Salad with beans belongs to the category of fast food. Such irreplaceable recipes are always taken into consideration by a good housewife on occasions when guests suddenly come to a run, rush to work or urgently get ready for a trip and you need to take a bite.

The beans are very nourishing and healthy, goes well with boiled meat, ham, cheese and just fresh or pickled vegetables.

There are, of course, adherents of home-made boiled beans only, but it is necessary to spend a lot of time on this with pre-soaking. It is much easier to buy ready-made canned beans, they do not differ in taste..

Most often, salads with the use of this product are prepared in the cold period of time, when the body requires a greater charge of energy and strength. Then come to the rescue and chicken sternum, potatoes, mayonnaise and other high-calorie ingredients. Happens, add even dried fruits and nuts, corn and crackers.
Simple salad with chicken and beans
how вкусно приготовить салат с фасолью и курицей
Ingredients amount
Beans 1 cup
Beet 1 PC.
Chicken breast 200 g
Lettuce leaf 3 pcs.
Eggs 2 pcs.
Soy sauce 3 tbsp. l.
Olives 1 bank
Baking soda pinch
Salt, seasonings taste
Time for preparing: 170 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 105 Kcal

Dietary sternum perfectly dilute and somewhat facilitate such a rich and high-calorie salad of beans, olives, eggs and other components.

Soak the beans in cold water overnight. In the solution, add necessarily a pinch of baking soda, so it does not ferment.

Soak бобы

Beets are carefully washed several times and set to boil simultaneously with the beans, the time of boiling of these products is almost the same.

Cook свеклу

Lettuce leaves are washed and laid out on a dry towel. Open the olives and pour the brine, it is better to immediately take the seedless, less waste and quickly cut.

Chop the boiled breast in arbitrary slices. From the beets, pour out the broth and immerse in water. So it cools faster and will be better cleaned..


Cut the hard boiled eggs into quarters. Beets are cut into layers, then into strips and cubes. Cool the prepared beans.

We connect

We combine the products together in a glass salad bowl, season with spices, tear the lettuce leaves with our hands. Fill all with soy sauce.

Smoked Breast and Bean Salad

This dish is simple enough to prepare: to buy in the grocery store all the necessary products, most of which are already in finished form.


  • Red beans – 1 can;
  • Smoked breast – 350 g;
  • Eggs – 4 pcs .;
  • Mayonnaise – 200 ml;
  • Spring onions – a bunch;
  • Cheese – 200 g;
  • Salt – to taste;
  • Potato – 2 pcs.

Cooking: 35 minutes.

Caloric content: 113 Kcal / 100 g.

We diligently wash the potatoes, put them in the pan, on top of the eggs, fill with water and set to boil. Fifteen minutes later, we take out the eggs and immerse in cold water, boil the potatoes for another five minutes..

Hard cheese is cut into large cubes. Open the jar and pour the brine from the beans. With the chicken breast, remove the skin, remove the bones and chop into cubes, like cheese. Peeled potatoes and eggs are peeled and cut into bars..

All prepared products are mixed, and we add salt, pour homemade mayonnaise. Leave a little insist. Such a dish with smoked chicken and beans can be eaten not only cold, but also heated in the form of a warm salad.

Nice trio – chicken, beans and crackers

Salad with chicken, beans and crackers is a versatile dish, it can always be built from simple products available. It is not necessary to strictly observe the proportions and can be improvised with dressings..


  • Chicken – 300 g;
  • Beans – 1 can;
  • White loaf – 3 pieces;
  • Corn – 0.5 cans;
  • Quail eggs – 5 pcs .;
  • Marinated cucumber – 2 pcs .;
  • Olive oil – 4 tbsp. l .;
  • Salt – to taste.

Preparation: 50 minutes.

Caloric content: 121 Kcal / 100 g.

Baton cut into small squares, spread on a sheet and dried in an electric oven to a crunchy surface. Eggs pour water and boil for ten minutes. Chicken meat is divided into strips the size of five by two centimeters and until cooked we fry.

Open the corn and beans, pour the brine. Cucumber shred cubes. Eggs clean and cut in half. Combine all the ingredients, prepared, add salt to taste and pour with olive oil.

Where without favorite mushrooms?

For a salad with chicken, beans and mushrooms, you can use both marinated mushrooms and personally fried mushrooms.


Chicken салат с грибами и фасолью

  • Chicken fillet – 250 g;
  • Beans – 1 can;
  • Cheese – 150 g;
  • Green beans – 200 g;
  • Unrefined oil – 50 ml;
  • Mushrooms – 150 g;
  • Linseed oil – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Salt, spices – to taste;
  • Lemon – 0.5 pcs .;
  • Basil – bunch.

Preparation: 30 minutes.

Caloric content: 118 Kcal / 100 g.

Chicken fillet boil in boiling water for twenty minutes, be sure to collect the film from above, this broth can be useful for another dish. We defrost the string beans, let the water drain well and fry slightly in unrefined oil, literally five minutes. The meat is cooled and cut into arbitrary slices..

Mushrooms pour warm water to the dirt easier to move, chop slices and fry until the moisture evaporates..

You can grate the cheese, but it is better to chop it into slices so that the products in the salad look aesthetic and appetizing..

Mix the prepared ingredients, cut the lemon in two and sprinkle the dish on top, sprinkle with spices, fill with linseed oil.

Chicken and Red Bean Salad Recipe

Inexpressible taste is obtained from a combination of sweet and sour apples, Chinese cabbage and red beans. As a dressing for this dish, you can use both the lightest mayonnaise and a combination of several vegetable oils..


  • Apples – 2 pcs .;
  • Peking cabbage – 400 g;
  • Large cucumber – 1 pc .;
  • Flax seeds – 20 g;
  • Beans – 1 can;
  • Homemade mayonnaise – 150 ml;
  • Walnuts – 50 g;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste;
  • Chicken meat – 200 g.

Spicy блюдо с бобовыми

Preparation: 50 minutes.

Caloric content: 116 Kcal / 100 g.

Fruits and vegetables wash. Meat boil until cooked. Apples clean and cut out the core. Hazel the nuts and carefully choose the kernel, so that suddenly the shell does not fall.

Cucumber and apples shred length straws. We wash the Beijing cabbage, shake off the water well, cut it in half and cut it across the fibers.

Red canned beans open and pour the entire brine. Wash with more water and discard in a colander..

Nuts are ground with a rolling pin, but not into powder, but into small grains. Pour all the ingredients into a large salad bowl, add seasonings and add a little bit. Fill with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly..

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Useful tips

  1. If the salad is prepared on the eve of the event, you do not need to fill it immediately – the products will drain, and the dish will spoil. Pour the sauce just before serving, so will the effect of freshly cooked salad;
  2. Beans can be put in any salad, even if it is not in the list of ingredients. This is a product that will perfectly harmonize with any composition;
  3. It is recommended to clean the apple before adding to the salad, it will not be a very pleasant feeling, if the peel clings to the sky while eating;
  4. If you use soy sauce as a dressing, do not rush to spice up the salad, it is quite salty;
  5. It is recommended to remove the skin from smoked chicken, not to use it anywhere else, since it accumulates the largest amount of tar and carcinogens;
  6. For salad beans do not need too boil them – it is not in the soup. It is better to keep whole beans;
  7. Adding salt to the water while boiling the beans prolongs the process for at least half an hour. Do not do this.

Enjoy your meal!