Potatoes in the dumplings stuffing put in two forms: boiled and raw. In the second variant, although the cooking time is increased, the total cooking time is reduced, because for the mincemeat you only need to rub the potatoes.

Thus, dumplings with raw potatoes is a tasty, relatively fast to prepare and economical dish. In addition, there are various options for such a filling, among which everyone can find to his taste.

Traditional recipe
how приготовить вареники с сырой картошкой
Ingredients amount
purified drinking water 250 ml
eggs 1 PC.
flour 450 g
raw potatoes 800 g
butter 100 g
onions 200 g
fresh dill 30 g
black pepper 5 g
salt 13 g
Time for preparing: 70 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 162 Kcal

Stuffing for dumplings from raw potatoes may include other additional ingredients (mushrooms, lard, minced meat, cracklings, etc.), but in the traditional recipe, in addition to raw potatoes, only onions, butter, salt, spices and greens are put in the mince. A pleasant spicy taste stuffing can give dill.

Method of cooking dumplings with raw potatoes:

  1. First, water, eggs, a pinch of salt and drinking water must be kneaded elastic dough, as in the dumplings. To increase the plasticity of the dough and make it more uniform, it is necessary to give gluten a good swell.. to make тесто
  2. To do this, the dough, covered with a cotton towel, is left on the table for 20 minutes to lie down and “rest”;
  3. For the filling, raw peeled and washed potatoes along with onions must be grated. For the smallest – potatoes, for bigger ones – onions. Let the resulting chips to lie down for a few minutes, after which you should carefully squeeze out the juice that will stand out; to make фарш
  4. Mix soft but not liquid butter with onions and raw potatoes. Stir the stuffing to the oil evenly distributed in it, and the mass began to gather in one. After that you can add chopped dill;
  5. Rested dough roll out into a thin cake, cut out of it with a thin-walled glass or a special form of circles. Put 1-1.5 teaspoons of minced meat in the center of each mug and pinch the edges, as in traditional dumplings (string); vareniki
  6. Formed products put in a pot of boiling water and cook for 8-10 minutes prior to their ascent. It is important to remember that raw dumplings will sink and may stick to the bottom of the pan, so they must be mixed. Serve the finished dish with sour cream and / or onion roasting.

Scalded vareniki with raw potatoes and mushrooms

Choux dough, is the best suited for flour products filled with raw vegetables, because they need to cook longer, so that not only the dough is cooked, but the filling is warmed evenly.

In this case, the custard base with a long preparation will not melt. Mushrooms for mince can be taken absolutely any kind (mushrooms, white, chanterelles, boletus, etc.), both fresh and salted or pickled.

Ingredients for custard base and minced meat should be taken in this ratio:

  • 300 ml of water;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 800 g of flour;
  • 600 grams of potatoes;
  • 300 g of mushrooms;
  • 100 g onions;
  • 40 g of sunflower oil;
  • salt and spices to taste.

On the kneading of dough, preparing the filling, the formation and cooking of dumplings on average will have to spend from one hour to one and a half.

Caloric content of the finished dish – 166.8 kcal / 100 g.

Step by step cooking instructions:

  1. Mix one third of the total amount of flour with 1/3 of boiling water from the total amount of water, quickly mix and cool. Then pour in the salted remaining water, hammer in the eggs and knead the stiff dough, which should be allowed to rest for a while in a plastic bag;
  2. While the dough is resting, there is time to do the preparation of the filling. Grate potatoes and squeeze the juice well. In sunflower oil, fry the chopped mushrooms with onions. Mix potatoes and cooled mushrooms, salt and pepper if necessary, and the filling is ready;
  3. Dough and fillings form dumplings and boil them in salted water for no more than 10 minutes. Smear the finished products with butter and sprinkle with chopped herbs.

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Recipe for dumplings with raw potatoes and bacon

This version of the filling of raw potatoes and bacon will be appreciated by the representatives of the stronger sex, because the dish is not only tasty, but also quite rich and high-calorie..

If someone such a filling may seem too fat, then instead of fat, you can take bacon or ham, sausages or sausages, cut into slices.

In the dough and the filling will go such products:

  • 160 ml of water;
  • 2 large chicken eggs;
  • 640 g of flour;
  • 200 grams of lard;
  • 200 g onions;
  • 300 grams of raw potatoes;
  • salt, spices and sunflower oil to taste.

The total duration of all culinary processes for cooking dishes will be up to 1.5 hours..

Caloric value of 100 grams servings of such dumplings – 260.2 kilocalories.


  1. From water, salt, chicken eggs and flour knead steep dumplings dough. To do this, stir the eggs up to a uniform state with a fork, add salt, water at room temperature and add flour to the necessary consistency. As in previous recipes, let the mass rest for 20-40 minutes;
  2. For the filling, cut half the amount of bacon into small cubes and fry with onion cubes to a beautiful caramel color. Chop the potatoes using a grater, squeeze the juice well and combine with the bacon and onions. Adjust the taste of minced meat to salt and spices;
  3. Cut out small circles from a thinly rolled layer of dough, put a little filling in the center of each and pinch the edges, forming chubby crescents;
  4. Put the dumplings in boiling water, mix so as not to stick to the bottom, wait for the ascent and cook for 10 minutes after that;
  5. The remaining fat is also finely chopped and fry until crispy cracklings. Finished dumplings catch from the pan with a slotted spoon, put in an empty pot and smear with melted bacon with bacon. Serve hot with cracklings and sour cream.

Useful tips

Shredded potatoes for the filling must necessarily squeeze to drain the juice. This will help the filling not to be liquid..

Since all the juice will not be able to be squeezed out completely, and it will still stand out, you should not sculpt too many dumplings right away so that it does not quench in anticipation of a turn to bathe in boiling water. It is better to cook them in small portions..

Cut off a piece of dough from a ball, which is enough for one portion of dumplings, cover the rest of the ball with a film or a towel so that it does not wind away.

Cook the dumplings over medium heat to allow both the dough and potatoes to boil well..