Turkey meat has many beneficial properties, is well absorbed, contains very little cholesterol and is considered a dietary product. In taste, it is also not inferior to chicken or duck meat.

Preparing steaks from turkey fillet in the oven, you can save most of the useful elements contained in it. Meat cooked in this way is soft, juicy and very tasty..

Detailed step by step recipe
how вкусно приготовить стейк из индейки в духовке
Ingredients amount
turkey (need sirloin) 800 g
strong, not overripe tomatoes 250 g
garlic 10 g
salt and pepper 2 g
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 70 Kcal

Cooking a turkey steak in the oven according to this recipe will be quite easy, in the end you should get a tasty dish for lunch or dinner.

  1. On a baking sheet or in a glass dish, suitable for cooking in the oven, pour 300 ml of water;
  2. Tomatoes are washed, cut into cups;
  3. Pieces of turkey fillet washed, wiped;
  4. Salt and pepper are added to the water on the pan;
  5. Spread fillet pieces in water, cover them with sliced ​​tomatoes on top;
  6. Finely chop the garlic and sprinkle it with tomatoes. Salt a little more;
  7. 40 minutes cook meat in the oven at 180 degrees.

Turkey steaks baked in foil

The foil allows the meat to remain juicy and soft, as it is cooked in its own juice, which does not evaporate..


  • 700 g turkey;
  • 5 tbsp. l soy sauce;
  • 3 tsp. seasonings (you can pick up a mix of your favorite herbs and spices, relying on your taste, or even abandon the seasonings).

It will take 1 hour to cook.

Caloric content per 100 g: 87 kcal.

Consider in detail how to cook turkey steaks in foil in the oven. Turkey breast is washed, allowed to dry, cut into steaks. They make a couple of cuts with a knife.


Then the meat is sprinkled and rubbed with spices and herbs, pre-mixed with each other..

add специи

As a result, steaks should be completely covered with this mixture. Then they are put in a deep dish and poured there sauce, which also need to roll all the steaks. The pieces of meat are wrapped in foil and left for three hours in a large refrigerator compartment..

lubricate соевым соусом

Before baking, the oven is turned on at a temperature of 220 and, when it warms up, they send the meat there for 40-50 minutes, putting it directly in the foil on the grill.


Turkey steaks baked with potatoes in the oven

A full main dish will turn out if you bake the turkey immediately with potatoes. For cooking, you need a heat-resistant bag or baking sleeve.


  • 500 g turkey steaks;
  • 300 grams of potatoes;
  • 2 g of salt;
  • 3 g of any seasoning, by preference.

Cooking will have to allocate 1 hour..

Caloric content per 100 g: 130 kcal.

Steaks should be washed and dried. Then they need to grind with salt and spices (it is better to mix them in advance). Chunks of fillet fold in the sleeve.

Potatoes are washed, peeled, cut in two (you can only wash the potatoes and bake them “in uniform”), sent to the turkey. The closed package is placed in the oven for 35-45 minutes (at 200 degrees). Then open it and bake the meat and potatoes for another 5-7 minutes to create a beautiful crust..

Turkey steaks with sauce

steak с соусом

The original taste of the turkey dish can be given if you make a sauce in which the meat will be baked in the oven. A moderately spicy sauce with cream well emphasizes the taste of meat, and melted cheese makes the dish more refined and festive..


  • 500 grams of turkey meat;
  • 1 tbsp. l and 1 tsp. mustard in the form of pasta;
  • 1 tsp paprika;
  • 200 ml of 15% cream;
  • salt and pepper;
  • 150 grams of hard grated fine cheese.

Cooking time: 1 hour.

Caloric content for 100 g: 169 kcal.

So, to cook tasty turkey steaks in a sauce in the oven, for the beginning, they wash the meat, dry it with napkins, cut into pieces. Fillets need to be washed, dried and cut into portions..

A teaspoon of mustard is mixed with salt, paprika, pepper. Rub the bird with this composition and set aside for one hour in a closed lid or wrap film. Then steaks are fried a little in butter on each side and spread in a form in which they will be baked..

2/3 of the mass of the prepared grated cheese is mixed with cream, a tablespoon of mustard, salt and pepper. Pour mixture of bird. For roasting, put the turkey in the oven for 20-25 minutes (190 degrees), then take out to sprinkle with the remaining cheese. 5 more minutes should now pass to the end of baking.

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Cooking Tips

In order for the turkey meat to remain soft and juicy after cooking, it is important not to overdo it in the oven. Foil or baking sleeve increases the chances that the meat will not dry out, as in this case it is cooked in its own juice.

You can also prepare the bird for roasting and help it stay juicy with the help of a marinade, in which it is worth holding it. Suitable marinade, prepared according to any of the famous recipes. Then they can pour a little turkey in a container for baking.

It is important to choose high-quality, fresh meat and ensure that all the ingredients of the dish are also of good quality. Turkey meat is usually elastic, dense. The skin color of a healthy bird is light, without dark spots. It should be smooth but not slippery..

Very large carcasses – from 30 kg or more, most likely belong to an old bird. In this case, the meat runs the risk of being tough and not as tasty as the younger ones. Therefore it is better to choose a bird from 5 to 15 kg..

Before cooking, the meat must acquire a temperature equal to room temperature. It needs to be thawed in advance. In this case, the turkey must be thawed naturally, gradually, otherwise the meat may lose its taste..

After drying the washed meat before cooking with a napkin, you need to check if its fragments remain on it.

Turkey combines well with all foods that can be used as a side dish. It can be mixed with other types of meat, but in their background it does not have such a bright taste and can be “lost”.

To cook turkey dishes in the oven, it is not necessary to wait for the holidays. It is quite affordable and unpretentious in the preparation of poultry, which can compete with chicken, both in taste and in the amount of healthy substances contained in meat..