Chanahi is a dish that is prepared in portions of natural clay..

Due to the high temperature and natural vessels, it is always a stew, for example, lamb combined with vegetables or just vegetable interpretations..

"Грузия в горшочке"

Today, many countries have their own versions of this recipe, for example, chanakhs in Turkish or Ukrainian..

Similar interpretations suggest that this is a Georgian dish to taste of many nations of the world and each kitchen, in one way or another, tries to add it to its list..

Georgian cuisine: cooking features

It is worth noting that Georgia is a multifunctional country, and even cooking confirms this..

The western and eastern parts of the country have not only different natural conditions, but also recipes for the same dish..

In the east, Georgians prefer lamb and beef, while the western part gives priority to the bird (except for the goose and duck).

Probably every person has Georgian cuisine associated with spices and herbs..

Traditional чанахи с зеленьюA great advantage in its taste is the use of only fresh herbs, in any case, not dried.

That is why all the dishes of Georgia are filled with juicy flavors, bright flavors and excellent quality..

According to the Georgians themselves, the dish of the chanakhi has a very long history, 5 centuries long, and it begins since the time when potatoes appeared on the continent.

According to another version, the Georgians ate it long before the appearance of potatoes, instead they used a pumpkin.

Initially, in authentic cooking options, only lamb was used, but today in many institutions you can find the recipe for cooking chanahi in pork or beef pots.

This Georgian recipe for chanahi lamb in pots
how приготовить чанахи в горшочках
Ingredients amount
mutton 0.4 kg
medium potato 4 things
eggplant medium 2 pcs
medium tomato 2 pcs
sweet red pepper 1 PC
sweet yellow pepper 1 PC
green beans 100 g
onion 2 pcs
garlic 8 teeth
chilli half
Georgian adjika 4 cha. spoons
greenery taste
Time for preparing: 150 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 99 Kcal

According to Georgians, 50% depends on the correct choice of pottery.

The walls of the pot must be thick so that the dish languishes in its own juice and does not burn.

1 hour before starting to cook the chanahs in pots, the container must be filled to the top with water, the clay is saturated with liquid and the dish will turn out juicy.

So let’s get started!

Put the pots in the oven or on an electric stove, so that then from a sharp jump in temperature (preheated oven or oven) they are not cracked.

For the recipe for chanahi in pots, all the ingredients are cut into large.

You must first chop the lamb, then all the vegetables. Mutton

At the bottom of each pot is laid:

  1. The middle piece of lamb fat, so that it melts and soaks the whole dish with its flavor and meat stacked exactly in the center. The first слой
  2. Bow. Bow
  3. Garlic.
  4. Potatoes. Potatoes
  5. Green beans.
  6. Eggplant. Eggplant
  7. Pepper sweet, tomatoes, chili and a little adzhika. Tomatoes Spice

Fill each pot to the brim with hot boiled water, you can add some red wine.

In the preheated oven to 220-240 ° C we put all the dishes for 90 minutes. Ready чанахи

As soon as the dish is ready, you must add salt to taste, and do not forget about the greens (cilantro, parsley, dill, basil). Innings блюда на стол

Lamb chanakhi ready!

The best recipe for chanahi in pots with beans and eggplants

This recipe is always very popular, but especially in summer.

During this period of the year, there is always a large abundance of vegetables on the table, and because of the hot, scorching sun, you don’t always want to eat heavy meat..

Try the vegetarian option of cooking chanahi in a pot according to the recipe of Georgians.

You will need:

Vegan чанахи

  • 2 kg of eggplants;
  • 0.8 kg of beans (beans);
  • 1.5 kg of tomatoes;
  • 0.5 kg of carrots;
  • 3 pieces of sweet pepper;
  • 3 onions;
  • garlic head;
  • salt, sugar, vinegar and herbs.

We cut баклажаныEggplant cut into medium cubes, sprinkle with salt a little and set aside.

Cook the beans, as an alternative, you can take ready canned.

Grate carrots.

Onion, pepper and tomatoes cut into medium half rings.

Saute onions with carrots in vegetable oil or smaltse.

Cook фасольAll ingredients must be folded in a deep frying pan or wok..

Add sugar, salt, some vinegar or lemon juice to taste..

Sprinkle a little olive or any other oil on top..

Put on a slow fire and languish all together for about half an hour.

At the end, chop the herbs and squeeze the garlic to spice it up..

After a specified time, your dish is ready.

You can eat chanahi in pots with beans and eggplants, both hot and cold.

So just you can make a great lunch or dinner in the spirit of Georgian traditions:

Practical advice

  1. To make a dish tasty, you should buy cattle meat, not older than 3 years, otherwise it will be too tough.
  2. Fresh meat has a light red color..
  3. The most suitable parts are brisket or scapula..
  4. For Georgian chanakhi, take meat and vegetables in proportion 1: 5, otherwise lamb will be too heavy on the stomach.
  5. Use a lot of greens, it will help the stomach to digest the meat, and none of the guests will feel heavy.
  6. Cook only from ripe summer vegetables, otherwise the taste of the dish will be spoiled..

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Now you know how to make chanahi in pots according to Georgian recipes..

This dish will be not only ideal for a family dinner, but also very useful, thanks to a combination of meat, vegetables and greens..

Another advantage is the quenching and languor in their own juice.

Also, the chanakhi is perfect for gala evenings, none of your guests will refuse to try real Georgian cuisine..

The perfect complement is Georgian red wine..

For complete harmony, you can turn on the national Georgian music and instantly go back to a country with a rich culture and traditions..

Enjoy your meal!

We present you another video from which you will learn not only how to cook this dish in a sour sauce, but also a lot of other useful information: