The most frequently used and clearly won many hearts of consumers of canned food is pink salmon. On its basis, you can cook up a very original and tasty dishes that will appeal to even the most demanding..

In addition, a large number of nutrients and trace elements that are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body are preserved in this fish..
Simplicity in details: traditional recipe
Which one приготовить салат из горбуши консервированной
Ingredients amount
Canned pink salmon 0.2 kg
Processed cheese 0.1 kg
Eggs (pre-boiled) 2 pcs.
Greenery at its discretion
Mayonnaise at its discretion
Boiled carrots 2 pcs. medium size (in case you make the salad in the second way)
Pepper, salt optional
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 123 Kcal

If you haven’t had to prepare dishes from such a product before, it’s best to start with a simple recipe..

The preparatory stage is the unpacking of canned fish. They need to drain the liquid and put the pieces in a bowl.

Canned mash with a fork. Next, grind the cheese and boiled eggs. For this useful grater. Dill, green onions are best suited as herbs..

This recipe is good because it can be prepared in two ways:

  1. In the first case, simply mix all the prepared and chopped components, fill with mayonnaise and season with pepper and salt as desired..
  2. In the second case, you can make it layered. In this variant, carrots will also be needed, and during grinding, eggs should be divided into proteins and yolks. The first layer is fish, then proteins, carrots, cheese, yolks. Each layer ends with mayonnaise spreading. Greens can only be used as a decoration, or added between layers..

Recipe for salad “Mimosa” with canned sea fish

This salad, which has an incredibly beautiful floral name, is not only beautiful in appearance, but also tasty. It will require:

  • Canned salmon – 1 b .;
  • Potatoes – 2-3 pcs. (depending on the size);
  • Eggs – 3 pcs .;
  • Onions – 1 pc .;
  • Carrot – 1 pc .;
  • Cheese – 0.1 kg;
  • Butter – a quarter of a pack;
  • Mayonnaise.

Cooking time: 35 min + 2 hours.

Caloric content: 179 kcal.

This is a layered dish, so each step must be soaked with mayonnaise.

Canned need to open. All liquid is removed. Put the pieces in a bowl.

Potatoes, carrots and eggs must be boiled. Finished products are cleaned and cut into small cubes. You can also rub all the components. Eggs are divided: yolks and proteins are rubbed separately. In addition, we also chop the onion and rub cheese.

The oil must either be taken out of the freezer and grated, or taken out of the refrigerator and very finely chopped with a knife.

Prepare utensils in which the salad will be laid out: a wide bowl will fit either.

Detailed instructions for laying layers:

  • Step 1: Mayonnaise.
  • Step 2: Potatoes.
  • Step 3: Fish.
  • Step 4: Bow.
  • Step 5: Oil.
  • Step 6: Squirrels.
  • Step 7: Carrot.
  • Step 8: Cheese.
  • Step 9: Yolks.

For the impregnation put the form with the salad in the refrigerator for several hours.

Rice salad with fish

This version of the dish is fast cooking, lack of problems and satiety. For him are needed:

  • Canned salmon – 200 g;
  • A pair of eggs;
  • Rice – 3-4 spoons;
  • Onion – 1 pc .;
  • Cheese – 40-50 g;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Salt;
  • Greenery.

Cooking time: 30 minutes.

Caloric content: 118 kcal.

Canned open, drain the liquid. Spread fish pieces and mash with a fork.

salads из горбуши

Eggs and rice must be boiled beforehand. It is best to choose long grain rice, which is not boiled soft and always crumbly. It must be washed several times under running water, then boil.

lay out яйца и сыр

Onion cut into small pieces. For grinding cheese use a grater. Eggs are cut in the same way as onions. Finely cut the greens (parsley is best, although you can choose any plants according to your preferences).

add рис

Mix all the ingredients. Add mayonnaise, greens, salt.

lubricate майонезом

Canned fish with potatoes – an interesting combination

Many people prefer to eat very nourishing salads, which are both an appetizer and a main course..

To make such a dish with pink salmon, you need the following components:

salad с майонезом

  • Canned food;
  • Potato – 3-4 pieces (depending on the size of the tubers);
  • Eggs – 3 pcs .;
  • Green olives – 0.1 kg;
  • Crackers;
  • Sour cream or mayonnaise;
  • Parsley;
  • 1 medium sized onion;
  • Salt and pepper by preference.

Cooking time: 25 minutes.

Caloric content: 135 kcal.

Eggs and potatoes first need to boil. After cooling, clean and chop.

After that, you can proceed to the opening of canned food. Drain and grind fish.

Olives can be cut both by ringlets, and simply very small cubes. If they have bones – remove.

Finely chop the onion and parsley.

We mix all the components, refuel the selected dressing. Add spices and salt to your preference..

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Unusual tandem: pink with apples

Many do not understand the combination of meat or fish products with fruit. However, for connoisseurs of such tastes, such a salad will be the way, besides, it is very simple to prepare and will take a third of an hour from strength. For him are needed:

  • 1.5 cans of pink salmon;
  • Processed curds – 2 pcs. (Friendship, Dutch or other);
  • A pair of apples;
  • Eggs – 4 pcs .;
  • Parsley;
  • Sour cream;
  • Lemon juice – a tablespoon;
  • Salt.

Cooking time: 25-30 minutes.

Calories: 138 kcal.

Eggs must first be boiled and cooled..

Canned food needs to be opened and drained. Apples thoroughly cleaned from the core and tails.

It is necessary to chop the boiled eggs, pieces of pink salmon, curds, apples and parsley.

Mix all the ingredients. Next, sprinkle with lemon juice, then add sour cream and mix.

Tricks culinary

Salads are very easy to prepare and, in general, do not require a lot of time. However, each housewife has a pair of aces in the sleeve that relate to certain aspects of cooking..

For example, if you need to add onions to salads, then it is best to choose a salad variety. If this is not possible, then you can take the usual, but do with it one operation: chopped onions, before adding to the dish, you need to scald with boiling water. Then he will lose excessive bitterness, which could kill the taste characteristics of fish and other components..

In many salads one of the ingredients is eggs. In this case, the yolk usually acts as the last decorative layer. Few people know, but an ugly gray film on the yolk appears due to the fact that they are digested. Therefore, when boiling eggs, it is best to pinpoint the timer..

In order for the salads to keep their shape well (mainly for those dishes that are stacked in layers), it is necessary that all components be approximately the same temperature..

Enjoy your meal!