In addition to Australia, you can meet the white mushroom in the forest on all continents. Especially his many in Russia. In its taste and beneficial properties, it is not inferior to meat. Since the mushroom belongs to the sponge family, nutritionists do not recommend keeping other products near it..

Fresh, it is stored for two or three days, and in the winter the mushrooms are frozen or dried. The drying process is carried out in a well-ventilated area, it is recommended to store in paper bags or boxes..

In the white mushrooms a lot of useful substances that help with thyroid disease, as well as are auxiliary means for the prevention of cancer diseases. These mushrooms are quite high in calories, so, 100 grams of the product contain 286 kcal.

To cook a delicious soup, mushrooms should be put in a bowl, there pour cold water and keep it all night. If there is no time for soaking, then before making a soup or other dish from them, they are lowered for half an hour in a bowl with boiling water..

Classic recipe
how вкусно сварить суп из сушеных белых грибов
Ingredients amount
dried mushrooms 150 g
cold water 2 l
potatoes 6 pieces.
carrots 2 pcs.
flour 60 g
Luke 1 PC.
sunflower oil 60 grams
salt, black pepper taste
sour cream taste
spice taste
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 98 Kcal

A saucepan with water is placed on the stove and brought to a boil. Pre-soaked mushrooms must be cut and thrown into boiling water..

dunk грибы

Then reduce the fire and boil them for another hour..

to boil грибы

During this time, the onion is cut into small cubes, the carrot is also better to manually cut into thin straws..

to rub морковь

Sunflower oil is poured into the pan and chopped onion is put.

to pass морковь

It is necessary to fry onions slightly. As soon as it becomes transparent, sliced ​​carrots are put in the same place..

add морковь

All fried three minutes, then you should add flour and fry until golden brown.

In order not to form lumps, two or three tablespoons of broth, then peas and bay leaves are added to the fried vegetables. Optionally, there you can add sour cream.

As soon as the mushrooms are cooked, finely chopped potatoes are put into the pan and cooked together for another twenty minutes..

add картофель

After a specified time, the fried vegetables are put into the pan. Everything should be salted, pepper and cook the soup will remain for another ten to fifteen minutes.

Served soup with sour cream and greens.

soup готов

Mushroom soup with cheese

This recipe uses melted cheese. It is better to take high quality cream cheese and a little fat to melt better and combine with other ingredients..


  • Dried ceps – one hundred grams;
  • Potato – half a kilo;
  • Onions – two heads;
  • Carrots – one tuber;
  • Processed cheese – two packs;
  • Butter – thirty grams;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste;
  • Bay leaf – two leaflets;
  • Pepper Peas.

Time for cooking takes 1 hour. Calorie dishes is 1246 kcal.

mushroom сырный супSo, how to cook mushroom soup of dried porcini with cheese? Soaked in the evening, mushrooms should still boil in water for about twenty minutes. During this time, onions and carrots are finely chopped into cubes and fried in butter. The oil should be slightly carrot color.

Twenty minutes after the mushrooms are cooked, finely chopped potatoes are added there. All together you need to cook another fifteen minutes and add fried onions and carrots.

After that, fifteen minutes into the soup put processed cheese. They are pre-cut into small pieces, and throwing them into the pan, you should constantly stir until they are well separated..

Salt and pepper soup should be at the end, also at this time, bay leaf and peppercorns are added..

The soup is made in the color of baked milk, with a rich mushroom flavor..

Dietary Chicken Dish

Everyone knows that any mushrooms are perfect for chicken meat. A royal white mushrooms as well as possible are suitable for soup with chicken. To get a dietary soup, you should choose a lean carcass, chicken is better suited.

What is necessary for the preparation of this dish?

  • One kilogram of chicken;
  • Potatoes – 300 grams;
  • Dried white mushrooms – 70 grams;
  • Onion;
  • Carrot;
  • Sunflower oil – twenty grams;
  • Salt, pepper, to taste;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Condiments, greens, to taste.

