Children need to add meat to the diet about twice a week. Dishes for children should be not only tasty, but also useful. Therefore, in children’s recipes there are no sharp spices, steaming and roasting are used instead of roasting. To make the baby eat with pleasure, you need to show imagination in decorating the dish, making it interesting..

Easy recipe for cutlets for one year old baby
how приготовить котлеты из куриного фарша для детей
Ingredients amount
chicken meat (breast) 800 g
cereals 150 g
large bulbs 2 pcs.
garlic 2 teeth
greens, dried peppers, cheese optional
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 110 Kcal

In the rules of healthy eating, it is recommended to refuse frying. Cooking chicken cutlets for children from the year according to this recipe will make breakfast healthy.

All components need to twist with a meat grinder. Salted minced meatballs are formed. To avoid mass sticking to hands, palms are moistened with cold water. To the minced meat add chopped greens (parsley, dill). You can add a mixture of dried peppers or a small piece of cheese in the middle of each patty. You can not add an egg, as oatmeal serves as a good binder. Without it, cutlets are more airy, softer..

You can start baking. Ceramic forms need to be filled with water for half a centimeter and put the formed patties. Tops covered with foil are placed in an oven heated to 180–200 degrees and baked.

Steamed Chicken Cutlets

This is a hearty, juicy meatballs steamed for a child based on the classic recipe. Required components:

  • 2 chicken breasts;
  • egg;
  • 2 tbsp. oatmeal;
  • butter – 30 g;
  • dill – 30 g;
  • salt.

Milk Sauce Ingredients:

  • milk – 100 ml;
  • flour – 1 tsp;
  • butter – 1 tsp;
  • cheese (if desired).

Preparation time – 1 hour. Caloric content of 100 g dishes – about 75 kcal.

For the preparation of minced meat grinder used. An egg, oatmeal, salt, and dill are added to the grilled chicken breasts (it can be dried).

add фарш

You need to mix everything thoroughly and leave the meat to brew for half an hour. During this time, the oatmeal swell. After wetting your palms with water, you can start forming patties.

add перец

Formed patties are placed in a double boiler, and a piece of butter is placed on top of each. After 30 minutes of steaming the dish is ready.

lay out

If the child has reached the age of 1.5 years, you can add milk sauce to the patties. Flour can be any (wheat, rice, oat). It is necessary to pour it into the milk and stir. The mixture is put on the fire and brought to a boil. Boil is not necessary, remove, salt, flavor with butter. If, despite the stirring, there are still lumps, you can use a blender.

You need a form for porridge without holes. Cutlets fit into it, and sauce is poured on top. It is good to put a piece of cheese on top of each patty. After 5–10 minutes you can eat!


Baby chicken cutlets with semolina

Manka gives minced lightness, juiciness, softness – what the baby needs. Components Used:

  • minced chicken – 1 kg;
  • semolina – 7 tbsp .;
  • eggs – 3 pcs .;
  • sour cream (mayonnaise) – 4–5 tbsp. l .;
  • 3 onions;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • dill, parsley, spices, salt, vegetable oil.

Cooking time – 1 hour. Caloric content of 100 g dishes – about 180 kcal.

Bought in the store or self-made minced chicken fillet mixed with semolina, eggs, sour cream or mayonnaise. Finely chopped onion, garlic, herbs are also added to the stuffing. After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the resulting mass is left to lie down for 30 minutes. During this period, the semolina will swell, which will allow you to get a lush burgers. After half an hour, you can form bits and put them on a baking sheet for baking in the oven. You can cook such chicken patties from minced meat with decoys for children for a couple. Grilling is more suitable for adults..

Baby chicken cutlets with vegetables in the oven


This easy recipe will appeal to any child aged 1 year, as it contains zucchini and carrots. They give minced extra soft texture and pleasant taste..

Required components:

  • minced chicken – 200 g;
  • one chicken egg;
  • one squash;
  • one carrot;
  • 2 tbsp. semolina;
  • salt to taste.

Cooking time is about 40 minutes. Caloric content of one cutlet 100 g – 112 kcal.

Stuffing spread in a container. To it is added an egg, finely grated carrots and zucchini. The stuffing is stirred until a state of homogeneous mass. It remains to add salt and semolina. After stirring, cover the container with a towel and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. At this time there is a swelling semolina, which will absorb excess moisture. Now you can form the cutlets, pre-moistened palms, and spread them on a baking sheet for baking in the oven. If you want to cook them for a couple, then it is recommended to put a little more semolina to save the cutlets.

dish готовоCabbage and sausage solyanka – a recipe for a simple but hearty meal for every day.

Thai style shrimp rice is a spicy Asian dish that conquered the world.

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Chicken Cutlets with Bread

A child under one and a half years usually does not eat meat very well, but these cutlets will become his favorite dish. Components for cooking:

  • a pound of chicken breasts;
  • 100 grams of white bread;
  • a quarter cup of milk;
  • one onion;
  • one egg;
  • salt.

Preparation time – about 1 hour. Caloric content of 100 g dishes – 85 kcal.

Chicken with onions is passed through a meat grinder, salted and thoroughly mixed. The breadcrumm soaked in milk is added to the mince, followed by an egg. The resulting mass must be brought to a uniform consistency by the method of beating. Hand-formed small patties are placed in a greased form. It remains to add a quarter cup of water. After 25 minutes of baking in an oven heated to 180 degrees, the burgers are ready.

Useful recommendations

Knowledge of the secrets of cooking chicken cutlets will allow you to get the maximum benefit from the dish and speed up the process. Key recommendations:

  1. The ideal proportion of adding eggs is 2-3 pieces / per 1 kg of minced meat. Excessive number of eggs leads to the disintegration of minced meat in the cooking process;
  2. Crumb bread gives juiciness to a dish, but it should also be present in a certain proportion – 250 g / per 1 kg of minced meat. Increasing the amount of crumb will kill the taste of chicken. It is advisable to soak the crumbs in milk;
  3. To cutlets do not get too fat, you need to remove the chicken skin;
  4. The process of beating chicken mince helps to make the dish stronger and to give tenderness. Meat taken with palms and forcefully thrown back into the container;
  5. Before cooking, stuffing with all the added components is placed in a cold place. It allows to improve its taste due to the absorption of meat juice by bread..

Serve burgers to the children’s table with mashed potatoes, stewed vegetables, cereals. Cooked the child according to the recipes chicken meatballs will be happy to eat, while receiving benefit.