Virtually every pastry, which includes this dairy product, will appeal to any adult and child. According to cooks, cottage cheese is universal, as it is used for salty dishes, and for confectioners it is especially valuable – any baking with this ingredient becomes lush, extremely tasty and airy..

Easy and delicious recipes

The amount of baking from cottage cheese is immense, but these recipes and little tricks rescued the housewives more than once and made their loved ones happy..
Cookies “Homemade”
how вкусно приготовить печенье из творога
Ingredients amount
cottage cheese with 10% fat 250 g
cream margarine or butter (frozen) 250 g
sifted several times the flour of the highest grade 300 g
large chicken eggs 3 pcs.
sugar sand 200 g
soda (before use quench with vinegar) 5 tsp.
vanilla sugar (optional) 1 package
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 302 Kcal

Baking homemade cookies will require a minimum of time and food. Because in half an hour you will get a full plate of airy and delicate cookies..


First, sift the flour into the bowl, into which you will rub the creamy margarine through a large grater;

to rub маргарин

The mass for the future dough needs to be chopped with a table knife to form crumbs;

Mix the mixture with cottage cheese, soda, vanilla sugar and set aside for a quarter of an hour in a cool place;

After 15 minutes, go to the dough. Then again remove it to cool for about a quarter of an hour. Do not forget to cover with foil;

stir up тесто

Divide the cooled dough into equal pieces. Each roll to a thickness of 5 -10 mm and cut out circles from them. For this you can use a cut glass;

separate тесто

Using a fork, lightly beat the eggs;

Dip each circle in the egg mixture, then sugar. After folding the circle in half, repeat the procedure. Result: small triangles;

dip в сахаре

Put the formed cookies on a greased baking sheet and send to bake for half an hour at a temperature of 180 C;

biscuit на противне

While the baking is hot, sprinkle it with grated chocolate or powdered sugar..

Light curd cookies with sour cream

This delicacy is an ideal way to surprise unexpected guests: it is prepared quickly, it turns out to be satisfying and inexpensive..

Required Products:

  • 50 gr. sour cream fat content of 33%;
  • 200 gr. sifted wheat flour;
  • 250 gr. pre-grated “granulated” cottage cheese;
  • 50-75 gr. powdered sugar;
  • 1 small egg;
  • Soda on the tip of a knife;
  • 100 gr. cream margarine;
  • 3 gr. citric acid;
  • 5 packs of vanilla;
  • 100 gr. sugar sand;

Cooking time: half an hour.

Caloric content: 316.28 kcal.

Technological process:

cottage cheese печенье

  1. Rub the yolk with half the sugar, then with the softened creamy margarine. You can also beat with a mixer at maximum speed;
  2. Mix the cottage cheese with sour cream, and add to the egg-butter mixture;
  3. Mix the remaining dry ingredients and knead the dough;
  4. Clean cottage cheese dough for a quarter of an hour in a cool place;
  5. Grease a baking sheet;
  6. Protein whisk. At the end, throw in citric acid, add the remaining sugar and whisk again;
  7. From the rolled out dough and cut the circles;
  8. Spread cookies with whipped protein and send to the oven (180 C) for half an hour.

Cheese-Cheese Chocolate Cookies

Despite the presence of hard cheese, this cookie surprises with its tenderness. Also, the recipe will interest young mothers whose children can not be forced to use it in its pure form..


cottage cheese печенье сладкое

  • 150 gr. softened cream margarine or butter;
  • 1.5 Art. flour sifted several times;
  • 100 gr. medium-fat cottage cheese;
  • 1 large egg;
  • 150 gr. chocolate (the main thing is not porous);
  • 0, 5 tsp. soda (quench with vinegar);
  • 150 gr. granulated sugar (finely granulated);
  • 100 gr. any hard cheese;
  • Lubrication oil.

Total cooking time: 1 – 1.5 hours.

Calorie cookies: 394.97 kcal per 100 grams.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Butter, cottage cheese and 1/3 of granulated sugar mix thoroughly;
  2. Finely grate the cheese, add flour and soda;
  3. Combine components 1 and 2 points, knead a steep, but plastic dough;
  4. Cover with foil and send to the freezer for half an hour;
  5. Beat the egg;
  6. Divide the dough into several parts and roll out each of them as thin as possible. Cut circles;
  7. Dip each cookie on one side in the egg, then in the granulated sugar;
  8. Cookies baked in the oven for about half an hour;
  9. Melt chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave;
  10. When the cookies are ready and cool, place them on a flat surface or plate поверхности and pour chocolate on top..

baskets Shortcake dough baskets with cream, cottage cheese or berry filling. But such baskets can be used not only as a dessert, but also as a snack if you make a salty mushroom or fish filling.

Read what to add to the traditional wafer and condensed milk cake to make the dessert taste more interesting and original..

The recipe for pancakes stuffed with meat is always useful. In addition, such a dish is very simple to prepare for the future, freezing the semi-finished product and just warm it up before serving.

Tips and tricks for cottage cheese baking

Before you begin to conjure in the kitchen, you need to know a few subtleties and rules for preparing food:

  • Usually for baking choose “granulated” cottage cheese. But some housewives, wanting to enhance the taste of delicacies, use a fermented milk product with a higher percentage of fat;
  • Before you buy, pay attention to its hue and the smell of cottage cheese. A quality product of pure white or cream color and has a pleasant aroma without a hint of sourness;
  • Each cottage cheese pastry begins with the grinding of the main product. Objective: to break the lumps and make it homogeneous;
  • If the recipe does not indicate the coverage of the treat with chocolate or various powders, before sending the cookies to the oven, grease it with a slightly beaten egg with the addition of milk;
  • For not burning the surface of cottage cheese baking, a bowl filled with boiling water is placed under the baking sheet;
  • Determine the readiness of any product from the curd is very easy: just knock on the edges of the form. In the finished product, only the central part shakes;
  • Any delicacy baked from this product should be in the oven after turning it off for another 10-20 minutes;
  • To prevent the dough from sticking to the glass during cutting, it is first dipped in flour;
  • If sugar is replaced with powdered sugar, then the pastry will have a more uniform brown color;
  • When an egg comes in the recipe, but it is not in the fridge, the product can be replaced: 3 tbsp. l natural yogurt, ½ grated banana and 50 grams. butter or margarine. But this rule applies only when there is at least 200 grams per egg. flour.

As you already understood, you do not need to be a high-class cook to bake cottage cheese cookies, it’s enough to know a few recipes, tricks and enjoy the process and the result..

Enjoy your meal!