No one would argue that lingonberries are an important source of a dozen vitamins and elements for the human body. But few people like to eat it fresh because of its characteristic taste, especially children. Save the benefit for a whole year and persuade your child to eat at least a spoon, you can with the help of a wonderful lingonberry jam. Literally one spoon of delicacy for breakfast – and no cold is terrible!


How useful cowberry jam

Although the leaves of the plant are widely used in medicine, the hostesses prefer berries in cooking. The benefits lie in both parts of the plant. When jaming, most of the vitamins are preserved, the main thing is not to keep it on fire for too long and to store it correctly.

In addition to vitamins, lingonberry contains organic acids, minerals, sugars, carotene, etc. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, supports immunity, and fights against the causes and symptoms of the common cold. For example, is antipyretic.

Also, the product is useful for both women’s and men’s health. It is especially important to use lingonberries in the postpartum period, in small portions, preventing the development of mastitis. Lingonberry improves eyesight, is used for arthritis, cleanses the skin and the whole body, and also helps to get rid of excess weight.

Lingonberry jam is used to reduce puffiness, in inflammatory processes in the body, to improve and maintain heart function. In addition, it allows you to preserve youth not only of the skin, but also of the whole body, without giving chances of aging diseases to affect the brain.

There are only two categories of people who should be careful with the product. First of all hypotonia, as the berry lowers blood pressure. But hypertensive, it will only benefit. Also, people with a stomach ulcer should limit themselves from eating jam because of the high acid content. Naturally, the lingonberry will show its best qualities at regular and very small portions, so as not to cause hypovitaminosis or allergies..

Classic recipe
how правильно варить варенье из брусники
Ingredients amount
Sahara 7 glasses
water 220 ml
cowberries 3 l can
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 240 Kcal

How to cook lingonberry jam:

  1. Enumerate the berries, rinse them, and then put them in an enamel pan; berries
  2. Pour the specified amount of water, put on the stove over medium heat. It is necessary to bring to a boil; to make сироп
  3. Then reduce the heat, and the berries slowly boil for about fifteen minutes. They need to get in the way;
  4. To pour a thin stream of sugar and continue to interfere; add сахар
  5. Bring to the boil again. Remove appeared foam with a spoon; cook
  6. Straight from the stove, pour the jam into warm, sterilized jars and close them with capron lids. After it cools down, put away in a cold place..

Cowberry delicacy “Pyatiminutka”

  • 900 g of sugar;
  • 1.5 kg lingonberries.

Cooking time – 45 min.

Caloric content – 176 kcal / 100 g.

Cooking process:

  1. Wash berries and remove all litter, put in a colander;
  2. Boil the kettle with water and pour boiling water over the berries. This process allows you to remove excess bitterness;
  3. Mix the berries with sugar and leave them for half an hour. They have to sap. If it is not enough, you can add a little water;
  4. After that, pour the mass into the pan and rearrange it on the stove;
  5. Let it boil and then keep on low heat for another five minutes. Stir several times;
  6. Spread on hot clean banks and immediately roll up. How cool, store in the refrigerator or in the cellar.

Cowberry jam with pears

  • 7 g cinnamon;
  • 4 kg of sugar;
  • 10 pcs of cloves;
  • 2 kg of pears;
  • 225 ml of water;
  • 2 kg lingonberries.

Cooking time – 2 hours.

Caloric content – 214 kcal / 100 g.

How to make jam:

  1. Rinse the berries thoroughly, give them time to drain;
  2. Peel off the pears and cut the core. The flesh must be cut into small pieces;
  3. Pour the specified amount of water into a large saucepan, then add sugar here;
  4. Turn on medium heat and let it boil. At the same time, a wooden spoon must be constantly stirred so that the sugar grains are dissolved;
  5. After boiling, put a pear in the syrup and cook it for fifteen minutes;
  6. At the end of time, add the cranberries and mix;
  7. After a few minutes pour spices. You can use a cinnamon stick, but you will need to pull it out before seaming;
  8. Boil for about an hour. Remove the foam, occasionally stir the mass. The longer it is kept on fire, the thicker it will be;
  9. Pour into small cans and keep in a cool place..

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Berry jam with oranges

  • 340 grams of sugar;
  • 3 oranges;
  • 450 g of cranberries.

Cooking time – 30 min.

