. Put dill or parsley inside the shell, and then stuffing with peas, corn, chicken and pepper. The filling should fill the entire shell, so that there is no free space;
  8. Lay the greens on top of the shell and pour the chicken jelly cooked in advance. Put in the fridge until it hardens;
  9. After curing, clean the filler from the shell and put it on a large plate.

Chicken jelly with red pepper ready!

Secrets of cooking

When cooking jellied chicken, it is better that it was not from the store, but its own homemade – not particularly meaty and bony. It turns out well jelly, when the broth of the rooster or game. Meat should not be fat, as the fat does not allow the jellied to froze.

Of course, meat is bought in high quality and fresher. Legs, shins, legs are well washed, cleaned and soaked for at least an hour. Then the legs are poured with cool water, boiled, and then poured and refilled the pan with meat with water. All this so that the broth will be transparent and not very fat..

The best proportion of water and meat – 2 to 1, and the water should be cool – so the broth will be even tastier. When the broth boils, reduce the fire to minimum and cook another 5-7 hours, sometimes 12 hours..

Cooking time depends on the required amount of fill and the complexity of the recipe. How much to cook it is an important topic, since the more it is cooked, the more juicy, thick and fatty you will get.

If it does not harden enough, therefore, there was a lot of water or it was topped up during cooking. In this case, the dish must be dogotovit or add gelatin.

It is very easy to cook jellied chicken! Before serving, it can be decorated with greens, olives, olives or vegetables. This delicious food is good for health, as it contains a lot of collagen. Take care of yourself and the health of your family and serve as a filler not only for the celebrations!