If you have a bread maker, then you can consider yourself a happy person! This is not only delicious fresh bread, but also a large number of different pastries. Here, for example, who does not like cottage cheese casserole? She is always juicy, very gentle and just unforgettable! Let’s cook it together right now.!

Cottage Cheese Casserole in Redmond Bread Maker
how приготовить творожную запеканку в хлебопечке
Ingredients amount
vanillin 2 g
semolina 100 g
butter 50 g
cottage cheese 0.4 kg
baking powder 10 g
sugar 30 g
milk 0.1 l
the eggs 2 pcs.
Time for preparing: 70 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 212 Kcal

Cooking will take a little more than an hour, but as a result you will get real gastronomic delight. Try!

How to cook:

  1. Place cottage cheese in a bowl, mash large breasts with a fork.. cottage cheese
  2. Pour it into the bread maker..
  3. Add eggs, vanilla, milk, semolina, butter, sugar, baking powder. the eggs
  4. Turn on the program “Dough” for three minutes.
  5. After that, turn on the “Baking” mode and prepare the casserole before the signal. bakery products

Tip: to bake a bright aroma, add lemon or lime zest to dough.

How to bake with semolina using the technique Panasonic

Semolina makes baking more lush, so if you like big and airy casseroles, then this one is for you.!

salt 2 sliver
butter 20 g
sugar 60 g
semolina 70 g
vanillin 2 sliver
cottage cheese 0.5 kg
baking powder 10 g
the eggs 3 pcs.
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 205 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Curd mash with a fork and place on the bottom of the bread maker.
  2. Put soft butter on top.
  3. Break eggs on it, pour sugar, salt, semolina, then baking powder.
  4. Turn on the dessert cooking program..

Tip: after the beep, you need to get the cake and not cut it another twenty minutes, otherwise it will crumble.

How to make cottage cheese casserole with raisins and dried apricots in the Moulinex bread maker

Is cooking a simple cottage cheese pie boring? Then we will add bright dried fruits to it, which will make baking brighter and sweeter, as well as healthier.!

dried apricots 50 g
the eggs 2 pcs.
butter 20 g
cottage cheese 0.5 kg
raisins 50 g
semolina 60 g
salt 1 pinch
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 196 kcal

How to cook:

casserole с сухофруктами в хлебопечке

  1. Rinse dried apricots and raisins, put in a bowl.
  2. Fill with boiling water and cover with a plate or lid..
  3. Let it stand in this form for about fifteen minutes..
  4. After that, drain the water, rinse the dried fruit again..
  5. Drain them with dry napkins and place in the bowl..
  6. Pour cottage cheese there, break eggs, add butter, semolina and salt..
  7. Turn on kneading mode for twenty minutes.
  8. After that, switch to baking mode, which lasts one hour.
  9. When time passes, let the casserole brew in the bowl for another thirty minutes..

Tip: You can add some bright candied fruits with the dried fruit..

Recipe with fruit

This recipe is the real pleasure for lovers of tasty food. Here in the curd mass you will find not only apples, but also strawberries, raspberries and even some dried fruits..

salt 2 sliver
semolina 30 g
the eggs 2 pcs.
apples 2 pcs.
raisins 40 g
cottage cheese 320 g
butter 30 g
raspberries 80g
sugar 30 g
baking powder 10 g
Strawberry 6 pieces.
Time for preparing: 85 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 142 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Pour cottage cheese, semolina, salt into the bowl of the bread machine..
  2. Break eggs there, raisins, put butter.
  3. Add sugar and baking powder.
  4. Turn on the kneading mode for ten minutes.
  5. Rinse strawberries, cut off her tails.
  6. Cut the fruit into quarters.
  7. Leave the raspberries as they are, as if you rinse it, it will flow.
  8. Rinse the apples, peel and cut the pulp into cubes..
  9. Pour strawberries, apples and raspberries in a bowl to the dough..
  10. Turn on the kneading mode for another ten minutes..
  11. Next, cook the casserole in baking mode for one hour..

Advice: if you are worried that raspberries turn into porridge, replace it with other ingredients..

cottage cheese запеканка со сгущенкойRead also how to cook cottage cheese casserole with condensed milk in an oven and a slow cooker.

Steamed light curd pancake – the best idea for breakfast or snack.

In the following article, you can learn how to cook semolina in an oven..

Kenwood Cooking

The most gentle option casseroles from cottage cheese! This time the sour cream will make the texture incredibly light..

sugar 0.1 kg
semolina 80g
sour cream 120 ml
baking powder 10 g
orange peel 15 g
cottage cheese 550 g
butter 40 g
yolks 4 things.
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 229 kcal

How to cook:

  1. Immediately add sugar to the bread maker..
  2. Add the semolina, sour cream, baking powder.
  3. There also enter the zest, cottage cheese, butter and yolks.
  4. After that, turn on the kneading mode for ten minutes..
  5. When it is over, turn on the pastry for one hour..

Tip: for a pleasant taste, add a little orange juice to the dough.

Useful tips

To casserole turned out as gentle and homogeneous, prepare the cottage cheese. It can be wiped through a sieve using a spatula or spoon or punch through a blender. In the second case, the product generally turns into a cream of perfect consistency.!

To taste in the dough, you can add different ingredients. The simplest is fruits and berries, but we have already added them. You, if you want, add candied fruit (do not believe it, but they will become juicy, as if it is fresh pineapple), chocolate pieces, various colored sprinkles, coconut chips, etc. If you decide to add nuts, then pre-fry them in a dry frying pan until rosy. It will taste better!

If you think that the casserole itself is dry, then when serving, add it with icing, some sauce (vanilla or chocolate), ice cream, pudding. You can even pour a pile of fresh blueberries on top, and it will not only be tastier, but also brighter.!

Curd casserole is always a good idea. It is tender, fluffy, fragrant, light and so tasty! Serve it for breakfast, dinner, take with you as a snack for work or school.