Not many people guess about the benefits that bring black, slightly tart to taste, cherry fruit. These berries help with fever, normalize metabolism, strengthen the immune system..

Home компот из черемухи на зиму

Tannins, acids and vitamins treat gastrointestinal diseases. Berry preserves useful properties during conservation. It ripens in August and always pleases with a bountiful harvest..

We offer you to cook cherry compotes for the winter. And our recipes will help you in this..

Simple recipe

For the preparation of cherry compote for the winter, only freshly harvested and ripe berries are suitable. To get a tasty rich drink, they should be processed immediately after collection..

For compote you will need:

  • 1 kg of cherry fruit;
  • 1.2 liters of clean water;
  • 300 g sugar.

Fruits are washed under running water, allow it to drain..

We go over

Then the berries need to be blanched in boiling water for 3 minutes..


Next boil water with sugar..


Take the enameled pan and the resulting syrup is poured the prepared fruit. Berries need to steep under the lid for five hours. During this time it is necessary to prepare the banks. Best to take three-liter. They are thoroughly washed with soda and sterilized over steam..

Fill сиропом

The next step is to drain the syrup and bring to a boil. Berries with the help of skimmers laid out on the banks. Fruits fill the container by about a quarter..

Fill банки ягодами

Then boiling syrup is poured to the brim to expel all air. After that they roll.

Ready made компоты

Before you take the cans with compote into the cellar or in another cool place, turn them over, cover them up with a blanket and leave them to cool completely..

Red cherry compote without sterilization

To better preserve the beneficial properties and taste of the berries, you can use another method of harvesting cherry compote for the winter – without sterilization. Red bird cherry is perfect for this.

For a fortified drink you will need:

  • 2-3 glasses of berries of bird cherry;
  • 3 cups of sugar;
  • Water.
Despite the fact that this method does not provide for the sterilization of the berries, the glass containers in which they will be stored must be well sterilized with boiling water. This is done in order to destroy microbes and bacteria and prevent bloating of twists. Lids should also be boiled for 5 minutes..

The fruits are poured into a jar and sugar is added there. Then it all poured boiling water and quickly spud lid. It is important to add water to the very edge, the fruit will pick up some of the liquid, and it will not come into contact with the lid.

A closed jar can be gently rolled across the table so that the sugar is evenly distributed. Making compote cakes of red cherry for the winter without sterilization is fast and convenient, especially in high season, when the housewives do not have enough time.

But such a drink should brew for a month or two in order to acquire a rich taste and aroma..

Vitamin platter

Drink ассортиA great drink will turn out if you add other berries to the bird cherry – currants, sea buckthorn, dog rose, raspberries and even apples..

The taste of bird cherry resembles cherry, in other words, compote for the winter will come sweet.

Therefore, it would not be a mistake to add citric acid to it. In winter, the assorted drink will delight you with a magical bouquet of taste..

Good compote for the winter can be cooked using the following ingredients:

  • Rosehip – 200 g;
  • Cherry fruits – 300 g;
  • 200 g cherries;
  • 100 sea buckthorn;
  • One glass of sugar;
  • Pure water.

All fruits should be washed, and from the hips to remove the bones. Next, boil the sugar syrup, respecting the proportion of 1 liter of water per 100 g of sugar.

Put ingredients (except cherries) in a pan with boiling water and blanch for a few minutes..

Then place all the berries in sterilized jars and fill with syrup.

After that, you can twist the covers and wrap the cans with compote for the winter with a blanket.

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Useful tips

Since in the pits of bird cherry contains prussic acid, long-term storage of these berries in banks is undesirable. Do not harvest compote cherry for several years to come. It is completely safe for the first six months, but can later cause poisoning..

Bird cherry drink should be drunk in moderation. It is contraindicated for people with heart problems. You can not use this compote and constipation – it is well strengthened. But when diarrhea bird is just appropriate.

A delicious drink will have to be abandoned for pregnant women, as well as for those who wish to have a child. Bird cherry – one of the most powerful contraceptive folk remedies.

We offer you a cognitive video about the beneficial properties of bird cherry: