Pancake with stuffing, which includes caviar – a tasty snack, a simple dish and a wonderful decoration of a festive and everyday table. Cooking pancakes is easy: there are many different ways for every taste. Each hostess can use her favorite proven recipe or use ready-made, which is recommended by experts or other hostesses..

The costly preparation of such a dish will not become: after all, caviar will not require much, and it is not necessary to take organic. And the caviar in the filling is successfully combined with other ingredients that will help turn a simple snack into a dish worthy of kings. For example, these ingredients:

  • cheese;
  • fish slices;
  • crab sticks;
  • various sauces;
  • butter;
  • sour cream;
  • vegetables;
  • greenery.

Pancakes are baked at a convenient time for the hostess, and it’s better to stuff them a few minutes before serving. The design and method of serving dishes is a matter of the hostess’s fantasy and household preferences..

Russian traditions: thin pancakes with caviar and butter
how приготовить и красиво завернуть блины с икрой
Ingredients amount
milk 250 ml
the eggs 3 pcs.
flour 1 cup
butter 4-5 table. l.
caviar (any suitable) jar 150g
sunflower oil 100 ml
sugar and salt taste
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 114 Kcal

The traditional dough recipe does not contain yeast, soda, and baking powder, so baking is thin, delicate. A large number of eggs allows the dough to be elastic and not to tear when rolled together with the filling.


  1. First, prepare the dough: eggs should be whipped with a blender or a mixer with sugar and salt until they are dissolved. Then add milk and flour to them. Flour should not be poured all at once: you need to look at how the dough behaves: add if necessary; dough смешать
  2. Add sunflower refined oil to the dough, mix thoroughly; to mix
  3. Heat the pan thoroughly, grease with a small piece of plums. oil or drip sunflower; add масла
  4. Pour the dough into a hot pan with a ladle, spreading it evenly. Fry pancakes to a light ruddy shade on both sides;
  5. Ready to spread on a plate, lubricate with oil, as a little cool. Oil should not melt, remaining a thin layer.

When all the pancakes are fried and you can set the table, make out the snack with the filling:

  1. Place a pancake on a platter and put caviar on it, stepping back a little from the edge;
  2. Twist the roll, forming it so that the filling does not fall out;
  3. Repeat the same steps for the remaining products;
  4. You can cut the pancakes with caviar into several circles 3-5 cm thick – so the snack will look prettier and more appetizing. Put it on a plate, serve it up!

The minimum cost of products, time and effort – and a tasty snack will delight all who try it!

Lush pancakes with red caviar

Fans of everything big and lush will like the simple recipe for thick pancakes, which are obtained thanks to the yeast that is part of the dough. Caviar for such a dish is better to take exactly red, but not necessarily natural – cheaper analogs will do: cod, herring or capelin caviar.


  • flour – 150-250 g;
  • yogurt – 1 stack.
  • milk – 1 stack.
  • eggs – 1 pc .;
  • dry yeast – 6 g (liquid in 2 p. more);
  • oil rast. – 2 table. l .;
  • red caviar – 100-150 g;
  • sugar – 1-2 tables. l .;
  • salt – 0.5-1 tsp. l.

If there is no sour milk, then it can be replaced with milk, in this case, instead of the specified amount of milk, add water to the dough.

Cooking time: 1 h 50 min.

Calories per 100 g: 196 kcal.


  1. The first to work with yeast. They need to be dissolved in half a glass of warm milk (or water) and left for 10-20 minutes;
  2. Pour half of the sifted flour into a deep container and add water (or milk) with yeast, mix. Cover with a napkin, leave in a warm place for 50 minutes;
  3. The yolk of the egg is carefully separated from the protein;
  4. After the time, pour the remaining milk (or yogurt) into the brew, followed by salt, sugar, butter, egg yolk. To mix everything;
  5. Pour some more flour, stir. The dough should be similar to thick cream, so the amount of flour should be adjusted according to the dough condition;
  6. Cover the container with the dough with a towel and again put in heat until it rises. When this happens, stir it, leave it covered again in a warm place;
  7. Beat the protein with a mixer in the crema, and when the dough comes up again, add it. Stir the dough again so it settles;
  8. Heat the frying pan, grease or roll over the oil. Bake products from two sides until cooked..

Serve pancakes can be folded triangles, decorated with red caviar.