Caloric content – 142 kcal / 100 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Enumerated berries pour boiling water, let them drain;
  2. Peel the oranges, remove the white fibers too. Pulp cut into pieces;
  3. Mix both products and transfer them to the skillet;
  4. Put on fire. At the bottom should be the juice from the orange, if it is not there, you need to pour in some water and let it boil;
  5. When the liquid boils for about ten minutes, it’s time to add sugar. Stir the contents and cook for another ten minutes. If you want, you can add spices or finely chopped citrus peel;
  6. While the jam is boiling, you need to stop it a couple of times. It is necessary to press lightly on the berries, so that they are of the same consistency as the oranges;
  7. Turn off the heat and allow the mass to cool right in the pan. After that, arrange in jars, which should be kept in the refrigerator.

Cowberry and Rhubarb Jam

  • 480 g rhubarb;
  • 700 g of sugar;
  • 220 ml of orange juice;
  • 1 kg of cranberries;
  • 120 ml of water.

Cooking time – 1 h 10 min.

Caloric content – 133 kcal / 100 g.

Cooking stages:

  1. Wash the rhubarb, peel it and finely chop with a knife;
  2. Washed berries need time to drain in a colander;
  3. Pour water and orange juice into a saucepan and then dissolve the sugar in it. This stewpan should be set on fire;
  4. When the mixture boils, it is necessary to put lingonberries and rhubarb in it, mix everything;
  5. After the mass boils a second time, you need to boil it for about fifty minutes on a small fire. Stir from time to time;
  6. Then allow time to cool and pour the jars in jars, store in the refrigerator.

Lingonberry jam without cooking

  • 1200 g of sugar;
  • 1 kg cowberries.

Cooking time – 10 hours.

Calories – 236 kcal / 100 g.

The principle of preparation:

  1. Peel the berries from litter, then rinse under running water;
  2. Pour on a towel so that it absorbs excess water. You can use napkins;
  3. Put the lingonberries in the bowl of the blender. It is necessary to kill in a uniform mashed potatoes. You can also use a meat grinder or simply rub through a sieve. The fastest way is to use tolkushku for mashed potatoes and just kill the berries with it;
  4. Transfer to a bowl and cover with a thick layer of sugar. Its quantity can be increased. Leave for a couple of hours or overnight under a towel;
  5. In the morning, mix and decompose in sterilized banks. Store only in the cold. For better preservation you can use some citric acid..

Recipe for jam from frozen berries in a slow cooker

  • 250 g of cranberries;
  • 225 g sugar.

Cooking time – 1 h 25 min.

Caloric content – 211 kcal / 100 g.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Frozen berries should be thawed, otherwise they will give a lot of unnecessary water. You can just leave them to defrost overnight, and you can lightly pour boiling water over it. They must be separated from each other, then dry, all the rubbish removed;
  2. If you use a frozen product, the process is the same: lingonberries should be placed in a multicooker bowl;
  3. Pour sugar and mix;
  4. Place the bowl in the device and select the “Heating” mode. On it for fifteen minutes to keep the mass, stirring, to dissolve the sugar;
  5. After that, the berries should be smashed tolkushkoy. If it is not iron, it can be done right in the bowl;
  6. When you get a homogeneous jam, you should select the mode “Quenching”. Enough hours of cooking;
  7. After that, immediately pour the hot mixture over the cans and roll up, you can store it in the closet.

Hostess tips

In no case can not overdo the jam on the stove. Long heat treatment kills the taste and all the vitamins, after which the jam turns rancid or sugary. In this form, it will of course be preserved better, but there are other ways for conservation..

As mentioned above, you can use a little citric acid, just a couple of grams. Another option is to make a thin film of vegetable oil. It must be poured on top of the jam before seaming. It is easiest to water with a spoon or with a knife. Need quite a bit. Oil will not let air through.

In the recipe of the delicacy with citrus, it is not necessary to use acid, as it is in the oranges themselves. These citruses can be replaced by tangerines, pomelo, even lemon – as you like. And you can add apples, other berries, various spices, ginger, even mint or pumpkin to the jam..

Banks must be sterilized, even if not laid hot product. The absence of microbes will keep the jam for months ahead, not allowing mold and fungi to grow. You can sterilize in the oven, steamed or in the microwave, after washing and checking all the jars and lids for chipping. The latter, by the way, you can simply hold in boiling water.

Lingonberry jam – magic wand during the winter. It effectively fights colds and goes well with coffee toast. The perfect medicine with a pleasant taste, appearance and smell.