Greek dwellers are often complemented with minced meat, which makes the dish more nutritious and rich. You can give this recipe a great taste brightness by adding tomato sauce. And for those who are watching their diet, you can cook wonderful Greek fries with steamed chicken.

Grechanik represent a kind of burgers, which are very juicy and hearty. The basis of this dish is buckwheat. Very often this dish is supplemented with various components that make it more original and filled with new flavor and taste. Consider cooking Greek, which are complemented by minced meat.
Step-by-step recipe
how вкусно приготовить гречаники с фаршем
Ingredients amount
any fresh mince ½ kg
refined vegetable oil 150 ml
fresh chicken eggs three jokes
water two glasses
buckwheat one glass
wheat flour five tablespoons
medium bulb 1 PC.
salt and pepper according to personal preference
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 199 Kcal

The stages of cooking Greek with minced meat:

  1. Buckwheat must, first of all, thoroughly sort, wash, drain the water through a sieve and provide an opportunity for complete drying; cereal отварить
  2. Place the container with two glasses of purified water on the stove, bring to the boiling point, add salt in the amount of one teaspoon. There, pour the prepared buckwheat, cover with lid and cook for 20 minutes;
  3. Drain and cool. After that it is necessary to grind the prepared porridge thoroughly in a blender;
  4. Cut onions in the form of large cubes and fry with the use of vegetable oil in a pan. Then cool and grind with a blender; slice лук
  5. Add prepared onion to mince. Also hammer in one egg at once, add salt and pepper in accordance with the taste. Stir the entire mixture;
  6. Add the prepared buckwheat to the mince and carefully knead everything again. Then it is desirable to beat off the mixture; to make фарш
  7. Hands moistened in water and proceed to the formation of cutlets;
  8. Beat two eggs into a separate container and whisk; add яйцо
  9. Each cutlet is rolled around in flour, then dipped in a beaten egg;
  10. Heat the frying pan on the stove, add the refined vegetable oil and fry the formed buckwheat until golden brown. In this case, the intensity of the fire should be minimal;
  11. To serve dishes on the table, it is worthwhile to provide some kind of sauce at your personal discretion.. cutlets

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Grechanik with minced meat in tomato sauce in the oven

grechanics по домашнему

To cook the Greek inhabitants in tomato sauce you will need the following list of ingredients:

  • fresh chicken fillet – ½ kg;
  • buckwheat – a full glass of standard sizes;
  • one or two chicken eggs;
  • two bulbs of the big sizes;
  • two garlic cloves;
  • tomato sauce;
  • seasonings, dried herbs and salt in accordance with their own taste preferences;
  • vegetable refined oil for roasting Greek;
  • wheat flour for breading.

Cooking time – 1 hour 30 minutes.

Calories – 166.5 kcal.


  1. Grind meat with a meat grinder together with a single onion. Add all the necessary seasonings, salt and drive an egg. Also add garlic, passed through the garlic press. Stir the minced meat thoroughly;
  2. Boil the buckwheat in water until fully cooked, then cool and add to the minced meat. After that, mix the whole mixture thoroughly;
  3. Pre-moistened hands with water to form Greek inhabitants and roll them in wheat flour;
  4. Heat the frying pan on the stove and on the refined vegetable oil and fry the greaves from both sides until you get a ruddy golden color crust;
  5. Chop another onion into small cubes and fry in a pan with vegetable oil;
  6. Add tomato sauce to the pan and add seasonings and dried herbs;
  7. Fried greekiki with minced meat put in a baking dish with high sides and pour the resulting tomato sauce;
  8. Cover the form with foil and place in a preheated oven. Bake until cooked..

Dietary buckwheat with steamed chicken

Greek chefs cooked according to this recipe are very tasty and healthy. To prepare you need:

  • buckwheat – 150 grams;
  • one small bulb;
  • one teaspoon ground paprika;
  • a small pinch of peppers;
  • one garlic clove;
  • fresh minced chicken – ½ kg;
  • two tablespoons of breadcrumbs;
  • one bell pepper;
  • two small pinches of salt.

Cooking time – 45 minutes.

Calories – 81 kcal.

Step by step cooking a dietary dish with minced meat:

  1. Cook buckwheat until cooked, then cool and add to the chicken mince;
  2. Free the onion and garlic from the husk, chop with a knife and also add to the minced meat;
  3. Add the required amount of salt, paprika and pepper;
  4. Also pour the prepared amount of breadcrumbs to the composition;
  5. Now it remains only to mix everything thoroughly and the minced meat is completely ready;
  6. Form a small-sized patties and gently put in a steamer;
  7. Steam cooking time should be about half an hour..

Experienced Culinary Tips

  1. In order for the stuffing for the Greek inhabitants to turn out viscous and it was easier to make cutlets from it, it is worthwhile to beat it off after mixing the meat with buckwheat porridge.
  2. If suddenly in the process of formation of the Greek people start to fall apart, it is worth adding one more additional egg.
  3. From the cooking process, you can completely remove the frying stage in the pan. For a more healthy dish, it is better to bake the Greek in the oven on parchment paper..

Grechanik with minced meat is a useful and tasty dish of Ukrainian origin. The cooking process is quite simple and does not take much time. Therefore, every hostess should definitely include this dish in the diet..