Custard pancakes with caviar, avocado and cheese

Custard pancakes are a favorite dish of notorious gourmets due to their airiness, tenderness and pomp. The main rule of this type of baking is sifting flour through a fine sieve..


  • kefir – 1 stack;
  • flour – 2 stacks;
  • boiled water – 1 stack;
  • boiling water – 1 stack;
  • eggs – 2 pcs .;
  • var. oil – 2 table. l .;
  • red caviar – 1 jar (140 g);
  • 2-3 avocados;
  • cream cheese – 400 g;
  • chopped dill – 2 table. l .;
  • garlic – 1 tooth;
  • soda – 1 tsp. l .;
  • sugar – 2-3 tables. l .;
  • salt – a small amount (to taste).

Milk can be used instead of kefir, then 2 glasses will be required, and boiled water will need to be excluded. Boiling water in this recipe is still necessary.

Cooking time: 1 hour.

Caloric value per 100 g: kefir (2.5%) – 154.4 kcal; on milk (3.2%) – 181.5 kcal.


  1. Whip the kefir and eggs with a mixer or a blender, add sugar and salt, beat again a little. If the dough is in milk, then beat the eggs with milk and in the 2nd paragraph do not add water;
  2. Add water, stir and gradually add flour, stirring the dough thoroughly with a whisk;
  3. Soda to extinguish in boiling water, pour into the dough, immediately start to beat with a mixer;
  4. Pour in vegetable oil, leave the dough for 15-20 minutes, let it come;
  5. Heat the pan, grease, cook pancakes until a rosy hue appears on both sides;
  6. Peel the avocado, cut it into small pieces, place in a blender cup. Add grated cheese, dill, chopped garlic. Beat to make a smooth paste;
  7. For each pancake spread 1 table. l obtained cheese and vegetable paste, roll a thin tube;
  8. Cut the straw diagonally in half. Slice fill with caviar, serve..

Delicious appetizer will surely delight guests!

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Recipe with photos and step by step recommendations of the original salad “Cap Monomakh”.

Try making a bright salad “Watermelon Slice” that will remind you of sunny August..

Pancakes on kefir with cod caviar and eggs

A very useful and unusual snack will be obtained if you use cod roe and fried egg omelet for the filling. Another advantage of it (which will not please those who carefully monitor their weight) is satiety, since the caloric content is quite high..


  • cod roe – a jar of 50 g;
  • ketchup – 1 tsp. l .;
  • kefir – 250 ml;
  • boiled hot water – 50 ml;
  • lettuce leaves – a small bunch;
  • mayonnaise – 3 table. l with a hill;
  • flour – 1 stack;
  • paprika – ½ tsp. l .;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc .;
  • var. butter – 1 table. l .;
  • sugar – 1 table. l .;
  • cream – ½ stack .;
  • butter – 1 table. l .;
  • soda – ½ tsp. l .;
  • salt – 1 tsp. l (taste);
  • eggs – 3 pieces.

Cooking time: 40 min.

Caloric content per 100 g: 201 kcal.

Baking pancakes:

  1. Sift flour into a small container, add sugar and salt there, stir with a spoon;
  2. Mix kefir and water in a separate deep container, introduce flour in small portions, stirring thoroughly;
  3. Add 1 egg and soda to the dough, knead with a spoon or a whisk;
  4. Melt the butter, cool, pour into the dough, mix everything well;
  5. Heat the pan on the fire, pour out the dough in a ladle, fry the pancakes to a ruddy hue on one side and on the other..

When the pancakes are ready, you can start preparing a tasty filling:

  1. Eggs (the remaining 2 pieces), salt, season with paprika, whip with a whisk with cream;
  2. Heat the pan, grease, pour the mixture, fry the omelet until cooked;
  3. Cool ready omelette, cut into small pieces;
  4. Pepper and lettuce leaves washed, dried; pepper cut into strips;
  5. Mix caviar in bowl with mayonnaise and ketchup;
  6. Each pancake lubricate with a mixture of caviar, then lay out a leaf of lettuce, a few bars of pepper and a piece of omelet;
  7. Pancake roll into a roll, jagged edges trim.

When the whole snack is ready, put in the fridge for half an hour. And after cooling, you can enjoy the unusual taste of your favorite treats.!

Pancakes with red caviar, crab sticks and mascarpone

A unique recipe for snacks, which is formed and served in the form of bags, tied with onion feathers. Dough for baking pancakes, you can choose any, which is convenient and familiar to the hostess. Pancakes should be made in the amount of about 20 pieces..