Time for cooking takes about an hour, calorie is 2110 kcal.

soup с курицейLet’s take a look at how to cook a dried soup made from dried ceps with chicken, in more detail. The chicken is put in a saucepan, water is poured so that it only covers the carcass and set on fire. As soon as the water boils, you should remove the foam and boil it for another twenty minutes over low heat. Then the broth is filtered, the chicken is cut into pieces and returned to a clean pan with the broth. The pot with chicken meat is put on the fire again, lightly salt and cook for another ten minutes..

Potatoes need to cut into cubes and add to the pan with the chicken. During this time, the onions should be finely chopped, carrots cut into strips or grated on a coarse grater. All fry in vegetable oil.

As soon as onions and carrots are fried, pre-soaked and finely chopped mushrooms are added there overnight. Everything is passaged for another twenty minutes, while you need not forget the vegetables with mushrooms, salt and pepper.

Then the contents of the pan should be added to the chicken soup, put the bay leaf there, cook another five minutes and turn off the heat. Served with greens and spices.

Cutlets из куриного фаршаCook rice hedgehogs in the oven, this is a tasty dish that children especially like..

For breakfast, cook omelet steamed – it is useful. Recipe here.

Noodle soup

This is a fairly simple recipe, but thanks to the taste of mushrooms, the soup is fragrant and rich. Since the vermicelli is used in the recipe, it is necessary to remember that it must be made from flour of solid varieties, otherwise the vermicelli will fall apart.

Alternatively, Italian spaghetti, finely chopped into straws, is often used..

It consists of the following products:

noodles суп

  • White dry mushrooms – 100 grams;
  • Potatoes – 500 grams;
  • Onions – 1 head;
  • Spaghetti or vermicelli – 100 grams;
  • Water – 2 liters;
  • Sunflower oil — 2 tablespoons;
  • Butter — 3 tablespoons;
  • Garlic clove;
  • Bay leaf, allspice, pepper peas – to taste.

It takes about an hour and ten minutes to cook, and the caloric content is only 1450 kcal..

Now in detail about how to cook vermicelli soup of porcini mushrooms. Dried mushrooms should be soaked overnight in room temperature water..

The softened mushrooms are easy to cut and lightly fried in a mixture of sunflower and butter.

Then they are poured boiling water and boiled for another hour. Twenty minutes before readiness, the whole potato is put in the pan, which, of course, must be cleaned and rinsed..

Onions and carrots are finely chopped and fried in the same mixture of sunflower and butter. Potatoes that have been boiled with mushrooms are removed from the pan and, as it should, crumpled with a fork or tolkushku.

Then onions, carrots and the rest of the finely chopped potatoes are placed in a pan of mushrooms. Add noodles or pre-broken spaghetti. Everything is cooked for another ten minutes, then wrinkled potatoes, bay leaf, allspice and pepper are added to the same place..

The soup of dried white mushrooms with noodles can only be salted and pepper. Two minutes before being cooked, a finely chopped clove of garlic is added to it..

Useful tips

Before you prepare dishes from dried white mushrooms, it would be nice to know some of their features and properties..

  1. Mushrooms perfectly absorb all the positive and negative substances that exist in the environment where they grow. Therefore, it is impossible to collect them in polluted areas and where there are industrial enterprises. Nor should old mushrooms be used;
  2. Children under the age of fourteen should not be fed mushroom dishes. The fact is that in the composition of dried and raw mushrooms, there is chitin. It is a substance that inhibits gastric fermentation. Also, one should not feed people with low stomachs as mushrooms, since proteins are difficult to digest;
  3. We must remember that before offering people a soup or other dish of dried porcini mushrooms, we must ask whether they are allergic to them. It is even dangerous for many people to try food from dried or fresh mushrooms..

Since ceps have properties to prevent many diseases, including cancer, if there are no contraindications, doctors recommend grinding them in a coffee grinder, or chop them finely, and then sprinkle any food with them..

Nutritionists advise eating dried mushrooms, because the proteins in their composition are absorbed much faster and better than in fresh mushrooms, almost 80%.