How to cook healthy and nourishing salad with white beans

Everyone knows that the beans – it is useful and very satisfying! That is why this product today will be the basis of our salads. And in order not to strain too much, we will use canned food..

Salad with canned white beans and egg
how приготовить полезный и сытный салат с белой фасолью
Ingredients amount
mayonnaise 120 ml
walnuts 40 g
garlic 1 piece
spice 10 g
the eggs 2 pcs.
vinegar 5 ml
white beans 1 bank
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 284 Kcal

We will prepare this option very quickly, as the longest cooking process will be eggs. It is wonderful when you really want to eat hearty!

How to cook:

  1. Open the beans, drain the liquid and pour everything into a colander or sieve..
  2. Rinse the beans under running water and allow them to drain.. canned белая фасоль
  3. After that, pour in a salad bowl.
  4. Hard boiled eggs.
  5. Cool them, peel and finely chop with a knife. cutting вареных яиц
  6. Nuts to pour into a dry frying pan.
  7. Warm them up to bright aroma and taste.. roasting грецких орехов
  8. Then cool and chop too.
  9. Mix them with beans and eggs..
  10. In mayonnaise add spices, garlic through the press and vinegar.
  11. Mix everything and fill the salad.
Tip: for nuts to have a brighter taste, take hazelnuts.

Hearty Chicken Meat Snack

Many people love chicken, not only because of the ease, but also because of tenderness and juiciness. Try our version of a similar salad, you will like it..

tomato 1 PC.
sour cream 80 ml
chicken fillet 150 g
greenery 30 g
the eggs 3 pcs.
mayonnaise 80 ml
garlic 2 pieces
butter 30 g
spice 10 g
beans 1 bank
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 200 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Chicken meat clean and wash, dry.
  2. salad с курицей и бобовымиSprinkle with spices and massage in with massage movements..
  3. Dissolve the oil in the pan, heat it..
  4. Put the fillet and fry first, to ruddy on all sides.
  5. Then close the lid and fry for another five minutes on each side..
  6. After that, cool and chop finely to make it convenient to eat..
  7. Boil eggs until ready.
  8. Cool them in cold water, rid of the shell.
  9. Then also cut into small slices..
  10. Rinse the tomato, cut the stalk.
  11. Then cut the fruit into cubes.
  12. Wash and chop greens.
  13. Mix with sour cream and mayonnaise.
  14. There to send garlic, passed through the press.
  15. All this mix and let it brew for at least a quarter of an hour..
  16. During this time, combine chicken, eggs and tomato.
  17. Beans drain and add to the same.
  18. Dress up and serve.

Tip: You can optionally use ready-made garlic sauce.

White and Red Bean Salad in Tomato Sauce

This is a very rich salad, which at first will seem strange to you. Its peculiarity is that it consists only of beans. So if you want something original, keep!

red wine vinegar 15 ml
spice 10 g
white beans 1 bank
cilantro 30 g
Red beans 1 bank
ketchup 30 g
olive oil 20 ml
bow 1 head
dry oregano 3 shakes
Time for preparing: 10 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 130 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Open the jars of beans and drain them both into one colander..
  2. Allow liquids to drain. Beans can also be rinsed..
  3. Pour into a small container and set aside..
  4. Ketchup mix with butter, oregano and chopped cilantro.
  5. Add spices, mix and pour into salad.
  6. Peel and rinse onions, cut into quarters of rings.
  7. Add beans, combine – and ready.

Tip: if you want, you can boil the beans yourself, but for this it is better to pre-soak.

Smoked Sausage Bean Salad

salad с колбасой и фасолью

If you add one smoked product to the dish, then the whole dish will be smoked. Now it is a sausage, and this time we definitely did not lose. It will be delicious!

beans 1 bank
tomatoes 2 pcs.
parsley 30 g
mayonnaise 140 ml
smoked sausage 150 g
cheese 80g
Time for preparing: 15 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 241 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Save sausage from packing.
  2. Cut into strips or sticks.
  3. Rinse the tomatoes and chop into small cubes..
  4. Wash and chop the parsley.
  5. Beans open, drain and rinse if desired..
  6. Cheese can be grated or chopped as sausage.
  7. Mix it with tomatoes, cheese, herbs and sausage.
  8. Season with sauce and let stand for ten minutes..

