Honey cake is loved for the original honey flavor. This is the taste of childhood. Without any frills or complications, the cake reminds of a carefree summer in the village..

Cake recipe with sour cream
how приготовить медовик на сковороде в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
Sahara 430 g
soda 5 g
sour cream 480 ml
eggs 2 pcs.
margarine 60 g
honey 30 g
flour 440 g
Time for preparing: 180 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 288 Kcal

The process of cooking honey cake in a frying pan at home:

  1. On the stove to put a water bath. In it you need to knead the dough; add маргарин
  2. Put margarine in a bowl (it will be tastier with butter) and honey, stir and let slowly melt. For the process to go faster, it is desirable that the margarine be soft; to mix
  3. In a separate bowl with a whisk, mix the eggs with half the sugar. It is necessary to shake up so that all grains are dissolved; add яйцо
  4. Then add soda and stir again;
  5. Pour the egg mixture to the oil and stir constantly. The mass should warm up for five minutes;
  6. Remove from the water bath and stir the flour. It is necessary to pour portions, without ceasing to interfere. Otherwise it will be very hard to break the lumps; add муку
  7. Return the bowl of dough to the bath and warm it, stirring, for another five minutes; stir up тесто
  8. Remove from the stove and knead the dough by hand, divide it into seven parts and remove for a couple of minutes to cool in the fridge;
  9. At this time, you can cook the cream. To do this, simply whip the sour cream with the second half of the sugar until it is completely dissolved. If you want, you can pour a little cream. Sour cream should have a high fat content; to mix крем
  10. When the cream will increase in size, it must be removed in the refrigerator;
  11. Pull out the dough and roll each piece into the layer and immediately cut off the uneven edges. Transfer the reservoir to a pre-heated pan and fry them all for a minute on each side; fry
  12. Slightly cooled cake lay on each other, promazyvaya each with sour cream. Top cream, too, and put the whole cake in the refrigerator for impregnation for a couple of hours; lubricate кремом
  13. After that, decorate or nuts, or chocolate, or berries..

Honey custard in a pan

  • 35 g of honey;
  • 380 g of sugar;
  • 3 g of soda;
  • 520 g of flour;
  • 630 ml of milk;
  • 280 g of oil;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 20 g vanilla sugar;
  • 30 ml sour cream.

Time – 4 hours.

Caloric content – 302 kcal / 100 g.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Put a water bath. To do this, pour water into a large saucepan and then place a smaller container on top. In this small dish you need to put about 100 grams of butter, as well as honey and a little less glass of sugar;
  2. All three products need to constantly interfere. They should be a solid liquid mass. And when this happened, you need to remove the bowl from the fire and add soda. It is desirable to repay a small amount of vinegar, but this is not necessary;
  3. When the soda began to work and the honey mass frothed, it was time to drive in eggs. You need to add them one by one, each time well beating the whole mass with a mixer;
  4. Next, parts need to sift two glasses of flour here, achieving a homogeneous consistency, similar to thick cream;
  5. Then pour here a little sour cream and mix everything, and then pour into another bowl, richly sprinkled with flour. Cover it with cling film and put in the fridge for two hours;
  6. After the last two hours, the dough will become denser and should be divided into six parts. Each ball will weigh about 120 g;
  7. Return the balls to the fridge and take them out one by one. So they will be easier to roll. As it has already become clear, they should be rolled into a layer and transferred to a hot frying pan;
  8. Fry each cake on both sides until ruddy, and you do not need to add oil to the pan, the cake will not stick. Allow to cool, cut to shape the future of the cake. Grind all trim with a knife or grater;
  9. While the cakes cool down, it’s time to take up the cream. To do this, take the milk of maximum fat content, pour it into a saucepan and put to warm;
  10. Pour into the milk vanilla and regular sugar, which remained after the test, stir;
  11. In a small bowl, mix the egg with the remaining flour. When the milk becomes quite hot, almost boils, it must be mixed into the egg-flour mass until it is finished;
  12. Then return all the ingredients back to the stewpan, put on a small fire and constantly stir. The cream will become thicker, similar to pudding. Turn off the stove;
  13. When the cream has ceased to be hot, but remains warm, it is necessary to stir in the oil until it is completely dissolved. Then put in the fridge for an hour;
  14. Then completely cold crust smeared with the resulting custard, then remove the finished honey cake in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. From above it is necessary to sprinkle with grated scraps of cake..

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Honey cake with condensed milk in a pan

  • 110 g of oil;
  • 420 g of flour;
  • 90 g of honey;
  • 2 cans of boiled condensed milk;
  • 45 ml sour cream;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 6 g of soda;
  • 120 g sugar.

Time – 3 hours.

Calories – 340 kcal / 100 g.

How to cook honey cake:

  1. In a skillet, you must combine the butter with sugar and honey. The amount of honey, if desired, can be increased;
  2. Put the stewpan on a small fire and constantly stir. The mass should be liquid, all components will dissolve. In this case, in no case can not let the mixture boil;
  3. Remove from heat and add soda, stir. When the texture starts to foam and change color, it should be poured into a large bowl and allowed to cool for a couple of minutes;
  4. Add eggs one at a time and mix very quickly so that they do not curl and evenly distribute;
  5. Then pour the sour cream and mix well again;
  6. Add flour at the very end. It is important to mix it so that there are no lumps. Get a pretty thick dough;
  7. Cover the bowl with foil and put it in the fridge for at least three hours, or you can hold it all night;
  8. Take out the dough and put it on the table with flour. Now it can even be cut with a knife. Divide by about six parts, it can turn out seven;
  9. Each part of the roll, cut, fry in a dry frying pan for about a minute on each side and allow to cool;
  10. When all the cakes have cooled, they can be lubricated with condensed milk. You can put a pretty thick layer. Put the cake in the fridge for another three hours so that it is soaked. Top can be supplemented with nuts.

Useful tips

In the honey must necessarily include soda. It is better not to replace it with a baking powder. It gives lightness to cake layers, they become fragile and tender. But it is not necessary to increase the dose of soda: firstly, it will not give more pomp to the test, and secondly, its taste will be felt, interrupting the honey.

Also, the cake definitely needs time to soak so that the cakes are soaked. Otherwise, they will crunch and will not be able to go well with any delicate cream or even condensed milk. It is best to cook honey cake the day before the holiday so that it will get the perfect taste for the night..