Dishes from beef are healthy, rich and nutritious. The most tasty and popular dish is considered to be chop. Despite the gastronomic variety of chop recipes, the standard roasting recipe remains popular..


Meat selection rules

The ways of cooking beef dishes are varied – stewing, smoking, frying; The variety of recipes with this product is unlimited, the success of which half depends on the correctness of the choice of meat. When choosing beef for the chop, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. choose only fresh meat. The color of the beef can be from pink to dark red; it all depends on the age of the livestock; the lighter the meat, the softer and juicier the dish is;
  2. try to find products from local producers – it is always fresh imported;
  3. click on the meat, it should be minted and quickly return to its original state;
  4. buy meat with a light fat layer, without yellowness;
  5. avoid chunks with darkening and leeward edges;
  6. the flesh must be a little wet, without mucus and not stick to hands;
  7. high-quality meat pieces have a solid texture and do not fall apart;
  8. note that there are no additional smells;
  9. stop the choice on the product in which the ratio of fat and pulp is the same;
  10. choose a filet part, tenderloin or thigh;
  11. using a frozen product, defrost it in a natural way, without the help of boiling water or a microwave, in order to avoid the stiffness of the chop.

Beef is tougher than all other types of meat, while the “correct” piece of this meat, with the observance of simple technologies, will turn into an ideal grilled chop..

Classic recipe
how приготовить отбивные из говядины на сковороде
Ingredients amount
Beef pulp 500 g
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l
Butter 50 g
Egg 2 pcs.
Flour 0.5 cup
Salt 2 pinches
Black pepper 0.5 tsp
Time for preparing: 25 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 172 Kcal

Stages of cooking:

  • prepared meat (peeled and dried) is divided into even portions approximately 2 cm thick (from 500 grams of tenderloin, 4 good portions are obtained);
  • portion steaks wrapped in cling film and evenly beat off with small hammer teeth; repel мясо
  • in a separate bowl, beat the eggs until smooth; to make кляр
  • pour flour into a separate container;
  • heat the cast-iron pan and add half of the vegetable and butter to it, the second will give a special flavor, (any pan can be used);
  • steak dipped in a beaten egg, and then sprinkle with flour – repeat 2 times. Complete filling of the veins on the meat with flour contribute to the crusty crust; dip мясо
  • spread 2 steaks on a hot frying pan with butter, and fry for 3-4 minutes, controlling the appearance of golden brown;
  • further we overturn and we prepare the second party similarly to the first, however, having covered with a cover;
  • remove the pan from the heat, salt, pepper and leave the meat in the pan for another 2-3 minutes, allowing it to stir and soak up the spices. Then we shift on a plate and serve chops to the table; fry отбивные
  • further fry the remaining steaks. dish готово

Cooking options are possible when steaks are salted and peeled before rolling in flour. You can also fry without the use of eggs and flour, but remember that the flour crust helps preserve juiciness. Therefore, there are a large number of methods of cooking chops in batter.

Beef Chop Recipe

According to its properties, batter is a homogeneous, not thick dough, which is used when frying various products to obtain a bright crust. From the consistency of the test, thick or liquid, depends on the thickness of the crust, that is, the thicker, the thicker. For the preparation of dough using conventional ingredients – milk, cream, eggs, flour. Greens, spices, wine and even beer can become additives. The taste of dough is very diverse – from salty to sweet. For cooking meat chops – batter – is a godsend, protect against loss of useful properties and preserve the tenderness of meat pieces. In the standard recipe, flour is used as breading, in the recipe with batter – as part of the dough. Therefore, to cook the chop in the dough is not difficult.

Required Products:

Beef tenderloin 500 gr
Olive oil 50 ml
Chicken egg 1 PC.
Flour 5 tbsp. l
Light beer 100 ml
Mayonnaise 50 gr
Garlic 1-2 tooth.
Salt pepper taste

The required time – 40 minutes.

Calories – 230 Kcal per 100 grams.

How to cook beef chops in batter on the pan:

chops из говядины

  • shredded, dried, cut into equal slices of meat – gently repel;
  • repulsed meat rubbed with pressed garlic, add salt and pepper, and leave to soak for the time it takes to cook batter;
  • for batter in whipped eggs, add beer, flour and mayonnaise and mix thoroughly, the density of the dough should resemble sour cream;
  • while the frying pan is heated, alternately send the cooked steaks to the dough;
  • fry each side in the closed state, the time is determined by the appearance of golden brown, it depends on the size and thickness of the pieces.

This recipe is suitable for every day – economically and quickly. However, if you add to the usual recipe of pineapples, you get a wonderful festive dish.

Beef chops with pineapple in a pan

You will need:

Beef 500 gr
Vegetable oil 50 ml
Chicken egg 1 PC.
Canned Pineapple 1 cf. bank.
Cheese 100 gr
Salt, spices, pepper taste

Time for cooking – 40 minutes.

Energy value – 320 Kcal per 100 g.

Step-by-step recipe:

  • clean and dry meat is cut into small pieces (less than for standard chops, they should be the size of a pineapple ring) and gently beat off on both sides, cutting the veinlets.
  • rub it with salt and pepper;
  • Eggs are thoroughly mixed with herbs (choose to your taste), with chopped greens;
  • dipping each piece in an egg batter, put it on a hot, oiled frying pan, and fry both sides until the necessary crust on a quiet fire, while frying the first side with the pan open, the second with the lid;
  • put the finished chops on the oiled baking sheet, with the pineapple ring on each serving;
  • grated large cheese, evenly distributed on meat with rings;
  • preheat the oven beforehand, put the pan in it and leave until the cheese is melted, about 5 minutes;
  • preferably consumed immediately after preparation.

Serve chops to the table preferably with greens and vegetables. Cook the beef properly, and you will delight yourself and loved ones with unique and fragrant dishes..

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Culinary Tips

The classic beef chop can be considered a well-beaten steak, seasoned with spices and fried in a pan. The following tips will help you prepare this dish perfectly:

  1. meat piece is cut across the fibers, it will make it soft and increase the degree of roasting;
  2. the size of the cut meat is not less than 5 cm, the thickness is not more than 2.5 cm, cooking time depends on the size;
  3. meat steaks must be wiped, and then dried for 1 hour at room temperature, they should not be raw during frying;
  4. it is not recommended to salt and pepper the blanks before beating, it is more convenient to beat the pieces by wrapping the pieces in cling film. Beat evenly and carefully on both sides, keep the thickness, avoiding transparency and holes; when frying thin steaks are very dry;
  5. fry no more than two servings at a time, preserving the juiciness inside the steak, avoiding stewing in your own juice;
  6. do not release the juice with a fork when turning over to the other side, use forceps.

Given these recommendations, any dish of beef is sure to be juicy and tasty. Enjoy your meal!