The brushwood is familiar to many since childhood. Thin crispy dough, which after cooking just melts in your mouth. And if you still sprinkle ready-made brushwood with sugar or powdered sugar, it will be just an amazing dessert that children will love most.

So, how to make homemade brushwood? Especially for those who do not know or have forgotten the recipes, we suggest to get acquainted with several ways of cooking this tasty crunchy treat..

Classic recipe
how приготовить тонкий хрустящий хворост
Ingredients amount
eggs 2 pieces
salt pinch
vodka 30 ml
flour 500 grams
cooking oil for frying a half cup
powdered sugar for dressing taste
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 310 Kcal

How to prepare a thin crisp brushwood on vodka:

  1. Put eggs into a container, sprinkle some salt and stir vigorously to a foam condition; the eggs смешать
  2. Next, add the vodka. The alcoholic drink gives the bough fragility and crisp taste;
  3. Again, stir the egg mixture;
  4. Then we begin to slowly add flour, we will need about 380 grams. The rest of the flour will be required for pouring;
  5. We start mixing the dough. It should turn out to be almost the same as on homemade noodles, just stick to your hands a little;
  6. Remove the bag and place in a cool place for 30 minutes;
  7. Next, the cooled base should be divided into 4 portions;
  8. We leave one part, the others are put in the bag again, because in the open air the dough begins to dry quickly; stir up тесто
  9. From one part should be rolled formation, it should be as thin as possible. It is the subtlety that determines the taste and appearance of the future brushwood;
  10. After this, the layer is cut into small pieces. It can be cut into strips or into small pieces, make a hole in the center and turn out one edge through the cut;
  11. In the same way, roll out the rest of the pieces and cut into pieces;
  12. Next, put on the fire a deep frying tank, pour in a lot of oil and leave it to warm up;
  13. In the hot oil, lay out the pieces of dough and leave to roast; fry
  14. Finished brushwood should be reddened;
  15. It is best to lay out on a paper base so that excess oil is absorbed;
  16. Spoon on a plate, pour some sugar powder on top and serve it on the table..

Thin crisp twig: recipe without vodka

We will prepare the following components:

  • flour – 800 grams;
  • eggs – 3 pieces;
  • water – a glass;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • some icing sugar for sprinkling;
  • cooking oil for frying.

We will cook for 1-1.5 hours, calorie – 295 kcal.

Cooking process:

  1. Put eggs in a cup, sprinkle salt and whisk everything with a whisk until the salt dissolves;
  2. Then pour in water and stir until smooth;
  3. Flour should be sifted a couple of times;
  4. Enter the flour into the liquid mixture and start kneading the dough;
  5. The finished dough should be steep, it should stick to your hands a little;
  6. After that we form a ball out of it, cover with a towel and remove to a cool place for 20 minutes;
  7. Then we divide it into several parts;
  8. We roll out a thin layer from each part and cut it into small pieces;
  9. In each piece we make a cut in the center and turn out one edge through the center;
  10. Put the container on the fire, pour in the oil and heat it;
  11. Spread brushwood in hot oil and cook until golden brown. All pieces must be completely floated in the oil;
  12. Next, lay out on paper napkins to absorb the oil;
  13. Put the finished brushwood on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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Thin crisp twig on milk

We will prepare the following products:

  • half a kilo of flour;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 3 large spoons of milk;
  • powdered sugar;
  • salt – ½ small spoon;
  • vegetable oil.

Everything is done for about an hour and a half, calorie – 312 kcal.

Recipe step by step:

  1. Put eggs in a cup, pour in milk and beat well;
  2. Next, add salt, wipe everything until the salt dissolves;
  3. Flour should be properly sifted several times to make it fluffy;
  4. Pour flour into the egg mixture;
  5. Knead dough. The base should be elastic, but at the same time adhere slightly to the arms;
  6. We form a ball from the base, remove to a cool place for 60 minutes;
  7. Then we take it out, cut it into several portions;
  8. Each part is rolled out in a thin layer, it must be very thin to translucency;
  9. Each layer is cut into diamonds;
  10. In the center of each diamond we make a cut, push one edge into the hole in the center and twist a little;
  11. We put a deep frying pan on the fire, add vegetable oil and heat it;
  12. In the hot oil, lower the brushwood and fry until rosy color;
  13. Put the brushwood on the paper base, so that they glass all the excess oil after frying;
  14. After that, lay out on a flat dish, sprinkle with powdered sugar..

The recipe for sweet treats on kefir

Ingredients for cooking:

  • a pound of flour;
  • eggs – 3 pieces;
  • 100 ml of kefir;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • some icing sugar;
  • vegetable oil;
  • 1 large spoonful of sour cream.

Preparation takes about 1 hour, calorie – 310 kcal.

Detailed preparation of thin crisp twig on kefir:

  1. Chicken eggs break and put in a cup;
  2. Sprinkle salt to the eggs and stir vigorously until the grains of salt are completely dissolved;
  3. Next, pour the kefir and again stir until uniform;
  4. We lay out sour cream and dreaming, mix everything vigorously with a whisk until all the ingredients are mixed uniformly;
  5. Flour should be sifted and poured into a bowl with a liquid base;
  6. After that, the dough can be held in the cold for about 20 minutes;
  7. Next, divide the dough into several parts;
  8. Of all the parts you need to roll out a thin layer, you need to roll as thinly as possible the future taste and appearance of brushwood;
  9. Since in the process of rolling out the dough will stick to the table and hands, it is better to sprinkle the table with flour in advance;
  10. Then the layer should be cut into small rectangles, strips or diamonds;
  11. In the center of each piece we make an incision, turn out the edge of the piece through the incision, in the end we should get curls;
  12. In a container for frying pour vegetable oil and warm it up;
  13. We spread the future brushwood in the hot oil and fry from all sides until it is rosy color;
  14. Spread brushwood on paper napkins to make the glass excess oil;
  15. Spread on a plate, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Useful tips

  • a lot of oil should be used for frying, the brushwood should float in it;
  • It is not necessary to add vodka to the dough, it is necessary to add crunch. After adding vodka to the base, the taste of alcohol will not be felt;
  • for decoration, you can use icing sugar, sugar, cinnamon, vanillin, cocoa powder.

Crisp brushwood is a treat that children love very much. Therefore, if you do not know how to feed your children with delicious food, then brushwood will be an excellent option for a variety of children’s children. But besides children, adults will also be happy to eat it.!