Tip: To give the cheese a special flavor, take the salted cheese..

How to cook with crab sticks

salad со вкусом крабов с фасолью

Now everything will be for lovers of fish, seafood and everything else. We have a simple option – beans with crab sticks, but it turns out incredibly!

Bell pepper 1 PC.
green onions 15 g
crab sticks 0.2 kg
dill 15 g
cheese 160g
white beans 150 g
cucumber 1 PC.
mayonnaise 230 ml
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 259 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Beans in the first turn to open and get rid of liquid.
  2. Crab sticks to get in advance, because they need time to defrost.
  3. After that, cut them into rings and add to the beans.
  4. Cheese grate on any grater and pour it there too.
  5. Pepper wash, cut the core with membranes.
  6. Next, cut the fruit into thin and short straws..
  7. Rinse onions and cut into rings.
  8. Dill crumble with scissors or a knife.
  9. Rinse cucumber, cut off the ends.
  10. After that, it can be cleaned, if necessary. For example, if the peel was bitter. This is often the case with the first cucumbers..
  11. Pepper, onion, dill and cucumber pour to the rest of the ingredients.
  12. Season everything with mayonnaise and mix well before serving..

Tip: add a lot of greenery, it gives not only color, but also flavor.

salad с морковкой и фасольюAlso try cooking a salad with beans and Korean carrots. Various variants of this dish will delight friends and relatives..

Here you will find recipes for delicious salads with regular and asparagus beans for the winter.

Did you know that asparagus beans are a storehouse of vitamins? Read the recipes here..

Cooking with Homemade Rusks

It is very, very tasty, fragrant and unique! These crackers in a bean salad – our authoring. Try it! Do not fall in love will be difficult!

spices 15 g
spice taste
chicken fillet 1 PC.
bow 1 head
mayonnaise 100 ml
garlic 2 pieces
white beans 0.2 kg
bread 100 g
butter 60 ml
carrot 2 pcs.
vegetable oil 60 ml
Time for preparing: 50 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 249 kcal

How to cook:

  1. First you need to cook crackers and for this bread cut into cubes.
  2. Peel the husks from the garlic, pass it through the crush into the oil.
  3. There also send spicy herbs and mix everything.
  4. In the resulting mass pour the bread cubes and mix everything.
  5. Let it brew for at least thirty minutes. This is necessary so that the bread has not only aroma, but also an unusual taste..
  6. Clean the hen from the lived and wash, dry.
  7. Roll in spices and marinate while the rest of the ingredients are being cooked..
  8. Peel and wash the onions, cut into half rings.
  9. Beans open and drain, let drain. Rinse as desired..
  10. With carrots, too, peel off the skin, rinse it, then rub.
  11. Heat half of the butter in a frying pan, add root vegetables.
  12. Stew them until soft, then shift to a salad bowl to cool..
  13. Dissolve the second part of the oil in hot dishes..
  14. Put the fillet and fry it until golden crust, then until ready.
  15. When ready, cut it into strips.
  16. Send to the roots and set aside for a while.
  17. In a dry frying pan pour the slices of bread.
  18. Fry them to the crunch and then put them in a small bowl.
  19. Add beans to the chicken, mayonnaise and combine everything.
  20. Before serving add crackers.
Tip: if you add the crackers right away, they get sodden and turn the salad into porridge.

Tips and Tips

Salad is a dish that can be supplemented as you like! Therefore, we advise you to add to it everything that you like. But let it be a product that combines with the rest without problems. Do not be afraid of spices, because they create the aroma and taste!

To make the salad have a salty touch, use the appropriate products as additives. For example, it can be olives, gherkins or pickled cucumbers, capers, salty cheese like feta, etc..

For the satiety of the salad, which already consists of beans, you can add meat or eggs. Vegetables will give color and freshness. Meat can be fried or baked so that it remains juicy, boil eggs or make egg pancakes.

Be sure to cook one of our salads somehow at your leisure. And all is better, because each of them is especially tasty and unique. They are all nourishing, tasty and waiting for you to cook them.!