Ingredients for the filling:

  • Mascarpone cheese – 150 g;
  • crab sticks – 7-10 pcs .;
  • red caviar – a jar of 150 g;
  • favorite spices;
  • spring onions – 1 small bunch;
  • dill – a few feathers;
  • sour cream – 120 g.

Cooking time: 40-60 minutes.

Calories per 100 g: approximately 547 kcal.

Cooking toppings:

  1. Crab sticks grind grated;
  2. Mix cheese with sour cream, season with spices and dill;
  3. Add shredded crab sticks to the cheese mixture; mix;
  4. Each pancake one spread on a dish, in the middle place a teaspoon of cheese-crab mixture and on top of the same caviar;
  5. The edges of the pancake to collect and tie a top onion feather, forming a bag.

Put pancake pouches on a flat dish and cool slightly before serving.

Variants of the design of pancakes with caviar

Beautiful serving dishes have always attracted attention and increased appetite. Especially acute is the need to beautifully arrange pancakes with caviar when preparing a festive table, banquet, buffet, romantic dinner. However, it is very important not to get carried away too much and not forget that guests should be comfortable eating a snack..

How to wrap pancakes with caviar? Several interesting design options will help the hostess to make the dish even tastier and more attractive:

Pancake triangles without filling

The easiest option serving pancakes – the shape of a triangle. It is suitable if the filling needs to be laid out on top, and not put inside. Damn you need to roll in half, and then tuck the side parts to the middle. Spread pancake triangles on the dish should be a butt down, and a solid side up. Triangles are decorated with caviar and greens.


Triangles with a filling

Option design pancake dishes from the category of those that are more complicated. Great for thick pancakes that do not tear when rolled up. Put the stuffing with caviar in the center of each product, and blind the three edges along the seams between each other to form a convex triangle. To make the form better, you can use cream cheese or cream cheese..

triangles с начинкой

Pancake Rolls

This method is also considered to be one of the easiest in the design of pancakes with caviar. You can wrap rolls in two ways. According to the first one, the pancake is turned into a tube, then to the middle it turns into a snail in a circle (around its axis); fixed with green onion feathers. In the second, the pancake is rolled up into a tube and cut into several pieces, which are exposed on the dish downwards with a slice, and the caviar is laid up.



This version of the design of the dish looks original. And to make it easy: in the center of the pancake you need to put the stuffing. The edges of the pancake to collect to the middle and tie closer to the top with green onion feathers or a string of cheese “Kostichka”.



With such a molding, additional filling can be spread on before folding the tubules for the bud, and the eggs can be laid out on the “petals” of the flower. To fold the rosette, the pancake must be folded in half and cut into two triangles. Each of them turn into a tube from left to right, and turn the corner upwards, but not pulling it out. From one pancake you get two roses.



Damn fold in half, cut into two triangles. On each of them in the middle lay spawn, which is then covered with edges located on the sides of the filling. To fix onion feather, tying it from the side of a narrow corner. The wide edges of the bud expand and straighten to resemble a lily flower. From one pancake two flowers turn out.


Useful tips and tricks

To make the appetizer really tasty, many housewives use tricks to help bake delicious pancakes:

  1. It is better to grease the pan with fresh lard – then the dough will not stick, and the baked product will better lag behind the walls of the dish; Yes, and the taste of pancakes will turn out to be unique;
  2. In order to avoid difficulties when baking pancakes, you need to follow the correct product tab: you first need to mix liquid ingredients, and then enter the flour in small portions;
  3. Yeast dough must be allowed to rise at least two times; if it is bad or for a long time, you need to add some warm milk and you can bake it – the milk will do its job;
  4. Too thick dough is usually diluted with the right amount of regular boiled water..

And in order to make the filling successful and not spoil the taste of pancakes, you need to be able to choose the right caviar. Of course, it is better to use the real one, especially if the appetizer is prepared for a dinner party. Here are some simple ways to distinguish natural red caviar from a fake:

  1. If the crush of the egg feels stiff, and eventually it turns into a spray – a fake product; natural caviar will gently burst and drain on the fingers;
  2. Eggs must be placed in a glass of hot water: if it is fake (made of gelatin), it will dissolve after a short time, the real caviar will stand the test and remain intact.

Caviar is a good addition to such a popular dish like pancakes. It turns a simple snack into a real delicacy, which you can even enjoy at the festive table..