Cranberry compote is a healthy drink for your whole family. He must be prepared for the winter. If you do not roll up such compotes, then read below about the beneficial properties of this berry..

And then we will present the best recipes for lingonberry compotes. You just have to follow them step by step, then your winter reserves will be replenished with a wonderful drink..

as заготовить компот

What is useful lingonberry

Lingonberry is such a berry, which cannot be overestimated. It is used not only in pharmacology for the production of drugs, but also widely used in cooking..

With it they cook meat, fish, sauces, jams, jams, as well as fruit drinks and compotes. Not only that the drinks from these berries tone up, refresh and quench thirst, they also help fight edema, vitamin deficiency, rheumatism, strengthen and increase immunity..

Cranberries compote and mors have a high content of microelements, glucose, pectin, fructose, tannins.

Even in the old days they knew that such a drink perfectly removes a hangover, removes toxins. The systematic use of lingonberry compote favorably affects the eyesight, cleanses the blood, fights anemia and reduces high blood pressure.

Berries are easy to preserve, but you should know that you can only use enameled, stainless dishes, in any case not aluminum. Lingonberry itself has an increased acidity, so it can react with the metal and lose its vitamins..

If you follow the correct technology of preparation, after heat treatment almost all the useful substances will remain.

Traditional recipe

There are many recipes for the preservation of compotes from the small red berries of the cowberry for the winter. They add various fruits, zest, change the proportion of sugar. However, the classic version is one.


lingonberry компот

  • Fresh cranberry berries – 500 g;
  • Sugar – 500 g;
  • Water – 4 l.

Freshly picked berries sorted out, remove spoiled and trash. Rinse in cold water and discard on a metal sieve to drain off excess water..

In a large ceramic pot, bring the filtered water to a boil, add sugar and boil the syrup until the glucose is completely broken. Immerse the lingonberries in the sweet mass and boil literally three – four minutes. Turning off the burner, cover with a tight lid and leave for five to ten minutes to finally infuse.

We wash glass jars diligently with soda and, placing in a large bowl, sterilize in boiling water. For ten minutes, immerse there and metal covers.

Ready-made stewed lingonberry compote for the winter is gently poured over the container, immediately roll up the machine, turn it upside down to check if the air is passing.

Wrap a warm blanket and leave until the final cooling. We unwind and put in a dark cool basement. Compote can be stored in this form for several years..

Lingonberry compote for the winter without sterilization

Some housewives are still convinced that exposing products to heat treatment, you will certainly kill all the useful ingredients in them. Therefore, they invented a new recipe for preserving cranberry compote for the winter – without sterilizing berries.


  • Berries – 400 g;
  • Sugar – 200 g;
  • Water – 2.5 L.

compote из ягодFingering the cranberries, cleaning in the process unripe or spoiled. Sterilize glass jars: putting on a boiling kettle spout, hold for at least seven minutes. Put the boiled water in the pan..

Spread evenly on the hot banks of berries, pour boiling water and cover with lids, leave for ten minutes. Wearing a special plastic cover with holes on the neck, pour back the hot water. Put the sugar in it and prepare the syrup.

Again, pour the already sweet water over the container with the berries and hermetically tighten the metal boiled lids. Turning down and wrapping in a warm blanket..

Lingonberry drink with apples for the winter

The drink has a rich red color, a wonderful aroma due to apples and a tart sourish taste. The proportion of sugar can be changed depending on the sweetness of the fruit and their preferences..


  • Lingonberry fresh – 1 kg;
  • Antonovka apples – 500 g;
  • Sugar – 1 kg;
  • Water – 4.5 l;
  • Orange peel – 1 pc.

Carefully sort out the freshly picked lingonberries: even a few bad berries can spoil all the conservation. Rinse the berries and fruits in cold water. Apples cut into small pieces in the process of cutting out the middle. Orange peel grate.

Boil water, add sugar, mix until complete splitting. Pour apple slices into syrup along with zest, boil for fifteen minutes.

to boil компот

Skim the fruit to boil out, load the berries, hold in the compote for seven or eight minutes and also drop with the skimmer.

to collect фрукты

For the winter, distribute the finished lingonberry compote with apples in the previously prepared sterile jars, quickly clog them up and send them to the storeroom for further storage.

compote из брусники

If you take a sweeter-looking apple, like a jaconte or pear, you can halve the sugar.

Compote of cranberries and cranberries for the winter

The combination of these two berries – a truly explosive mixture of vitamin composition, but not everyone likes it. In particular, it is very difficult to get children to drink such a drink in its pure form, so you have to invent various additives to sweeten it..


  • Fresh cranberries – 1 l. b. (liter can);
  • Lingonberry – 1 l. b .;
  • Sugar – 15 tbsp. l .;
  • Water – 6 l;
  • Cinnamon – 1 tsp.

Freshly picked berries pour cold water, wash and sort out in a separate container. Carefully ensure that the rotten fruit in no way fall into the compote, otherwise it will ferment and tear off the lid.

Grind prepared berries with a blender or in a meat grinder, and it is better to spend a little more time and put it in a wooden mortar. Pour the berry porridge with water, add sugar and cinnamon, bring to a boil, reduce the flame and boil for three to five minutes..

Prepare a container for conservation. It can be either three-liter or liter jars, depending on the size of your family..

Drain compote of lingonberries and cranberries on the gauze, folded in half, and pour into banks. Screw caps, wrap a blanket and let cool.

The remaining cake can not be thrown away, but used as a filling for a pie or casserole..

Compote of frozen berries in a slow cooker

It is not always possible to preserve fruit drinks, compotes, jam for the winter. No time, no place to store cans or for some other reason. In such cases, you can go more simple, not requiring high labor costs by freezing fresh berries in the freezer and, if necessary, extract and cook the same compote of lingonberries.


  • Frozen lingonberries – 200 g;
  • Sugar – 300 g;
  • Lemon peel – 1 pc .;
  • Water – 1.5 L.

We take the berries out of the freezer, defrost and lightly rinse in room temperature water. We start the unit on the function “Soup”, we lay berries, we fall asleep with sugar, lemon zest and fill it with purified water.

Close hermetically with a lid and leave to cook for twenty minutes. At the end do not rush to open the bowl, let compote brew for another ten to fifteen minutes..

the juice из ягодPrepare sea buckthorn compote for the winter. This is a healthy drink that will saturate you with vitamins..

Compote recipe with dried rosehip, read how to cook it properly.

Here you will find the most interesting and useful ways to harvest blueberries for the winter.

Useful tips

  1. Lingonberry, thanks to its ursolic acid content, helps reduce weight by burning fat. Therefore, people who want to lose weight and watch their weight should regularly use these berries;
  2. In order to make the lingonberry compote for the winter clear and without sediment, after washing it is necessary to dry the berries on a towel so that excess moisture will come off, and you should only put them in boiling water;
  3. Lingonberry goes well with almost all fruits. Compotes are delicious with pear, quince, orange, honey, lemon;
  4. The size and degree of maturity of all the picked berries must be one, otherwise you will not get a very tasty drink;
  5. Do not digest the compote, do not put on too intense a flame. So all useful components will be lost;
  6. If you use additional ingredients, boil out alternately, finishing with lingonberries;
  7. It is not recommended to use lingonberries in any form for people suffering from gastritis, hypotension, an ulcer;
  8. Compote and juice from wild berries of bilberry should be drunk before eating on an empty stomach, and not after a meal;
  9. No need to drink before a long trip, it has a strong diuretic effect..

Successful preservation for the winter and delicious compote to you, dear hostesses!