How to cook different types of jelly at home

According to unofficial statistics, Americans every minute eat 8 servings of jelly. A couple of centuries ago, Napoleon Bonaparte also could not pass by this dessert. What is special about frozen sweetness and how can you make a variety of jelly at home??

jelly радуга

Frozen pleasure

The word “jelly” came to us from French. Literally, it can be translated as jelly or gel. Since the 19th century, this is the name of a frozen sweet dish made from fruits, sugar and gelatin..

The basis for the candy traditionally considered:

  • Gelatin;
  • Pectin;
  • Agar agar.

The most familiar in this list looks gelatin. It is obtained after treating the tendons, bones, skin, and cartilage of animals. While cooking, the main thing with gelatin is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the dish will receive a specific flavor. This base for delicacy is good for bones, hair and nails.

Although the history of frozen food began with pectin. This element can boast of many fruits and berries. Such as apples, quince, gooseberries, black currants and others. Before the invention of gelatin, it was fruit juice that was used to make jelly..

Even if the pectin in the finished dish is too much, the dessert will not lose its chic taste. What can not be said about the appearance – an overabundance of this substance will make the jelly cloudy and unattractive.

Less often on the shelves of the hostess you can find agar-agar. This product is made from red and brown algae of the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Agar-agar is rather a dietary basis. Contains a lot of energy, speeds up the metabolism, and also does not spoil the taste and appearance of the dish. That’s just to find this “fixer” is quite difficult.

As for the ingredients, today the delicacy is made from the most diverse and sometimes amazing products. They can be berries, sour cream, coffee, carcade, champagne. It turns out jelly – it is a popular dessert of modern cuisine, different flavors and healthy..

When gelatin is all over the head

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, there were more than two thousand recipes for preparing gelatin jelly. And it is no wonder, such basis helps to create delicacies from practically inexhaustible assortment of ingredients. But this is not all the advantages of “thickener”. Let’s take a look at how to make jelly at home from gelatin.

Any recipe from gelatin allows you to:

    two-tone желе
  • To save time. Sweetness freezes on average 40-60 minutes;
  • Gives a binge of fantasy. You can mix the ingredients, prepare a delicacy in layers, in the form of a mosaic. Also, the dessert can be laid out in an unusual form (for example, in egg shells);
  • Allows you to create low-calorie treats. Add some sugar or remove it completely from the recipe..

How to cook at home is jelly? Simple enough. Packed gelatin send soak in cold water. It will take about an hour for it to swell. At 15-20 grams of dry mix you will need 50 milliliters of water..

Leaf gelatin freezes in almost 5 minutes. After swelling, the leaves are dipped in boiling water and stirred. In order not to waste time while the gelatin is prepared, you can do a delicious base. Further, the ingredients prepared and laid out in molds should be poured with a “fixer” and cooled..

No gelatin found in this jelly!

jelly с фруктамиThose who do not count calories will love pectin jelly recipes. The dish turns out natural and tasty. What is needed? 600-700 grams of fruit or berries containing this substance. Ideal apples, plums, currants, gooseberries. And a kilo of sugar.

All this mix and put to languish on the fire until the slurry turns into a viscous mixture. The finished jelly can also be poured into the bowls and put in the refrigerator. You can simplify the cooking process and buy pectin in the store.

Rather simple in cooking are delicacies from agar. Consider the example of lemon syrup jelly.

For this you will need:

  • 5 grams of agar-agar;
  • 100 ml of cool water;
  • Lemon syrup (to taste);
  • 300 ml of boiling water;

How to make jelly at home without gelatin from agar? Armed with food, you should dissolve the agar in cool water, and let stew for a moment on low heat. Pour syrup with boiling water, add a fixative, mix and pour into the bowl.

Dessert will be ready in literally 10 minutes..

Come on, fruit, stand in a row!

Fruit jelly will decorate any holiday. Children from the beautiful and tasty sweets will be delighted. In addition, dessert can be a refreshing dish in the summer heat and remind of sunny days in winter..

You can cook the third dish in all the ways mentioned above. Consider the easiest option for the hostess.

We need it:

  • 1 pear;
  • 1 apple;
  • ½ cup cherry;
  • 2 branches of mint;
  • 1 pack of gelatin;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • ½ liter of water.

So how to make fruit jelly at home? When everything is on the table, let’s start “conjuring”.

jelly с фруктамиFrom fresh cherries should carefully remove the bones. Or take canned berries without them. Peel fruits and cut into cubes.

Heat the water, throw sugar into it, boil it and leave it on low heat.

Throw an apple with a pear into the syrup, boil for a moment and get it.

Remove syrup from tile and cool.

Lay out the fruits in the forms carefully, put a layer of cherries on top.

