Pearl barley is a wonderful croup, it contains a vitamin-mineral complex, rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, amino acids and fiber. So, the lysine contained in it gives the skin health and smoothness due to the release of collagen.

Healthy teeth, nails and hair, strong immunity and a good metabolism – barley is a unique product that only with the best hand affects the work of all organs, has a cleansing effect.

Preparing pearl barley in a slow cooker, you can perfectly diversify the menu and appreciate the taste of this cereal..

Recipe for delicious barley
how вкусно приготовить перловку в мультиварке
Ingredients amount
Groats 2 glasses
Butter 50 g
Water 2 glasses
Salt taste
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 51 Kcal

Cooking barley garnish in a slow cooker is a simple and easy process. Such a side dish will suit anything, be it fish or meat.

Before you start cooking, you should rinse the grits well, so the side dish will turn out more crumbly. By pre-soaking the barley in warm water for several hours (you can spend the night), it is possible to significantly shorten the cooking time. So, cooking:

  • Washed cereal lay in the bowl multicooker with other ingredients, set the mode “Porridge”;
  • After mixing all the ingredients and setting the cooking time for 2 hours, it remains only to wait for the end of cooking..

Delicious and hearty barley garnish will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to cook barley porridge with meat

Pearl barley will get a special taste if cooked in meat broth. And if you add meat to pearl barley, you get a wonderful meal: very nourishing and aromatic. With the advent of the multicooker, the barley making process has become faster and more pleasant. And one of the best recipes for making pearl barley with the addition of meat in the Redmond multicooker is presented below..

For the dish will need 6 ingredients:

Pearl barley 2 multi-cups
Pork fillet 200 g
Carrot 1 piece
Onion 1 piece
Water 4.5 multistack
Salt Taste

The cooking time will take a little more than an hour, and the caloric content will be 101.06 kcal. Cooking:

    • Pre-rinse the cereal and leave in water for 15-20 minutes;


    • Prepare vegetables: finely chop the onion, rub the carrot;

chop морковь

    • Wash the meat, cut into cubes, preferably not large;

chop мясо

    • Put our meat in a greased bowl, fry for 5-7 minutes in the “Frying” mode. After that, prepared vegetables will also go there – for another 10 minutes of the same regime;

meat обжарить

  • To the above ingredients it is necessary to add cereals, water, salt to taste, and also add your favorite spices. Slightly mixed contents, set 45 minutes in the mode “Krupa”. Multicooker Redmond will do the rest..

add перловку

A hearty, tasty barley meat dish is perfect for a family dinner..

porridge готова

How to cook barley with mushrooms

Pearl barley is wonderfully combined with many products: it can be boiled with milk, make a meat dish, in combination with vegetables you get an excellent vegetarian option. And the barley is very tasty to cook with mushrooms – for those who are fasting or lead a vegetarian lifestyle, this dish will definitely like it..

In order to cook the barley with mushrooms, you need a multicooker helper and simple ingredients:

Pearl barley 1 multi-glass
Champignon 400 g
Bow 1 piece
Salt pepper Taste
Water 2 multi-cups
Sunflower oil Very little

Cooking time – about an hour. Caloric content of this dish is 109.36 kcal, that is, barley with mushrooms is as nourishing as the meat version..

It will be great if the cereal has already been soaked since the evening and has become soft. If not, do it and start cooking in a few hours. When everything is ready, you can proceed:

  • Chop the onion and fry in the appropriate mode 7 minutes until golden brown; Washed and coarsely chopped mushrooms add to the onion and wait another 10-15 minutes;
  • We add grits and water to the ingredients, change the mode to “Pilaf”, “Rice” or “Buckwheat” – these modes make the dishes more crumbly, set the cooking time for 30-40 minutes;
  • After readiness we get a dish and enjoy the most delicious barley with mushrooms! For true gourmet dish you can make a truly royal, if you replace the water on the meat broth and add sour cream.

