How to cook eggs so that the shell is not cracked

The most commonly used eggs in cooking are those that have been boiled hard boiled. However, even the most experienced cooking amateurs cannot cook them properly. The most often misguided failure, undoubtedly, the shells that broke in the process of cooking.

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Because of this, the protein gradually flows out, and the product itself turns out completely spoiled. In addition, eggs with cracked shells immediately lose their aesthetic appearance..

Of course, if you want to use them in a salad, when the whole product is simply ground, this is one thing. But if it is necessary for stuffing or even as a decoration for the Easter holiday, then the appearance will be the final value.

This article will discuss how to avoid such an incident and cook this product so that the shell is perfect, but if necessary, it can also be easily cleaned..

How to cook eggs so that they do not crack

Before you start cooking, you need to know what influences the fact that cracks are gradually produced during the process of in-shell cooking. The most frequently mentioned causes of cracks are:

  1. Improper transportation of raw materials, during which microcracks appear so small that it is impossible to notice them with the naked eye. When the eggs get into boiling water, such microcracks begin to expand strongly. However, this problem can be solved quite simply: before cooking, be sure to salt and add a small amount of vinegar. All this will prevent protein outflow and prevent cracks from becoming more pronounced;
  2. Too much temperature difference between egg and water. Because of this difference, the product will simply burst. However, this difference should be very noticeable – for example, eggs that were stored in the refrigerator for some time were laid in boiling water. To avoid this problem is quite simple. Simply place the cooled product in warm water or hold it at room temperature for a couple of hours. Start cooking eggs preferably in lukewarm water, generously salted. Turn on high heat, but as soon as the water boils, immediately switch the stove to a low temperature. In seven minutes you will get a beautiful hard boiled egg;
  3. The thickness of the shell is one of the most important factors. Always buy a high-quality egg, because if a layer is fed incorrectly, then in addition to a very thin shell, it will have a small amount of useful substances in its composition..

How much time is needed

It is rare to find someone who does not like eggs. This product in its various variations is served for breakfast in most countries of the world. Filled with a large number of minerals and nutrients, they are perfectly combined with a large number of other ingredients..

At the moment there are 3 ways of cooking:

  • hard boiled;
  • into the pouch;
  • soft-boiled.

Each of these options has a different cooking time, depending on taste. For example, to get a soft-boiled, that is, to keep the yolk semi-liquid you will need to perform the following steps.

  1. Put the product in a saucepan and fill it with cold water. The most optimal water will be at room temperature or slightly warm;
  2. Turn on the comfort at the highest temperature and wait for the moment when the water starts to boil. After that, the fire can be reduced to a minimum;
  3. If you want the yolk to remain completely liquid, and the protein to be completely cooked, then you will need about 4 minutes. To create a semi-liquid yolk – only 3.

However, the most often required is to boil an egg just hard boiled. These are used to add to salads, soups and snacks..

To cook such a dish, you will first need to wait for the water to boil, and only after that you should turn down the fire. Boil for about 7 minutes. Be careful and do not digest the dish, because then the yolk will begin to resemble rubber in consistency..

Eggs in a sac are usually the preferred dish of gourmets. Its undoubted feature is that when a semi-liquid yolk protein in the cooking process should be completely solid. You need only about 5 minutes to brew them..

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How to cook eggs for Easter

It was during Easter boiled eggs should have the most aesthetic appearance, because this product is one of the avatars of the holiday. To get a beautiful dish, evenly painted in natural or artificial dye, it will take some effort.

In order to cook beautiful eggs that do not crack in onion peel, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare the onion peel, that is, remove it from the onions and rinse. After that, put it in a saucepan and pour water. In order to get the coloring solution, cook the husk on low heat for about an hour, then strain;
  2. While the solution is being prepared, warm the eggs slightly at room temperature or in warm water. Put the product into the prepared colored water and boil over low heat for about ten minutes. For a richer brown, hold them for up to 20. After cooking, put them in a bowl of cold water and oil them with sunflower oil..

However, in addition to natural dyes, such as husks, in the shops you can find many and artificial. Of course, on the pack there will necessarily be instructions on how to properly paint them, but there are also mandatory tips so that no cracks appear..

  1. Rinse the product thoroughly before painting, as this will help the paint to lie more evenly. Use warm water to reduce the temperature difference; to wash яйца
  2. Cook over low heat. If you turn on strong, then there is a greater likelihood of cracking; cook
  3. Salt the water thoroughly and throw a few wooden toothpicks into the pan. Boil an egg for about eight minutes, then place it in paint. Remember that the more time it spends in the dye, the thinner the shell becomes.. Rinse водой

Features cooking quail eggs

Despite their small size, quail eggs contain much more nutrients. However, this ingredient has not acquired a large distribution in the kitchens of Russian housewives. In particular, this is hampered by the ignorance of the nuances of their proper cooking..

In fact, it will be even easier for them to boil them. This happens because of a fairly strong shell – even under the pressure of high temperatures, their shell is not subject to cracking. Therefore, boldly cook the quail eggs in boiling water, because it will help reduce the cooking time, which will allow most of the beneficial substances to remain intact. Standard cooking time for such eggs with boiling water will be two minutes..

How to cool an egg so that you can easily remove the shell

Most people know the basic rule of egg cleaning. The fresher the original product, the more complex the cleaning process will be. However, here you can cheat a little and use one old method, which will help you to easily clean the egg later. It would be correct to call it “shock therapy”..

It is after boiling an egg that it is required to immediately subject it to a sharp temperature drop. Once your egg has cooked, immediately transfer it to a bowl of ice water and leave it in it for at least a quarter of an hour..

True, it is advisable to leave it that way in the refrigerator overnight. After that, the peeled egg will retain its beautiful oval shape, and the shell will easily come off.

How to determine the freshness of eggs

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What is quite surprising when cooking eggs, their freshness does not carry any significant role. Of course, if you are cooking them softly, then it is advisable to purchase a fresh, rustic product, but when boiling a hard boiled one, it’s good that it’s been in the fridge for a while..

However, the definition of egg freshness still carries a meaning, if only then, so as not to prepare the initially rotten product. At the moment, there are several ways to determine the freshness:

  1. The water method involves the simple lowering of the eggs in a glass with cold water. Fresh will surely sink to the bottom, and the old ones will float up;
  2. Shake the egg, holding it between two fingers: thumb and forefinger. Shaking nothing in a fresh egg;
  3. Careful inspection of the shell will help determine the freshness. If it glitters a little or seems greyish, then the product can be considered spoiled..

In fact, if you follow all the rules, you can easily cook a truly flawless boiled egg, which you can proudly serve..