Beef goulash is familiar to many from childhood. This is a hearty meal with a wonderful aroma that goes well with any side dishes..

Beef after cooking is obtained soft, and its flavor will not leave anyone indifferent.

Of course, cooking will require an effort, but as a result you will make a hearty lunch or dinner.

After all, it is worth the effort! And in this case will help the following methods of cooking beef goulash with gravy.

Beef goulash with gravy: a classic recipe
how приготовить гуляш из говядины с подливкой
Ingredients amount
Beef pulp 1 kg
Onion 2 pieces
Carrot 1 piece
Thick consistency tomato 2 large spoons
Sour cream 120 ml
Flour or starch powder 70 grams
Water half liter
Vegetable oil for roasting
Salt to your taste
Black pepper in the form of a hammer half t.lozhki
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 130 Kcal

How to do:

  1. We wash a piece of beef meat, remove films, streaks and excess fat;
  2. We split the beef into small bars 1.5-2 cm; Pieces мяса
  3. In a container made of metal base with a thick bottom, add vegetable oil and place it on gas;
  4. On the heated oil, lay out the meat slices and fry for 15 minutes; We place в кастрюлю
  5. Next, close the lid and fry the meat;
  6. Peel the bulbs and cut them into small pieces;
  7. Carrots clean, wash, cut into plates;
  8. While we were cutting vegetables, the meat was fried until a delicious crust. Pour vegetable cutting into it, mix and leave to fry for 10-15 minutes; Vegetables
  9. Next, all the ingredients are seasoned with spices, sprinkle with black pepper, salt is not yet added. Fill a glass of hot water. Water should cover all the components, so if it is not enough, you can add more; Stew
  10. As soon as the goulash begins to boil, we reduce the heat and leave to stew;
  11. An hour later, you can try the meat on readiness. We take out a piece and cut it. Meat should break up into fibers, but have a slightly rigid structure. If it is tough and looks like rubber, then 2 large tablespoons of vodka or brandy should be added to the goulash and left to cook for another 50 minutes; Take off пробу
  12. Next, do the gravy. Put sour cream, flour and tomato in the dish;
  13. Fill all the components with a glass of water and mix well;
  14. Then pour the gravy to the goulash, add salt and mix well; Sauce
  15. Boil the goulash with gravy for 10-15 minutes, the gravy should thicken. Turn off the fire and can be served with a side dish.

How to cook an appetizing meat dish in a slow cooker

What will be needed:

  • 700 grams of beef meat;
  • Two onion heads;
  • One Bulgarian pepper;
  • One carrot;
  • 120 grams of tomato paste;
  • 80-100 ml sour cream;
  • Glass of water;
  • 1 large spoonful of flour;
  • Parsley – 50 grams;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Salt to your liking;
  • Black ground pepper – to your taste;
  • Some spices.

Cooking time – 2 hours.

What is 100 grams calorie – 130.

How to prepare beef goulash with gravy:

Goulash soup

  1. Beef should be rinsed under cold running water, cleaned of dirt, remove all films and streaks;
  2. Cut the meat into small squares;
  3. We set the “Frying” mode, pour some oil into the multicooker tank and spread the beef. Leave to fry for about 20 minutes, do not forget to mix;
  4. We clean the skin from the bulbs, cut them into cubes;
  5. Rinse the pepper, cut the stalk with seeds and cut into small squares;
  6. We pour onion and pepper pieces to the meat, stir and leave to fry;
  7. We clean the carrot from the skin and grind into large chips. Throw in a slow cooker and fry with the rest of the ingredients;
  8. Next, prepare the sauce. Pour sour cream in a cup, add flour and tomato paste to it;
  9. Pour water and stir with a whisk until smooth;
  10. Pour sauce with all the ingredients in a slow cooker, set the program “Quenching” and stew for an hour and a half;
  11. Rinse the parsley, cut into small pieces;
  12. After the beep of the multicooker, we fall asleep greens, cover the lid and draw for 15 minutes.

How to make delicious beef goulash with gravy in Hungarian

What is useful for cooking:

  • Kilogram of beef meat;
  • Large tomatoes – 6 pieces;
  • Onions – 6 heads;
  • 250 ml of dry red wine or tomato juice;
  • 150 grams of paprika in a hammer form;
  • 280 ml of broth or water;
  • Garlic cloves – 2-3 pieces;
  • Parsley – 5-6 sprigs;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • 2-3 sprigs of thyme;
  • Salt – to your taste;
  • Ground black pepper – 0.5 t.lozhki.

Cooking time – 2 hours.

Calories per 100 grams – 135.

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Start cooking:

  1. We wash a piece of beef, remove the film. Cut into large slices;
  2. We put a cauldron on fire, pour vegetable oil and warm it up. Put the pieces of meat on the heated oil and fry, it is desirable to reduce the fire, otherwise the pieces will be burnt;
  3. We clean the onions from the skin and cut into half rings. Fall asleep to the meat, stir and fry;
  4. We rinse fresh tomatoes, make cross-shaped cuts on the surface and place them in hot water for 5 minutes;
  5. Next, remove the skin from the tomato, cut the pulp into 4 pieces and put in the cauldron to fry with the other components;
  6. Garlic cloves peeled and cut into plates;
  7. Sprinkle with paprika liberally, lay out the chopped garlic, season with thyme, add salt and season with black pepper. We turn down the fire and leave to stew;
  8. After 20 minutes, pour all the glass of wine and a glass of broth, cover the lid and leave to cook for an hour;
  9. Then turn off the fire and remove from the stove..
Beef goulash is an ideal treat for a family dinner. It will be a great addition to potatoes, cereals or vegetables..

The meat comes out tender, juicy and fragrant. If you want to surprise loved ones and feed them a hearty lunch, then this dish will come in handy!