Further prepared in advance gelatin is sent to bask in a low heat until the final melting. The main thing is not to let it boil, otherwise it will lose the properties of the “thickener”. Stir gelatin with syrup. The resulting mass is poured into prepared molds with fruit, garnish with mint and hide in the refrigerator for several hours. Beautiful and delicious dessert is ready.

Milk rivers and jelly banks

gele4Sweet tooth, watching his figure, it will be difficult to resist the milk jelly. First, it is really a delicious delicacy. Secondly, it is a low calorie meal..

If sugar in the recipe is replaced with stevia, then 100 grams of the product will contain about 52 calories. For comparison, a chocolate bar contains 535 calories. Consider the easiest recipe for milk pleasure..

For him, take:

  • ½ liter of milk;
  • ½ cup water;
  • 2 teaspoons of gelatin;
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar;
  • Vanillin – to taste.

And how to make milk jelly at home? First, as in all recipes, prepare the gelatin. That is, let him swell. Then we send milk to the fire, wait for boiling bubbles and immediately remove. Add sugar, boil again and finally remove from heat. Stir the milk and pour the gelatin into it..

When the mass podstnet, you can add vanilla or cinnamon. After stirring, strain the mixture through a strainer in ice cream bowls, and put the dish on the shelf in the refrigerator.

Note hostess: do not use skimmed milk. Otherwise, the jelly will turn a bluish tint, taste will also suffer. Pasteurized whole milk is best.

In love with sour cream

Even ordinary sour cream can be turned into a delicate delicacy. It is very useful. Sour cream is rich in vitamins, as well as organic acids, including biotin and beta-carotene. Preparing sour jelly at home is easy enough.

So, at our disposal should be:

  • 1 liter sour cream;
  • 1 pack of gelatin;
  • ½ cup of sugar;
  • 200-300 years prunes.

You can start cooking. Sour cream and sugar should be put in a deep dish and beat (say, a blender). Add the prepared gelatin into the sweet mixture and move.

gelatin должен набухнуть

Prune finely chopped and add to sour cream. Mass mix again. Lay beautifully in molds and put in the refrigerator.

to mix сметану

In such a simple way, sour cream has turned into a delicious dessert.

gelatin должен застыть

Instead of prunes, you can use strawberries, cocoa, jam or condensed milk. You can eat sweets on a weekday or include in the menu of the holiday table.

jelly из сметаны

“Tea ceremony” of jelly

All our contemporaries guess the benefits of green tea. But few people know that such delicacies as jelly are already made from it. Again, if you replace sugar with honey, the dish can be included in the number of dietary.

In any case, the dessert of green tea looks very original, and the recipe is useful to note tempted hostess.

What you need to take:

    jelly из чая
  • ½ boiling water;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves;
  • 4-5 Art. spoons of sugar;
  • 1 pack of gelatin;
  • 1 glass of grapes.

Brew green tea. To make the taste softer, the tea can be thrown into the slightly cooled water (or add 1-2 ice cubes to the boiling water). Cooling down.

Pour sugar into a deep pan, pour tea through a strainer, stir it. Add the prepared gelatin, still mix until smooth..

Washed, cut in half grapes lay out in the form. It is advisable to remove bones from it in advance. Fill the mixture and send to freeze in the refrigerator. In a couple of hours, the original dessert will be ready..

Also, jelly from tea is prepared with the addition of kiwi, lemon, mint. You can prepare a delicacy not only with green tea leaves, but also using classic black tea, refined white or even carcade. Such a dish well saves in the heat. And also remembered by everyone.

airplane на тортInteresting and tasty DIY mastic figures.

Carrot cake with sour cream – simple and tasty. Read the recipe.

The recipe for classic tiramisu cooked at home will be your favorite dessert for all holidays..

That’s the trick: jelly cooking secrets

When the recipe is already selected, the ingredients are selected, it remains to use a couple of cook tips to make the dish perfect:

  • To make the treat even tastier, it is worth while adding a few drops of lemon juice or wine while cooking;
  • Forget about aluminum dishes – this metal spoils the taste and color of jelly;
  • In order to avoid lumps, the bottom of the dish into which the dessert is poured is recommended to preheat.

There are a couple more pitfalls that you can learn to circumvent..

For example, even in experienced housewives, jelly can not freeze. This is often due to the excess liquid added to the dish. Or, on the contrary, if the “fixer” in the dessert is too small.

You can save sweetness: pour it back into the saucepan, heat it, add a portion of gelatin (pectin, agar-agar), pour it back into molds and cool.

Now the main thing to get jelly and do not damage all the beauty. The trick is that the form itself can be placed in a large bowl of boiling water and wait a bit. Or put for a few seconds (no more than three), warm up in the microwave. So dessert gently slip on the plate.

Thrifty housewives can keep a treat in a dark, dry and cool place for up to six months.

Enjoy your meal!