Pizza is a dish that is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Almost every day on the Internet you can find new cooking options for this dish..

But most people think that you can cook pizza only in the oven, although this is not so. You can make it in the microwave oven, in the slow cooker and just in the pan.

Minute Pizza
how приготовить пиццу без сметаны на сковороде
Ingredients amount
Eggs 2 pcs.
Flour (top grade) 180 g
Mayonnaise “Provence” 180 g
Salt 5 g
Ham 0.2 kg
Turnip bow 1 PC.
Canned champignons 0.2 kg
Adjika 80g
A tomato 150 g
Cheese (hard) 0.1 kg
Vegetable oil  10 ml
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 237 Kcal
The recipe for pizza in a pan without sour cream is quite simple. The most important thing is to prepare all the ingredients, in this case you will not spend more than ten minutes on pizza. It is perfect for both breakfast and dinner with the whole family..

The technological process of cooking pizza in a pan without sour cream and kefir consists in the following actions:

  1. Break eggs into a bowl, where the dough is kneaded, add a little salt. Mix everything using a mixer;
  2. Spread mayonnaise and continue to beat. To a homogeneous mass pour small portions of flour, and knead the dough. We remove in the refrigerator until the filling is prepared; to make тесто
  3. Rinse the jar of mushrooms, open and remove them from the liquid. Chop straws no thicker than 2 mm;
  4. Remove the husks from onions, cut off the plum and rotten parts, if any;
  5. To rinse the tomatoes under water, remove the place of attachment of the stem. Shred rings no thicker than 2 mm;
  6. Remove the original packaging from the ham, and cut it in the same way as mushrooms and onions;
  7. Chop a grated medium-sized cheese;
  8. After all the preparatory moments, set the pan on the stove, pour in some fat, heat it up. We spread the shredded onions, and after 5 minutes the mushrooms. Roasting is made on slow heating to readiness. We shift in a deep plate;
  9. Set a clean frying pan on the stove and heat it up with a small amount of fat. Pull the dough out of the fridge and pour it;
  10. After spreading adjika, gently distributing it over the entire surface of the dough;
  11. Now proceed directly to laying out the filling. First of all, meat delicacies, then fried onions with mushrooms, before the last component – slices of tomato; lay out начинку
  12. We pour a little half-cooked pizza with mayonnaise and sprinkle cheese over the top; cheese натереть
  13. We cover the pan with a lid, set the slow heating. Cooking no more than 15 minutes, and a few minutes before turning off the plate, sprinkle with finely chopped fresh greens;
  14. Put the prepared pizza on a beautiful big plate, cut it into portions and serve it to guests.

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Fast pizza without sour cream and mayonnaise in a pan

Cooked pizza according to the recipe described below is tasty, satisfying and simple..

Prepare the following components:

  1. Flour (highest grade) – 0.45 kg;
  2. Vegetable oil – 30 ml;
  3. Egg (selected category) – 1 pc;
  4. Milk – 80 ml;
  5. Salt – 5 g;
  6. Tomato – 150 g;
  7. Sausage semi smoked – 0.3 kg;
  8. Cheese (hard variety) – 0.2 kg.

Cooking time will be 30 minutes..

Caloric content of a dish per 100 g is 275 Kcal..

How to quickly make a pizza from dough without sour cream and mayonnaise in a pan:

  1. In a bowl where the dough is kneaded, combine the milk, butter, salt and beat the eggs. Beat the ingredients with a mixer or a simple whisk;
  2. Fall asleep sifted flour, and continue to beat. The finished dough is obtained, the same as on the pancakes;
  3. Cover and put in the fridge until the filling is ready;
  4. Rinse the tomato under water and cut into rings;
  5. Shredded smoked sausage in the same way as a tomato;
  6. Cheese – grated medium size;
  7. Grease the surface of the pan, put on the stove to warm up. Take out the dough and pour it into the pan;
  8. We turn to the design of pizza. The first layer – lay out the sausage, then the rings of tomatoes, and sprinkle with cheese;
  9. Close the lid, build up the slow heat and bake for 10-15 minutes. After you need to turn off the stove, and let stand, without opening the lid for 5 minutes;
  10. We spread on a beautiful dish, cut into pieces and serve on the table.

Useful tips for culinary

  1. It is recommended to use a frying pan with a diameter of up to 22 cm;
  2. The dough can be used any – puff, yeast, etc .;
  3. To give juiciness to a dish, it is recommended to add tomato sauce or cream mixed with egg. Do not forget that putting in a dish of dressing is moderately in order not to spoil the product;
  4. In the preparation of pizza without sour cream on the pan of cheese, you can lay any amount. The bigger it is, the tastier it is;
  5. In order to melt the cheese better, do not forget to cover the pan with a lid after all the ingredients have been laid out in the dough;
  6. You can add Provence herbs and other spices. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not spoil the taste.

Enjoy your meal!