Recently, a real “boom” on healthy eating has come. And it is not for nothing, since the general situation is deteriorating, as well as the ecological situation. And all this together affects the state of the body. Therefore, it is important to keep track of what you eat and how you cook it..

String beans: what is its use and the main secrets of cooking

This plant has recently become used as a food product. In the 18th century, only grains were consumed, and then individual nations who liked this taste.

A little later, this plant became more widely cultivated. First of all, this was due to the fact that it is quite unpretentious, and secondly, in green string beans there are a large number of useful substances that beneficially affect many systems of human organs.

The main beneficial effects can be identified:

  1. General firming, toning;
  2. Restoration of the protective functions of the body;
  3. It is indicated for anemia;
  4. Purification of blood from sugar, cholesterol;
  5. Fast and “easy” to satisfy hunger;
  6. Antimicrobial.
Among other things, it is worth noting that the string bean is a product that contains a very small amount of calories, which will undoubtedly be in the hands of those who are trying to follow the figure or lose a few extra pounds. It is not for nothing that there are several complexes of diets that are based on this plant..

Before you use this type of legumes, you should pay attention to:

pod фасоль замороженная

  • When choosing frozen beans, pay attention to the variety. Some of them may have a vein between the valves, or, as it is differently called, the membranous part. Because of her, beans can be a little hard to chew;
  • If the individual pods are too long, divide them into smaller pieces before cooking;
  • Pods are not fully utilized. Before cooking, be sure to remove the stem of the stem;
  • If you cook fresh beans in aluminum utensils, it can lose its color;
  • If you bought a string bean and forgot about it in the refrigerator, it is not necessary to throw it away. You can return freshness and juiciness if you soak it in cool water for a couple of hours.
How to properly and how much to cook green frozen beans in a pan
how правильно готовить замороженную стручковую фасоль: рецепты блюд и подсказки
Ingredients amount
Green beans 0.4-0.5 kg
Butter about half a pack (100 g)
Garlic 3-4 teeth
Lemon half
Salt taste
Ground black pepper, sesame optional
Time for preparing: 25 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 150 Kcal

Cooking this type of legumes is very easy in the pan: completely without problems and troubles.

To begin, unpack the pack and lay out the frozen beans in a colander. Rinse it with warm water to wash away ice and snow..

We turn on the comfort, put the frying pan and throw a piece of butter there. When butter is melted, put the beans, add salt. After that, cover the pan with a lid.

While it is roasting, quickly clean the garlic and chop it very finely. If you do not want to cut, you can throw in a blender. Next, add pepper and garlic to the pan and fry for another 4-5 minutes.

The last step is a lemon. We wash it and sprinkle our dish. In general, the frying is noticed for about 15-17 minutes, and the result is an unusually useful and tasty treat..

Frozen green beans – a great alternative to fresh produce

Frozen beans are a great alternative to fresh produce. If you prepare it correctly, you can not be afraid that it will lose its useful properties or lose its appearance and palatability..

The simplest recipe for cooking beans

To prepare the beans you need the following ingredients:

beans с овощами

  • Packing frozen beans (0.5 kg);
  • A piece of butter (about 45-50 g);
  • Juice 1/2 part lemon;
  • Greens (mainly parsley) – 10-15 g;
  • Salt pepper.

The first step is cooking. We take a pack of beans, get out the frozen product and rinse it well under a stream of hot water. The ice should completely slip away. Put the pods in a colander and wait until it is well drained. You can put on a towel, which after a couple of minutes will absorb all the excess droplets of water.

We take a pan (not aluminum), pour in ½ of water and set on fire. Water should boil. Only after that, put the beans there and cook just a few minutes (5-6). We take out a skimmer and let it flow.

Cooking pan, heat up and lay out the oil. After we lay out already slightly cooled and drained beans, garlic, passed through a press, salt, pepper. In a heated pan, the pods should be fried for no more than 2-3 minutes. Finally sprinkle the dish with lemon juice and finely chopped parsley.

Green beans with eggs for breakfast: a hearty and simple dish

To prepare this dish you will need:

  • 0.4-0.5 kg of frozen beans;
  • A couple of chicken eggs;
  • Oil (cream or olive) – by eye;
  • Salt;
  • vinegar.

To begin, boil frozen beans according to the recommendations (wash in hot water, let it drip, then throw in boiling water in a non-aluminum saucepan) for about 5 minutes.

So that it does not lose its color, we rinse it after boiling with a liter of water with a spoonful of vinegar.

Next, heat up the speed for frying, put either butter, or pour in a little olive oil. Spread out the drained beans. After 2-3 minutes, add the eggs slightly beaten with a fork, salt. Fry until the egg mixture is ready..

salad из фасолиDelicious and simple salad recipe with canned beans and crackers with step by step photos.

Classic vinaigrette with beans, cook according to our recipes.

How to cook chanah with beans in pots, read our article.

Beans in a cheese sauce with garlic

To create such a dish will be useful:

  • 0.45-0.5 kg of beans;
  • 150-180 g of processed cheese;
  • Garlic – 15 g;
  • Flour – 1-2 spoons;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper;
  • Oregano or other spices.

This dish can serve as a snack, as well as a main dish for a snack..

First of all, wash the beans, dry them on a towel or in a colander, then throw them in boiling water. Water should not be too much. Cook no more than 7 minutes.

cook фасоль

Important: do not pour the broth. It is used to make the sauce..

After the allotted time, pour half a glass of liquid, dilute the flour in it.

prepare бульон

This must be done quickly, because the fire does not diminish and the beans are still boiled. There should be enough water in the pan so that it only covers the beans. The excess is removed. Now add flour, diluted in water, spices (salt, pepper and oregano), cheese and chopped garlic.

beans с сыром

After a minute the dish is ready and can be removed from the heat.

dish готово

Tricks when using frozen product

If you are using a frozen plant, you should learn how to use it so that it does not lose its beneficial properties or its appetizing appearance. Moreover, most often, if you prepare frozen string beans as it is written on the package, you will end up with something greenish and not very tasty..

Before you start cooking, remove the plant from the pack and rinse it under running hot water. This is necessary for several reasons:

first of all, it will help wash off the ice frost;

  1. Secondly, if the ice remains, then when the beans are loaded into the pan, the temperature in the water in it will drop sharply and, therefore, the cooking time will increase;
  2. If it is written on the package to cook for 10-15 minutes, then in fact, after you wash the beans, it is enough to cook for 5-6 minutes.

It is also recommended for greater usefulness of the dish to replace the butter, on which many fry beans, with olive.