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How to cook a healthy barley porridge for breakfast

Proper breakfast is very important for the child, he energizes the whole day and gives strength. Barley porridge on milk, cooked in a multi-cooker Polaris – ideal for refreshing in the morning.

To prepare such porridge will need the following ingredients:

Pearl barley 1 cup
Milk 2 glasses
Sugar 3 teaspoons
Salt Taste
Butter Taste

Cooking time – 2 hours, calorie – 156 kcal.

pearl barley каша с морковкой

  • After washing the grits, soak them for 1.5-2 hours, after which the water must be drained and the barley washed again;
  • To the washed cereal add all ingredients except butter, and, having mixed well, lay in a slow cooker. Cooking time – 60 minutes in the “Milk porridge” mode and another hour in the “Quenching” mode;
  • Add butter to the finished porridge – whoever likes it, let stand a little; Adding fresh fruit and berries is not necessary, but it will significantly improve the taste..

Delicious pickle with pearl barley

The oldest national dish – pickle, does not lose popularity to this day. Rassolnik is hard to imagine without the main “hero” – pickled cucumber. There are a lot of modern recipes for pickle, but still traditional, and probably the most delicious is pickled with pearl barley. The correct pickle is thick, slightly sour and very nourishing. In a slow cooker it is very simple to cook pickle with barley, this is written below..

From the ingredients you need:

Perlovki 100 g
Carrot, onion One by one
Potatoes 4 pieces
Meat, any 300 g
Pickles 200 g
Water 2 liters
Celery, parsley 100 g
Salt, spices Taste

Cooking time – 1.5 hours, calorie – 44.55 kcal

Preliminary preparation of meat and cereals: soaking the meat in water a couple of hours before cooking, you can achieve transparency of the broth, and the softened barley will be cooked faster.

Preparation of pickle in a multicooker consists of the following steps:

  • For 5-7 minutes, fry the meat cut into pieces, turning on the “Frying” mode, then add water, turn on the “Soup” or “Stewing” mode. We set the time – 30-40 minutes;
  • We clean and cut the onion, rub the carrot into the middle straw. Salted cucumbers – in small cubes, in addition, washed with celery and parsley, and cut them. Peel and chop the potatoes;
  • Fry the onion for 5-7 minutes, add the celery root and parsley, fry for another 5 minutes. At the very least, we put carrots in the whole mass and fry for another 5 minutes;
  • Salted cucumbers also need to sweat 5-7 minutes with vegetables;
  • When the cooking time has expired, carefully remove it from the broth and add vegetables, potatoes, salt and spices, pearl barley to the multicooker bowl. We set 1 hour of cooking time in the “Soup” or “Stewing” mode. When until the end of the program will be 20 minutes, add the pickle, the remainder of the cucumbers and meat.

Hot flavored pickle with fresh bread and thick sour cream will be a truly royal dinner for the whole family..

Culinary notes

Secret number 1: soak. It is customary to pre-soak the pearl barley, even if it is to be cooked in a slow cooker. Why? Because the croup is hard enough and in order for it to become crumbly in a dish, it needs to “open up” properly. In water, it swells and increases, but then it must be cooked for a smaller amount of time..

Secret number 2: when cooking, grits should not be poured with water from the tap, but boiled.

Secret number 3: the ideal ratio when cooking pearl barley is considered to be 3 servings of water per serving of cereal.

Secret number 4: cooking time. If the cereal is soaked well, then it should be cooked for about an hour, without soaking the time is doubled.

Secret number 5: Barley can be cooked with anything. It will be tasty in garnishes on water, in porridge on milk, with the addition of vegetables and mushrooms, butter and meat.

Pearl barley can cook a variety of dishes. For those who care about their health and prefer to eat right, pearl barley is ideal. It is healthy and nourishing, combined with many products, and cooking dishes from it in a slow cooker will turn cooking into a sheer pleasure.!

Enjoy your meal!